(EXPIRED) New Mint Coin Deal: ~$5,000 Spend + $200 Commission (Goes Live 7/29/21 12pm ET)

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There’s a new US Mint coin deal coming tomorrow (July 29) which will get you ~$5,000 of spend along with $200 profit if you sell to PFS.

American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set

The Deal

Once you’ve registered for this deal, PFS Buyers club offers full details online about how the deal works. If you then decide to go forward with the deal, you’ll have an option to click “Four-Count Set Opt In”. Important Note: While it can’t hurt to sign up for PFS Buyers Club, please don’t opt in for these deals unless you are fully committed to purchasing the coins.

Key Terms

  • Offer goes live at 12pm ET on July 29, 2021.
  • Product limit – 10,250.
  • Limit 1 per household.


  • US Bank / Elan cards do not earn rewards for US Mint purchases
  • Amex cards may code as a cash advance. Amex changed terms earlier this year stating that bullion purchases might code that way, but readers have since reported not being charged a cash advance fee, including with purchases as recently as last week. Of course, things could change at any time.
  • Other Buyer’s Clubs may offer better terms.  We’re specifically listing PFS Buyers Club’s offer because Nick has had good experiences with them in the past. For a previous deal he wrote “The club with which I’ve done business many times is PFS Buyers Club and I have always been paid promptly and haven’t had any issue (and in fact quite the opposite – I’ve had positive customer service experiences when I’ve made inquiries).”
  • For general cautions regarding using Buyer’s Clubs, see:  Is a buyers club a good idea for you?

Quick Thoughts

The exact cost of the coin set is due to be announced later today, but it sounds like it’ll be in the $4,950-$5,050 range along with $4.95 shipping.

Getting ~$5,000 of easy spend is great; making $200 profit is even better. That’s because PFS Buyers Club is offering to pay a commission of $200.05 for each set of these you sell to them. Note that they have strict rules if you want to sell to them which includes not opening the package when it arrives at your house, so be sure to carefully read all the requirements if you decide to sell to PFS. Please don’t take this as a specific recommendation to sell to them, but Nick has had good experiences selling to them and I’ve only heard good things about them.

I sadly have to sit out these deals due to our living situation as having thousands of dollars worth of coins shipped to a hotel is too risky for my liking. I tried taking advantage of a different coin deal a few months ago and was successful getting my order placed, but the coins hadn’t shipped several days after other people reported their packages arriving despite me paying for expedited shipping. When calling the US Mint they weren’t able to change the shipping address (we were moving on to a different hotel before the coins would arrive), so I ended up having to cancel the order which was a shame as it was one offering even more profit than this $200 deal.

If you’re free tomorrow at 12pm ET though and can get packages shipped safely to your home, this is a great way to rack up $5,000 of spend – especially if it means you meet a minimum spend requirement on a new card in the process.

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$200 is the lowest of any place. I’ll buy it from anyone for $250


Is it just me or did the mint site not totally suck today? Normally the biggest head ache is having to reload the page for 20min to get an order through. Today got in and out in under 30sec, even went back added a 2nd to the cart and loaded the checkout screen with no issue. Wish I had known there were other coins that buyers were looking for, could have tried to scoop up a few of those as well.


I had read horror stories about the websites locking up, etc. but had no trouble at all yesterday either.


I’ve been following these coin opportunities on your blog for some time, and finally decided to give it a try today. Very easy, already received my PO from PFS, and used my Citi Double Cash to earn 10k in TY points.
Thanks guys! ( and I used your link as a thank you for the heads up )


Despite the warnings, I used an AmEx card to make the purchase. I’m also working towards a SUB on the card. I’ll report back whether this codes as a purchase or cash advance.


The purchase showed as a regular purchase on an AMEX Business Platinum. Also earned 1.5X points since the purchase was over $5K.


Thank you @Frequent Miler


This just sounds so sketchy- and $5k? Has anyone vetted this PFBuyers Club? Why can’t PFC buy them directly? $5k seems like a lot to risk, not to mention possible cc account closure. Interesting idea though. I guess this out of the box thinking is why I read and follow FMiler.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I’d like to hear how many of your readers have success with this. It seems that sometimes the club has lower $ deals. This sounds like the old USMint days-wish I’d been around to fill up shopping carts of coins purchased via cc to then deposit in the bank. Thanks again for the out-of-the-box idea!


PFS is pretty legit, personally I think the guy that runs it is kind of an ass though. They do these deals a few times a year. I’ve done a few through the and never had an issue but have moved on to other buyers. You can and should probably contact local coin dealers as they might give a better option with no shipping. Or email pinehurst and see if they are buying, you do have to ship/insure yourself though or pay $60 for a shipping label from them, but they might offer more then $+260

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Raghu N

You see any issue with Chase cards? Chase freedom unlimited

Raghu N



There’s 1.85 troy oz of gold in the set if my numbers are accurate. The Spot price is 1805 per oz right now. That’s $3339.25 in gold , and the rest is collectibility and scarcity value.
I wonder what these will sell for if you’re getting 5200 + shipping.
I have the 2006 sets–since 20006– and I believe the mintage was 4x this amount. I recall buying them at $50 above spot gold and charging them to a credit card.

In any case, you can always put these coins on a necklace for your wife . Try that with bitcoin.


Can it be used toward Venture card’s $10K spending requirement?


I just opened the Citi Business AAdvantage card. Do you think citi would question whether or not this was a business purchase?




I’m disinclined to sign up first and find out details on what I signed up for afterward. I’d be pretty paranoid about mailing out several thousand dollars worth of coins without full insurance. Does insurance eat a lot of the $200 profit?


The $200 is pure profit. PFS pays the insurance and pays for the mailing label. Make you that you get a receipt when you drop off the item for FedEx and you should be good to go.


I just opened a Plat and would love to do this but worried about that cash advance fee :/


Thank you!


From doctorofcredit:

  • American Express: Cash advance limit is tied to your credit limit and cannot be lowered.