Capital One Venture X live, benefits as good as hoped


The Capital One Venture X card is now live for new applications. We also have some further information about its benefits — including the fact that it matches best-in-class trip delay protection and has excellent cell phone insurance.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
75K Miles
Earn 75,000 bonus miles after $4K spend in 3 months

$395 Annual Fee

Recent better offer: Expired 3/14/22: 100K after $10K spend in 6 months + $200 credit for vacation rental spend in first year

FM Mini Review: This card offers annual rebates that easily mitigate the fee for those who travel often and could be worth it for the lounge access and travel protections given the cost/benefit ratio. Authorized users are free and also get access to perks like Priority Pass, Capital One Lounges, and Hertz President's Circle status. The card earns 2 "miles" per dollar on most purchases just like the Capital One Venture Rewards card, which are worth exactly 1 cent each toward travel. This makes the return on most spend similar to a 2% cash back card (though in this case you must redeem your miles to offset travel in order to get 1 cent per mile). One big advantage over cash back: Capital One allows transfering their "miles" to airline miles & hotel points.

Card Type: Visa Infinite


Earning rate: 10X on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel ⚬ 5x on flights booked via Capital One travel. ⚬ 2X everywhere else.

Noteworthy perks: Up to $300 in statement credits annually for bookings made through Capital One Travel ⚬ 10,000 bonus miles each year starting at first anniversary ⚬ Receive up to $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® ⚬ Priority Pass Select lounge access ⚬ Cell phone insurance ⚬ Trip delay / cancellation insurance ⚬ Primary CDW coverage Redeem miles for travel at value of 1 cent per mile ⚬ Convert "miles" to airline miles & hotel points ⚬ No foreign transaction fees

Quick Thoughts

This card is easily worth its annual fee for anyone who travels enough to value the travel reimbursements and 10K anniversary miles around face value. The fact that it also comes with a great welcome bonus and excellent benefits just strengthen the value proposition (and indeed my opinion about it changed after giving it a second look and we compared it to the competition in-depth on the podcast).

Many readers were curious about details of protections like trip delay and cancellation insurance as well as cell phone protection. Here are some useful tidbits regarding those benefits:

  • Trip delay protection kicks in after six hours (up to $500 per ticket)
  • Trip delay protection requires having paid in part with the card (so paying award taxes should activate the protection)
  • Trip cancellation protection up to $2,000 per person for common carrier fares
  • Purchase security offers up to $10K per claim and up to $50K per cardholder for items stolen or damaged in the first 90 days
  • Return protection has fairly low maximums: up to $300 per claim and $1,000 per cardholder (note that this benefit and purchase security do not specify that the limits are per year but rather per cardholder)
  • Rental car CDW is primary and up to $75K
  • Cell phone protection covers up to $800 per claim with a $50 deductible up to 2 claims per year

Those benefits certainly make it competitive with other ultra-premium cards. You can find the full Guide to Benefits here.

One interesting tidbit on the cell phone coverage is the way it is worded could use a little improvement. Most credit cards that cover cell phone insurance require that you pay the entire bill with your card (and then you receive coverage starting on the 1st of the next calendar month after paying the bill). If you read the entire terms of coverage on the Venture X card, you’ll see that you do indeed need to pay the full bill with the card to get coverage. However, this section made me question that for moment:

When does it apply?
Cellular Telephone Protection applies when You make Your
monthly cellular wireless phone bill payment with Your eligible
card. Coverage begins the first day of the calendar month
following a payment of the cellular wireless phone bill.
If You fail to make a cellular wireless phone bill payment in a
particular month, Your coverage will be suspended. Coverage
will resume on the first day of the calendar month after the
date of any future cellular wireless phone bill payment made
with the eligible card.

“A” payment and “any future cellular wireless phone bill payment” led me to momentarily think that any payment amount would suffice (even a partial payment since that technically fits my definition of “any” payment).

However, in the section about documents you’ll need to submit to make a claim, see this bullet point:

• A copy of Your cellular wireless service provider billing
statement demonstrating that the entire monthly payment
for the cellular wireless phone bill was made the month
prior to the date of damage or theft and has been paid with
the eligible card.

Despite semi-ambiguous wording farther up, the claim requirements make it sound to me as though you will indeed need to have paid the entire bill with your card. That means sacrificing better rewards with other cards. Still, with the year I’ve had with cell phone claims, I’d be considering the Venture X if I weren’t using a Platinum card right now.

