$100 eBay Gift Cards for $95


$100 eBay Gift Card for $95

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is selling $100 eBay e-gift cards for $95. While these are normally limited to 1 or 2 per account, for some reason the limit is now showing as 50! I doubt the limit of 50 will last very long.

While eBay gift cards do not normally earn cashback through portals, you may be able to earn 5X points on this purchase with a Chase Ink card. My recent purchases through Paypal Digital Gifts have continued to earn 5X points with a Chase Ink card.

These gift cards are popular since they can be used to purchase other gift cards or merchandise on eBay at a discount. Deals like this have sold out quickly in the past, however we have seen a number of better discounts on eBay cards lately, so this isn’t as good as it once was.

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HT: Doctor of Credit

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Bought and paid for 5. Only 3 showed up in a half hour. Nothing on the other 2.

I used a bunch of those codes from the target deal


I bought 3, 1 showed up within the hour, also used Target codes.


I emailed the seller via ebay and they promised to send them right out but they didn’t. Looks like Im going to have to open a case on them.


I received my remaining two codes last night.


yeah, me too.


If I pay with paypal using my ink card, will I still get the 5% in UR points? Thanks!



The Other Carl

I bought 5. 4 were delivered within a few minutes and the fifth one just showed up now — all in less than an hour. I may just have to go back for more.


I was only able to buy 2 due to paypal’s limitations.