JetBlue Status Match


Tomorrow (June 30th) may be the last day to request a JetBlue status match.  Given the fact that I’ll soon fly JetBlue in order to take advantage of their amazing points match deal, I decided to go for it.

JetBlue Status Match

Previously, I figured I’d wait it out.  The current status match is only available through tomorrow, June 30th, and it grants status only through the end of this year.  I figured that there was a slight chance that JetBlue would offer a better status match in July or August that would be valid throughout 2017.  I didn’t want to “waste” my status match on an inferior one.  Then, One Mile at a Time pointed out that JetBlue’s status match terms do not bar participants from matching again in the future.  Most status matches are either once per lifetime, or once per 5 years, or something similar.

I also realized that even if I status match now, my wife could status match in the future (assuming they continue to offer a status match in the future), so we wouldn’t necessarily miss out on a better match offer if one were to appear.  Then, as long as we travel together on the same itinerary, we would still get the Mosaic benefits: ability to change/cancel for free, 2 free checked bags, etc.

Match Requirements

To status match, you must have a JetBlue account and status in any competing airline as follows:

  • Virgin America®: Elevate® Silver, Elevate® Gold
  • Alaska Airlines®: Mileage Plan™; MVP® Gold or MVP® Gold 75k
  • American Airlines®: AAdvantage Platinum® or Executive Platinum®
  • Delta®: SkyMiles Medallion® Gold, Platinum or Diamond
  • Southwest Airlines®: Rapid Rewards® A-List Preferred or Companion Pass
  • United®: MileagePlus® Premier® Gold, Platinum or Premier1K®
  • Emirates: Emirates™; Skywards‎ Silver, Gold or Platinum
  • Note that Southwest Companion Pass is listed as a valid competing status!  In my case, I have eligible status with both AA and Delta.  I submitted my AA status as a screenshot of my AA account.

To keep status past 2016, you would have to complete the Mosaic Challenge (described below).

Mosaic Challenge

If you sign up for the status match you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Mosaic Challenge.  Or, if you don’t have status in a competing airline, you can enroll in the Mosaic Challenge separately.

Once enrolled in the challenge, you must earn 3,750 base points on JetBlue within 90 days of registering.  If you complete the challenge, you’ll earn Mosaic status that will last throughout 2017.

Since you’ll earn 3 base points per dollar on JetBlue flights, this means spending $1250 on flights within 90 days (other options for earning JetBlue points do not count as base points).

JetBlue Mosaic Status

JetBlue’s status is called “Mosaic” and it offers the following benefits (found here):

  • Waived flight change and cancellation fees for you and everyone on same reservation (awesome perk!)
  • 1st and 2nd bag free
  • 15K bonus points upon qualifying for Mosaic (but only when you qualify the usual way – status earned through status match or credit card spend doesn’t count)
  • Expedited security
  • Early boarding
  • Extra points: Earn an additional 3 points per dollar on JetBlue flights
  • Dedicated customer service line
  • Free alcoholic beverages onboard

JetBlue’s Status Match form can be found here.

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Oh my — good reports, but at my end, we waited til hour just before cut-off to apply…. Logged into Jetblue account ok, then couldn’t find the mosaic status match link…. did find it here (via link on this page)…. But the form only asked for name, email, and then gave a place to upload copy of (in wife’s case) copy of her Southwest Companion pass card….

But couldn’t get it to work — to get confirmation. fussed with it for nearly an hour…. still no go. Seemed caught in a loop — system at one point said it wasn’t recognizing her TrueBlue account. So re- logged in, but then couldn’t find link — when link manually re-entered, it wouldn’t work….

Sent an inquiry into jetblue at 12:10. anybody else encounter this type of problem last hour?


I was matched to Mosaic from the Companion Pass in May. Just received an email today stating “We know you fly a lot – and we know long security lines can affect your overall airport experience. Because you’re such a loyal Mosaic member and don’t currently have a Known Traveler Number in your TrueBlue profile, we’d like to cover the cost of the Transportation Security Administration Pre✓® application fee to help get you on your way! “. Nice little surprise for a matched status.