The Venture X card is a solid card. Data points from comments I’ve seen elsewhere have been mixed, but there have been more approvals than I would have expected (including a single data point I noticed from someone who claimed to have been approved despite already having two open Capital One consumer cards). With 100K transferable miles on the table, this one may well be worth a swing. I had hopes to upgrade one of our household cards to the Venture X but we may have to give it a try for the welcome bonus if I continue to see success reports of approvals.

I had hoped that maybe Capital One would surprise us with an upgrade bonus offer for existing Venture cardholders (or at least a path to upgrade easily via online account), but neither seems to be the case for me so far.

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Just a note, I simply called and asked if I was Eligible to upgrade from the venture to the venture X. They said yes and within 5 minutes on the phone I had upgraded and I got my card 4 days later.


The Cell phone protection is a joke! Does not apply to “rented or borrowed” devices (a.k.a. devices that are leased as part of a 24 month plan and paid off monthly). And does not apply to “prepaid” or pay as you go either. Absolute scam.. the only way to get it covered is to purchase the phone and then sign up to an expensive “postpaid” phone plan (although there comes the third pitfall: the phone needs to be listed on the phone bill. That is never the case unless you buy/lease the phone through the carrier.


Thanks for the detailed reply Nick.

While I have not filed a cell phone protection claim, I have had bad experiences with the Visa/Mastercard benefit administration. My experience was that they use the terms of the policy in order to thwart claims and wiggle out of paying out. In contrast to Amex where things are much more straightforward.

I agree that my argument that postpaid is expensive was meant for my particular situation. I split my time between several countries and need an unlocked phone to use a SIM in every one of those countries. So any US plan with bill credits for a financed phone does not work for me (they unlock the phone only after 2 years). I think it is wrong for such a plan to discriminate against users of prepaid plans and expect this to change as prepaid becomes more popular. It fits into a larger pattern of Visa and Mastercard benefits that are very difficult to use.

In a different forum someone noted that they called the benefits administrator for MasterCard and was told that prepaid plans were covered if you brought your own phone whereas they are not covered if you get your phone as part of the prepaid plan.

As a final note, could you clarify where the T Mobile website shows the IMEI of your “BYO” phone and if you had to provide this to T Mobile when getting an additional SIM?


okay, just read more fine print. The 10X on rental and travel is great, if you can book it through Capital One travel. But if booked through, say, a company travel portal, this benefit is useless. 2X everywhere else is nice, but I think the best option right now for a new card is the SWA card with its 100K sign-up that makes you likely to hit companion pass (clearly only ideal for those who fly SWA a lot)

In terms of non SWA cards, I think the Plat and Chase Sapphire regular have the X beat.

Am I insane?


haha. I think if one were to apply for the SWA card and this, they should apply for SWA first given the 5/24?

Also, I’ve never had a Capital One card. Does it offer “offers” like Chase/Amex?


I don’t know. Seems a bit underwhelming. The 200 credit for “vacation rentals” likely does not apply to hotels. The annual fee requires booking through Capital One, rather than direct at a merchant site.

Does the Venture X earn a straight 1 point per dollar?


Hertz President’s Circle is a nice option. Do you have to book through Capital One to get it? Any other cards offer something similar? (I used the work around with National to match to Five Star).

Larry K

Nick — based n the AMA last night it sounds like you have changed your thoughts on cell phone coverage from the last time you guys compared all the options earlier this year. With this new cell coverage entrant in the market and your thoughts on how to get coverage even when getting statement credits, I wonder if an updated comparison would be good. The various coverages are very confusing.

Larry K

I was having a little trouble wrapping my head around what you were saying about how you time the statement credits. Though I guess I could see if maybe not wanting to talk too much about that in a more public way might be a good thing.


I’ve been searching around various forums, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet: Are there data points for someone who successfully opened a Venture vanilla card with the 100K bonus within the past 12 months (that is, someone still working on their second 50K bonus after earning the initial 50K from $3K) who then applies for the new Venture X and gets approved for that also?

I know some long-holding Venture card holders (those who’ve had it more than a year) have been approved for Venture X. I’m asking about a subset of the Venture vanilla club.


Player 2 wife approved 805CS with 6 new cards in last 12 months.


I was offered an upgrade of my long standing venture card that I hardly use anymore but a service representative told me that I would only receive the sign on bonus if I did a new application for the venture X in addition to the current card. Was unite clear that I would not receive the sign on bonus if I upgraded the existing card. A new application for the venture X in addition to my current venture card was successful.


Great credit score and capital one card history… good income, etc. Did not get approved.


Any guesses how long the 100k + $200 welcome bonus will last?

With a $10k spend requirement, I’d like to hold off for a couple months until my 10x Amex Plat dining and small business runs out and I’ve already hit the $8k on my Aspire for the Hilton night. (The delay would also let a couple inquiries drop off my reports.)


