Clawbacks, Travel Package MakeUpYourMinder, popular Amex Offers, and more!


FM WIR 2-4

Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every weekend we recap what you might have missed from Frequent Miler during the week.

This Week From Frequent Miler

We shared a great deal the previous week on buying Neiman Marcus gift cards to earn miles. Unfortunately, Neiman Marcus clawed back all the miles.

For those folks on the fence about whether or not to put together the points and redeem for a Marriott Travel Package and Companion Pass, Greg has developed the Marriott Travel Package MakeUpYourMinder. Read more about it and make up your mind before March 31st!

If you have upcoming travel, this Amex Offer for could help you save a nice chunk on your next hotel stay, provided you aren’t counting on elite credits/benefits for that stay. This offer may pair really nicely with some of the recent Quick Deals to Europe, where you can find some quaint, unique guest houses / B&B’s listed on

The return of another popular Amex Offer means that you might want to brush up on Extreme Stacking 1-800-Flowers, and we’ve got eight key tips laid out for your review.

One great benefit of the Marriott Rewards program is the ability to buy back status, and here we review who is eligible to buy back Marriott elite status as well as when it makes sense to do so.

If you haven’t yet seen the incredible photos shared by JM Hoffman, You Gotta See This, his first guest post at Frequent Miler — which will definitely inspire you to want to see more of the world through his lens!

Greg’s take on the new World of Hilton Honors generated some lively discussion. As a Hilton fan myself, I am not too concerned. With promotions that frequently offer 30-50 points per dollar on stays paid for with a Hilton credit card, I’m personally content with 0.4 cents per point. But not everyone agrees…

Arbitration specialist Alex Bachuwa shares his take on a story this week about a man whose wedding has been delayed due to the costs of arbitration. Clearly, that man hasn’t been following Alex’s posts — but you should be so you don’t wind up in his shoes!

Sadly, Greg’s plans to downgrade a Sapphire Preferred to a Freedom Unlimited didn’t go as planned. Readers are sharing data points in the comments — stop by and share your own experiences in product changing to this valuable card.

Finally, January’s Month in Review rounds up all of the key posts from the past month so you can revisit your favorites and catch what you may have missed.

That wraps it up for our week — enjoy your weekend and check back later for this week around the web.

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Welcome aboard. Looking forward to some original content from you! Dont let any naysayers get to you.


Thank you much appreciated Nick!


the link does not work on the makeupyourminder…double check the links before posting…