[Expired] $500 Visa Gift Card for $491 at GiftCardMall

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Ending today (12/19), GiftCardMall is offering 3% off on Five Back Visa Gift Cards. After activation fees, a $500 Visa Gift Card will cost you $490.95. Combined with your credit card rewards on the purchase and 1% back from a shopping portal, this is a nice deal for Visa Gift Cards — if you can get an order through at GiftCardMall.

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This is a great deal if you can do it — GiftCardMall is known to cancel orders and block accounts, and I haven’t been able to get an order through for the past couple of years, but those who can love to see a 3% off day. Five Back Visa Gift cards offer 5% back at select merchants. That 5% comes in the form of a credit to the card balance (i.e. if you spend the full $500 on your card at one of these merchants, $25 will be credited back to the card). Of course, these cards are also PIN-enabled, with the PIN being the last four digits.

If you use a card that earns at least 2% back, you’ll be about another $9.81 ahead of the game. You could also use a sale like this to get you one step closer to an end-of-year Big Spend Bonus. If you’re new to GiftCardMall, I’d recommend going easy and starting with just one or two $500 cards, lest you be shut down before you even begin.

Don’t forget ton use CashBackMonitor to find a shopping portal for your purchase, though see the terms of your chosen portal to be sure that they pay out on Visa Gift Card purchases.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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My two orders’ statuses say “Processed.” They were due for shipment yesterday, but past experience has shown them to be a day or two behind their shipping estimates. I’m not worried.


Has anyone’s order shipped yet?

X Rho

Thanks for sharing. I actually made a little money off these when getting full value via MO. This offset the cost of other gift cards. Still new to MS so only dared to do $1k. Will try more next time as I gain a bit more courage w/ this. -X


I’ve had nothing but good luck with GCM, on multiple orders. Over $10K worth on these 3% off deals this past month. But my brother-in-law got $4500 a couple weeks back, then no luck this time around. However, I created an account with them almost 18 months ago, and he was shopping as a “Guest.” Might be the difference?


What do you mean SOP?


standard operating procedure?


I tried to buy 1 $500 gift card on the other day and yesterday, but the transaction couldn’t be processed. This was my first time ordering on gift card mall. I tried with 2 credit cards with the same results. I didn’t know what’s wrong, Anybody experienced this?




I ordered a $500 gift card yesterday. Today I received an email notifying the order has been cancelled. This was my first time ordering on gift card mall. Waste of time.


How do you get unbanned from GCM?


You don’t, lol. Seriously, I battled with them once, and I actually did get unbanned for about a week, but immediately got banned again after my next order with them. My spouse has been lucky so far, though.