Any experience with how easy, hard or expensive it is to use the Capital One Travel to be able to get the $300 travel benefit? Thinking of issues with other bank based travel bookers (higher prices, limited offerings etc.)


I have had the Venture card for years, If I get approved for the X, any reason to keep both?


Thanks. Do points from X and Venture pool together?

Larry K

It’s pretty easy to transfer C1 “miles” among accounts online and you can also transfer them to another person’s account. It’s a huge benefit of C1. I hope it doesn’t change with all the attention that the X card is likely to create for C1. Others would have to say for sure but I assume that once Savor cash is turned into miles you can use them and transfer them just like any other miles.


Holy approval, Batman! I was instantly approved! I just assumed Capital One would always hate me!

Larry K

Not sure if this has been reported much yet (sorry if FM already had it but I don’t think I saw it). C1 appears to have issued pricing rules on its lounges. Venture X gets unlimited free visits plus up to two free guests and $45 for additional guests. Spark and One get two free visits each year and $45 for guests or additional visits beyond the first two freebies.


How unique is Greg’s story of his C1 shutdown? Assuming that type of thing could occur to someone, how long would one hold on to your other premium cards (CSR etc) before closing/product changing? Wonder about the scenario getting approved for the Venture X, then PC’ing the CSR, but then having the C1 card shut down, and then being without another key premium card that was replaced. Just a wandering thought


I would wait 18-24 months from launch. I’m not really focused on shutdowns but cutbacks to benefits and pricing hikes. This card is IMHO not financially sustainable in the medium to long term. I’m getting some serious citi prestige vibes.


Shutdown happened to my family as well many years ago. All the accounts my wife and I had with Cap 1 were closed, w/o reason. That included 2 checking accounts and 2 credit cards.

Back then, people was talking about possible using Bill Pay service was the cause, but not for sure.


I am waiting on 2 things before deciding what to do – 1) to see on 11/23 what BofA has in mind for their new premium card since I currently have Platinum Honors, and 2) I don’t want any more travel credit as I already have $1,300 unused expiring credits in 2022 spread across UA, DL and AA. Plus 4 unused hotel certificates. So not sure how I will use another $300 travel credits on top of all that.


Completely agree on #1. Near retirement and all in with ML, hoping for a nice surprise on the 23rd!


Rolled the dice, despite several hard pulls this year: 2x personal cards (incl. regular Venture 6 months ago 100k SUB) as well as Amex Biz Gold. For common context, I’m probably at 7/24.

800+ FICO. Answered ‘Often’ to carrying a balance on card (which isn’t true) in case data points on that one indicate it helps with approval. I also have had the Spark Biz+ for 2+ years (200k SUB) in case existing relationship was a factor.
Instant approval for $25k+ CL.

Since this has primary CDW and also unlimited PP lounge access I’m going to downgrade my Sapphire Reserve.


FWIW, I answered ‘Never’ to carrying a balance, and still got instant approval for $30K credit line.


Was FM offered to shill this card all over the site as in in the background and under the website name??? If Cap1 did props to y’all for declining unlike View From My Bank Account When I Shill The CSP, Selling My Soul One Brex Account At A Time, and Oh God, Save The Queen’s Points. Scrolling on their sites too fast almost gave me a seizure from the Cap1 logo spam. Almost everybody has been wh0red-out by Cap1 for this launch. You should probs apply but not your wife. I have a feeling C1 has done a soft pull and coded into their system to approve a list of the bloggers, except maybe not Greg cuz Cap1 hates him.

Last edited 6 months ago by Scott
Larry K

This card seems like a no brainer for me, but I’ve been waiting nearly a year to get to 4/24 to get the Chase Hyatt card and I still have a couple of months. Hopefully, there will still be a 100k offer early next year. FWIW, as an experiment I logged into my account to see if I could generate a link for Venture X from my Venture One account for a referral. No go. Just as well. I like to use the FM links if possible.


If you already have a Venture card are you still eligible for the 100k bonus?

Last edited 6 months ago by CKC

Do you know if the authorized users need to live in the same household?

Also, if you book through the Capital 1 portal, do you get Hertz points or Capital 1 points? I’m guessing Capital 1. Is there a disadvantage to booking a rental car through a portal?


A couple questions.

1. Am i correct that if I have two personal cards (Venture One and Quicksilver) i am not eligible to get a third?

2. If I were to close my venture One so i could apply for venture x, how long should I wait?

3. I’ve opened many past credit cards, so I’m guessing it will be difficult to get approved for this card even if I close my venture One first?

