(EXPIRED) Hy-Vee: Make $24.05 Profit With Every $500 Mastercard Gift Card You Buy (Ends 11/15/22)

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Hy-Vee is back with its annual amazing deal, this time on Mastercard gift cards. It gives the opportunity to make almost $25 profit for every card you buy and there’s no published limit on how many you can buy.

Hy-Vee Mastercard 11.09.22

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires November 15, 2022.

Quick Thoughts

This deal is even better than it looks on (digital) paper. Their weekly ad states that you get $10 off when spending $150+ on Mastercard gift cards, but the way that the deal actually works is that you get $10 off for every $150 you spend on them. That means when buying a $500 Mastercard gift card you get a total of $30 off, thereby meaning a net profit of $24.05 after accounting for the $5.95 purchase fee.

If cashiers let you buy three cards at a time, your profit gets even better. That’s because rather than getting 3x $10 discounts per card, you’ll get a total of 10x $10 discounts. That increases the profit to $27.38 per card assuming that you can indeed buy $1,500 at a time.

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Chris Voth

I was told by customer service that it will only take a total of $10 off (even if you purchase a $500 card). I purchased a $150 card, got the $10 off, but realized it was not activated when I got home. This is the second time HyVee has charged me for gift card purchases but not activated them.

Chris Voth

They fixed the transaction and activated the card. The store manager I talked to thought that you could get $10 off for each $150.

Also, the store manager said they’re having gift card deals every week through the end of the year. Next week is the same $10 off $150 with Visa cards, then in a few weeks it will be a $20 HyVee GC with $150 GC purchase.


Did this multiple times last week and over the weekend. $60 max discount, so only do $1000 at a time. Tried again yesterday and the discount did not show up so I cancelled the sale. Offer was supposed to be valid thru 11-15, but appears to have disappeared in the system. It worked earlier at this same store. FYI… this weeks ad shows same deal on Visa Gift Cards.


Thanks for the info! Do you have a link to preview the upcoming ad?


It is in the “weekly ad” this week. Hyvee has regional/store specific ads in many areas so YMMV. The ad says the VGC deal is valid 11/16-11/23. But here is the link. https://www.hy-vee.com/deals/ads/5318949

I tried again today for the MCGC at another store, and same problem. Did not ring up discount so it appears it is no longer in the system for the MCGC. We shall see if it works for VGC starting 11-16.

Dugroz Reports

This is the best deal of the year! However, I’m Leary with Mastercard; had a bad one recently from Hyvee- quite a bit of hassle to resolve.

Dugroz Reports

2 cards in, so far no problems.

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I’m based in HyVee country and have had tough times with these. Many cash only stores and most stores require managers to approve visa gift cards. They seem to be quite leery.

Jeff Deatherage

I ‘ve done this and hit it hard 3 years in a row- one of the best plays I’ve ever done. However, you can only do $1,000 at a time. Interesting that it is Mastercard this time.


$1k per transaction or $1k per store?


Per transaction/person/trip.


It’s a YMMV thing. They told me the limit was just per transaction and I was able to do more than $1k total in one trip.


does the discount stack if you do more than 1k per transaction?


It should but I think most registers are hard coded against transactions over $1k or they need manager override.

Last edited 1 year ago by TLS

Hyvee has a $1k limit and above this in the past it didn’t pay out more than $60 total. Second, a decent number of the stores are cash only.