Amazing Amex deal! $150 free for AT&T customers!


If you have any small business American Express cards, then log into your online account and look under the “Amex Offers For You” section.  Under Available Offers, look for “$150 back AT&T WIRELESS”.  It should look like this:


If you have this offer and an AT&T account, this is $150 in free money!

Important: Before saving the offer, check to see if any of your other cards within the same online account have the same offer.  If so, open two browser tabs and show each card’s offer on a separate tab before clicking “Save Offer”.  This way, you can save the offer to multiple cards.  If you don’t do it this way, the offer will disappear from your other cards once you save the offer to the first one.

The terms say that you should pay by phone or at  That said, I logged into my regular AT&T personal account and pre-paid $150 worth of my bill (which is usually on autopay, to my Chase Ink card of course).  I immediately received a confirmation email from Amex:

Congrats! You just used your Amex Offer

In my experience, if you receive this email, you will receive the statement credit regardless of the explicit terms & conditions.  For fun, though, here are the complete terms:

Offer valid for wireless bill pay for AT&T AutoPay or one-time payment only. Must add offer to Business Card from American Express OPEN (“Card”) and use same Card to redeem. Limit one $150 statement credit per American Express online account. Statement credit will appear on your American Express billing statement within 90 days after April 15, 2015, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying transaction. Enrollment limited. Offer is non-transferable. In order to be eligible for the offer, you must enroll your Card and use that Card to pay your wireless bill or other service charges online directly with AT&T at or by phone at 1800-331-0500. Purchases for equipment or prepaid, U-verse, web hosting, or wireline services that do not appear on your AT&T wireless bill are excluded from this offer. Your payment must be in the amount of $150 or more in a single transaction and completed by April 15, 2015. Payments at retail locations or via third party resellers do not qualify. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying transaction from the merchant until that qualifying transaction has been fully processed. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying transaction is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party. POID: BKMX:0001

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Hat tip: Running with Miles

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[…] and include things like big credit card signup offers, mistake fares, and significant free money (like when Amex gave $150 to AT&T customers just because).  With the repeatable deals, I try to setup routines.  Once routines are established and […]


If anyone still has this 150 offer for att, but don’t have an att wireless account or your services are bundled and you can’t use the offer. I would be more than happy to trade with you. You make payment to my wireless account and I’ll pay you like half via paypal or another method you prefer. Then in 1 to 3 days you’ll get your 150 credit back and have the extra cash. I did like 4 of these last month works great for both of us. My email is pubenemy at Gmail


Nikki O

It worked for me on my family plan last month. However I only had it on one card, so if anyone would like to pay $150 on my account this month and I will pay you $75, email me at Thanks!

[…] the Amazing Amex deal — $150 free for AT&T customers?  If you have an Amex business card and were targeted for this offer, you still have until April […]


Has any one figured out a way to score a discounted phone with this offer ? My thought was –

Sign up for a new line on a 2 year contract –

Note 4 has 0 down promo with trade in on old phone at a resellers site.

Terminate the contract the next day by paying $ 325 to ATT

AMEX pays back $ 150.

New Note 4 would be – $ 325 – $ 150 = $ 175 approx 60 % – 70 % discount.


I only have ATT U-verse and was wondering if that would qualify for the $150 statement. Thanks!

[…] More details here: Amazing Amex deal! $150 free for AT&T customers!. […]


Looks like it’s only for business accounts. Tried logging in to the specified address in the terms, tried using my login for personal account and it wil not allow. Are all of you that are taking advantage of this offer have business accts with ATT for wireless service or are you paying your personal ATT bill somehow without going through the specified address. If you try to pay through the regular ATT personal site, the terms indicate you won’t receive the credit (which doesn’t occur until April 2015)?


I am hoping to pay my parent’s wireless bill, however it seems that they just recently opted to bundle everything(cable, landline, cellphones). Any idea if I can pay the portion of their bill that is their wireless service?
Also, from what I gather, you have to pay ‘at least’ $150 for the credit to happen. Is that correct?


Didn’t have the offer but tried to save a few others. Had two browsers open in Firefox (not incognito) and after I saved the offers on the first card, I tried to save them on the second. Got a response of “you have already saved this offer.” One card was primary (saved first) and the other AU.

Is the open browser on multiple cards trick supposed to work only on different cards or for both primary and AU of the same card? Thanks.


0 for 9 on our family’s Biz cards. Unbelievable. Is there any way I could get us targeted, like through Twitter or something, for this deal?


If I saved the offer on two amex cards…am I able to pay the same ATT account with the two cards? Pay with one this month and use the other one next month…


I’m bummed that I didn’t get targeted on any of my 3 biz cards. Very disappointing!


My girlfriend’s amex has the offer, if we add her card onto my att account and pay my bill with her card do you think the offer will be honored? Or do you think the name on the att account needs to match the name on the amex card?


I’m with Jackie. All I have is U-verse. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?


What the hell, I decided to take one for the team. My business gold amex had the offer, I enrolled, and then I pre-paid my U-verse with the card. I’ll keep you posted as to whether I get the credit. 😉


I didn’t think about it carefully and paid for my DSL the day this posted and 2 days later – no dice. But just paid my dad’s wireless and immediately got the email confirmation.


YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 3/3 of our business cards have the offer!!!


Do you actually have personal AT&T wireless? I have the offer on my account, but I only have AT&T U-verse. T&C seems that it wont count, but just wonder…


struck out 🙁


Dang, only 1 out of 4 had it. Better than none though 🙂


Yay, 2/2 cards had offer…one problem, my carrier is Sprint! Anyone know if there is some other way to use this for non-customers? Or, I could consider switching carriers…


yes…friends are a possibility…I see they have some sweet accessories on their site, like a Samsung Gear Neo wearable. What is your opinion on the credit working toward accessory purchases for a non customer?


I saved the offer, can I pay for my wife’s AT&T account with my AMEX CARD?


Of course. In fact you can do even better: you can pay mine!


Good find. One question:
You mentioned you used the Ink Bold to pre-pay the $150. Don’t you have to use an AMEX card to get the credit from AMEX offers?


No, he said he usually uses the Ink card for 5x points. This time he obviously used the AMEX card with this offer associated with it.


Thanks, my AMEX SPG Biz card had this offer.


WOW WOW WOW! 2 out of 3 business cards have this offer! Nice find!!!


Fantastic. Only 1 offer out of 6 Business accounts (none on personal as expected) but I did it despite having paid my bill just yesterday with an Ink card. Wow! You just saved me $150 – thank you! I do look at these offers often, but you never know – I could have missed it or they could have revoked it.

deal hunter

Can you help clarify the justification for saving to multiple Amex cards?
Once offer is there, whether I \save\ it or not, I can receive discount using the card. I’ve done this before. To me, saving the offer online is a moot point. Is your experience different? I don’t know about saving an offer to one card will remove it from another in the same online account. Even if this true, why not you just leave the offer there without saving and take advantage of the offer?
Thank you for sharing.


Just having the offer showing in your account does nothing. You MUST click the Save Offer button or you aren’t registered for it.

Frequent Miler is correct, if you just save it on one card, it disappears from being able to save it on other cards. That’s why if you have it available to save on multiple cards, you have to open separate browser windows and have it showing on each cards offer page so you can save it to all of them without it disappearing.

If you search his blog, he has great guides that show you how to do it. Hope that helps!


Sadly, none of my cards had this offer. I did have $10 off of $75 for paying your wireless phone bill online a few months ago though (on all of my personal cards), so I suppose I can’t complain TOO much. But this one would have been a lot better


Rats! None of my 3 small business Amex cards have this offer.