4. Your post says the travel cancellation provides $2k for common carrier fare. So it seems things like prepaid hotel would not be reimbursed? If so, it seems a lot worse than the CSR which provides $10k including fare, hotel, entertainment, etc.


It is 80% less than the CSR or Ritz.


to folk who got approved, was Equifax locked or unlocked? as chase pulls my equifax, wish to to keep it locked if possible. Thx

Last edited 6 months ago by dan

I you find out, please let us know. Thanks


This card is starting out so good that I have to question how long they can sustain it… The CSR began the same way with $450 and $300 credit and now they have to raise the af to $550 to make it sustainable and now goes all in on the cheaper CSP instead. And Citi already gave up on the premium Prestige. May be Capital One would only gear it towards those most likely to carry a balance to make enough money from this card….


I kept reading DOs on that. so when I applied this morning, I made sure to check the box that I “might” carry a balance on the card (even though I won’t). Instant approval for what it’s worth.


Im with you! But sometimes things are so good I wish it would last… Like CSR at $450 and the old Citi Prestige

Don B.

Yep, I am with you. I have been using the CSR since day one as it fit my needs. With the annual fee jumping to $550 I have been looking to jump ship. VX maybe that card, since I just paid the annual fee on CSR. I’ll try both cards, but next year one must go.


I wonder if you can use the $200 vacation rental credit to buy an AirBnB gift card…


Good thoughts! Thanks!


It looks like you could also use it to buy VRBO or Vacasa gift cards if they code properly. Those might not be as restrictive. The Vacasa gift car might be particularly compelling if using your Cap1 points for Wyndham.


Do we have any data points on opening the card via product change? Any bonuses, offers or credits in this scenario? The card already sort of pays for itself so am not overly concerned.

Two of my oldest lines of credit are with Capital One. My oldest is a Quicksilver and I also hold a Savor One. I rarely use the Quicksilver and I wouldn’t mind product changing it to a Venture X however, I’d be switching from Mastercard to Visa. Doesn’t seem worthwhile to cancel the Quicksilver and risk an outright denial from Capital One as my approval metrics have changed substantially from when I first opened those lines of credit.


Looks good and I’d probably get it if I didn’t have the CSR. To me, the CSR is a better travel card…$300 travel credit that applies to all travel, better transfer partners, etc…Just my 2c


My fault…I should have been more clear. I was referring to domestic transfer partners. Given my disabilities, international travel is out of the question for me.

Last edited 6 months ago by JKG

Southwest and United miles are easier to use. United especially if you have status and have access to XN tickets.


Nick – I’ve searched around a few times on the Avianca award site for tickets and can never find anything good in my market. I’m not in a United hub so maybe that is my issue. Their site seems very clunky as well. So I’m not really sold on Avianca as a transfer partner. But I’m definitely no expert on booking with them.

Laxman Bhattarai

Got approved for 20K limit, which is lower than other card limits.


How many inquiries and cards opened in last 6 months?


Enquiries : 2 EQ, 4 EX and 2 TU
No cards opened in last 6 months.


any DP on the specific “6 month” time frame?


Any evacuation insurance?


The insurances are based on the fact that it’s a Visa Infinite card


The trip cancelation is also 80% LESS than the CSR or Ritz so keep that in mind.


do we know if the $300 travel credit is per calendar year, or per card anniversary year? Couldn’t find that info anywhere.


According to OMAAT, who got approved this morning, it’s based on the cards anniversary year.


From Lucky.

@ SHP — The $300 credit applies every cardmember year, including the first one. That’s what I’ve officially been told by a Capital One spokesperson.

I double checked and he said anniversay year.


Capital One truly knocked it out of the park with this card! Cant wait to get my hands on it! Applying after I finish my minimum spend on my Amex Platinum card.


it’s a really good card. changes my entire strategy. Before I was planning on upgrading to CSR from CSP, but can’t image that’s useful.
The only issue I haven’t figured out is do I still keep my CSP even though there is very little use for it, just so I could transfer my UR points out to partners. Still have tons of UR left.


There’s an Ink card that allows transfers. If you apply for that and make sure you transfer your UR points then the bonus will pay for a year or two of annual fee and you can give up the Sapphire.


i already have 3 Ink cash cards. so Ink Preferred wouldn’t be useful either.


The Ink Preferred transfers like the Sapphire Preferred. If you don’t want to hold the Sapphire Preferred but want to preserve the transferability of your UR points you can do so be getting the Ink Preferred. Yes, you’ll have to pay the same annual fee but that annual fee will net you a nice bonus to make up for it.