(EXPIRED) 3% back on gas w/ Spent from now on

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Card-linked rewards program Spent is offering 3% cash back on gas purchases at select retailers. They sent out an email to users today indicating that this is a long-term change without an end date rather than a short-term offer, so it seems you’ll be able to continue to earn 3% back for these purchases for the foreseeable future.

The Deal

  • Get 3% cash back with card-linked cash back app Spent at the following gas stations:
    • Shell
    • BP
    • Chevron-Texaco
    • Exxon-Mobil
    • 76Gas
    • Valero
    • Costco Fuel

Quick Thoughts

An extra 3% back on top of using a card that earns one of the Best Category Bonuses at the gas station seems like a decent opportunity to stack some nice savings. That said, the Spent app requires you to not only enter your credit card information in order to link the card and earn cash back, but it also requires your bank login details. That’s probably fine, and Spent is not the only such app to require that, but I don’t personally use Spent for that reason. Still, I know that many readers may be willing to make that trade in order to earn extra rewards on regular expenses like gas.

Keep in mind that I believe Spent has a monthly cap on earning rewards — I believe you can only earn up to $100 per month in cash back across all of its partners. I imagine most people won’t max that out on gas purchases alone, but it’s worth considering the cap.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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