(EXPIRED) Marriott’s Laughably Poor Promo: Earn 1,500 Bonus Points Per Stay Or 4,500 For All-Inclusive

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I’m not sure what’s worse – the fact that Marriott hasn’t bothered running a promotion for the past 4+ months or that when they do finally launch one it’s so poor that it gives virtually no incentive to book with them over another chain.

Marriott promotion 1,500 bonus points

The Deal

  • Earn 1,500 bonus points per stay at Marriott properties and an additional 3,000 bonus points per stay at all-inclusive properties.
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • Registration of your Marriott Bonvoy account is required.
  • Marriott Bonvoy members who register for this promotion by November 28, 2021, will earn 1,500 bonus points per eligible paid stay, plus 3,000 additional points per eligible paid stay at All-Inclusive by Marriott Bonvoy resorts, during the promotion earning period.
  • The promotion earning period is for stays between September 14, 2021, and December 12, 2021, at participating Marriott Bonvoy properties.
  • Only stays made after registration will qualify toward the promotion.
  • A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/checkout activity on any points-eligible rate (“Qualifying Rate”).
  • Award redemption stays where points are redeemed for the entire stay are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Rates available through most third-party online retailers and select travel agency rates do not qualify for this promotion.
  • Homes & Villas by Marriott International, Marriott Executive Apartments, and Marriott Vacation Club owner-occupied weeks are not eligible for bonus points, and nights spent while redeeming an award are not eligible for bonus points.
  • Only one room per hotel is counted toward a member’s nights or stay.
  • Bonuses of 1,500 points per stay will be awarded to the member’s account within 7 business days after checkout.
  • Bonuses of 3,000 points for stays at All-Inclusive resorts will be awarded to the member’s account up to 6 weeks after the promotion ends.
  • A member who elects to earn miles is not eligible for this promotion

Quick Thoughts

Marriott’s last non-targeted promotion expired on April 27, so I guess we should be grateful that we’ll at least earn some kind of bonus points when booking stays with them for the next few months. However, 1,500 bonus points isn’t very generous considering that’s per stay rather than per night.

The offer gets a little better if you happen to be booking stays at all-inclusive properties seeing as you’ll earn an additional 3,000 bonus points per stay, so a total of 4,500. However, considering how much all-inclusive Marriott properties likely cost, that’s still far from being a great bonus.

Note that this offer is only valid on paid stays – award stays won’t count. The terms state that “Award redemption stays where points are redeemed for the entire stay are not eligible for the promotion” which suggests that Cash + Points stays might be eligible, as might stays booked under one itinerary with a mix of paid and award nights. Even if these other types of stays are supposed to earn the bonus points, I wouldn’t count on the bonus points posting correctly based on many people’s experience with a double points promotion earlier this year.

Despite this being yet another lackluster promotion from Marriott, it’s worth registering for it anyway just in case you end up booking a paid stay with them before December 12, although note that registration is required by November 28.

h/t One Mile At A Time

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Been shifting little by little to Hyatt brand and thinking of cancelling our Marriott credit cards? The free certificates are not providing much value can get a decent AAA rate if it comes down to it. I’ll keep my Ritz.


I have two paid stays coming up to hit Titanium and snatch the two free night certs so this is just gravy. If only it would allow me to register. It doesn’t work in the app or in browser. SAD!


Marriott is the king of underperforming versus expectations for the short memory crowd -sorry, customers- but this is bad even for them.


I don’t have loyalty to Marriott. Bonvoy destroyed the Marriott brand and value of loyalty points and 7 night Category certificates.


Not sure why they even bother. It’s better they don’t do anything at all. Throwing pennies at us and expecting us to gratefully pack their hotels is a slap in the face. When Hyatt, Hilton and IHG loyalty programs are all running 2-3x bonus points promo and this is what Marriott comes up with, I think it’s time to Bonvoy their loyalty program.


I kept on thinking I must be misunderstanding the promo. It could not be that bad.


Ok glad I wasn’t the only one!


In addition to the lackluster promotion, Marriott launched before its IT folks were ready. I’m still not able to register for this and I know I’m not alone.


Certainly not alone..