I submitted mine tonight and receive a response after 10 minutes. Crazy fast! Thought I haven’t decided to pull the trigger on the VA deal. I’m running out of time and need to decide tonight. I fly out of PDX so trying to decide if it’s worth it.


3750 base points means $1250 spent on JetBlue flights for myself as an individual, correct? I’m right in my assumption that $1250 spent on flights I purchased for family, including me, wouldn’t cut it?


I submitted the screenshot and my Trueblue number yesterday to participate, no confirmation yet. Anyone has heard from them sooner than I do?

Less Antman

I submitted on Monday and still haven’t heard back. I called and was told to allow 3 to 5 days. I asked for a confirmation of receipt of the registration request but the agent came back and said they won’t be able to look anything up until approval. At the same time, she said the wait was now 5 to 7 days for a confirmation. Well beyond the last day to register for the promotion so there will be no way to fix it. Really, an autoresponder on the promotion email site to acknowledge receipt would have been nice.


Same here. Submitted Monday at 11am. I called yesterday and was told that it could take up to 3 days… still waiting.



As a long time (and I do mean long time) AA Exec Plat guy, I finally gave AA the heave ho and made the switch to JetBlue using the status match – also, was relatively easy to get the necessary points to get Mosaic thru 2017. Love, love, love JetBlue so far — on time planes, reasonable fares, TV, decent food/snacks/drinks – even more space seats as good as FC on AA as far as I’m concerned (have you ever taken a transcon on AA’s “new” 737 in first – Fred Flintstone seats!). The JetBlue staff (from gate agents to FAs) all actually seem to like their jobs – amazing! Also, the Mosaic folks are terrific – easy to change or cancel tickets with no fee – and FREE wi-fi on the plane. No more 20 minute waits to talk to an Exec Plat agent, no more “your flight has changed” emails from AA (10 of those last month), no more “equipment changes – i.e., downgrade from 777 to old-style 767, no inability to book 2 flights on same day (try that on AA’s unreliable website), no more inedible food and no more “we’re working on improving things.”

The only drawback to JetBlue is their more limited network/route map – I can deal with that given the reliability of the carrier and their expanding partnerships.

Hope you go for the match!


Nice report Rob, and concur on all counts…. Once you’ve flown with JetBlue, including all over the Caribbean, hard to go back to cattle cars with anybody else. (including Southwest) Remarkable too that a New York City hq’d airline wins hands down on real customer satisfaction, and all the while being a “discount” carrier. I’d actually vote a real freddie for ’em. (over all those hee-haw, money pinching, Texas carriers) JetBlue may be in the same pricing realm as Spirit, but in terms of customer service, they are the antithesis to Spirit, Frontier, etc.

I was a bit annoyed last year though when they took away the free bags and made changes too Delta like…. but if they keep opening up pathways to Mosaic, this could be overlooked.

My one worry is that some vulture legacy airline (like AA or United) might come along and do what USAirways did to our beloved Piedmont Airlines…. USAir destroyed Piedmont…. and the worst of the former culture now all too evident at AA.

May JetBlue’s lot increase, more routes, more growth, more happy employees and customers — even in coach. (One of my sons currently works for Delta…. and he’s hoping too that JetBlue comes to his airport soon — or he might even move.)

[…] JetBlue’s status match is currently available through June 30th, should I request a match since this promo will have me flying JetBlue soon? Maybe!  Please see: JetBlue Status Match. […]

will s

Timely post, Greg. I too had been on the fence a bit on this one, in our case in part because wife still has Southwest Companion pass only til end of year. (and as such, we’re planning to hold award travel w/ JB til NEXT year, even more so if the JB match with Elevate comes through… 🙂 been 44 hours now since she applied….)

Yet as I might not be earning a new SW companion pass status for a while, this could be a bad case of ignoring the bird in hand in hopes of two in the bush. And so, thanks for your post…. to prod a rethink. (and likely application today)


Hi Greg,

Can you please clarify on your statement below?

I also realized that even if I status match now, my wife could status match in the future (assuming they continue to offer a status match in the future), so we wouldn’t necessarily miss out on a better match offer if one were to appear.

Does it mean that you can extend Mosaic benefits to family members?