Park Hyatt Washington DC. Bottom line review.


The Park Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC is a Category 5 World of Hyatt property, which makes it a less appealing option for those looking to burn a Cat 1-4 free night certificate on a trip to Washington, However, given cheap weekend rates, this can be a great option for a paid stay via Hyatt Privé given the excellent benefits provided on paid stays booked through Privé.

Park Hyatt Washington DC Junior Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Washington DC Bottom Line Review

In my recent post on Hyatt Privé (<—which you should go read right now if you haven’t yet), I noted that I was excited about a reservation I’d made at the Park Hyatt Washington. I was excited because the standard rate for a 1 King bed room was $199 on the night I needed — and by booking through Hyatt Privé, I knew that for that price I would get:

  1. A 1-category upgrade confirmed within a couple of days of booking (in this case that was to a Junior Suite)
  2. Free breakfast for 2
  3. A $100 property credit
  4. A welcome amenity
  5. Early check-in as early as 9am and late checkout up to 4pm
  6. I’d still earn Hyatt points (and given the current promo, I’d be earning north of 2,200 points on this stay)

I was especially excited about the $100 property credit given the fact that the Park Hyatt Washington’s restaurant, Blue Duck Tavern, has long been Michelin-starred (only recently losing that star – though by all accounts the food is still said to be quite good). Getting Michelin-quality food at $100 off the sticker price sounded good to me.

Unfortunately, my stay didn’t go quite as anticipated (no fault of the hotel’s). I wasn’t feeling great when I checked in on Sunday afternoon (thankfully, no coronavirus-like symptoms); I proceeded to spend about 22 of my 25 hours at the Park Hyatt Washington in bed. This meant that I skipped dinner in the restaurant — though I did enjoy both room service breakfast and lunch. While I kept my food choices simple because I was feeling under the weather, I was impressed with their deliciousness. My disappointment with having missed out on dinner at Blue Duck Tavern compounded with each bite.

On the flip side, what a place to rest up: between the spacious room, the cavernous shower, soaking bathtub, pillow-like bed, and room service on speed dial with a $100 credit to use, this was about the best place I could have been other than home. Details and a few pics follow.

  • Points Price: Category 5, 20,000 points per night standard, 17,000 points off-peak, 23,000 points peak
  • Point value: Varies wildly.  Base rooms often cost as little as $200/nt on weekends but are often $350-$450/nt on weekdays.
  • Location: Excellent in my opinion. Right between Georgetown and Dupont circle, the hotel is surrounded by good dining choices (though it may be less convenient if your primary goal is National Mall-area sites).
  • Dining: Excellent.  The on-site Blue Duck Tavern lost its Michelin star in October 2019 but by all accounts continues to serve excellent food. I had breakfast and lunch and both were Delicious with a capital “D”.
  • Room: I booked a standard 1 King Bed through Hyatt Prive and was confirmed in a Junior Suite within a couple of days after booking (well in advance of my stay).
  • Service: Excellent. I arrived a little early and my room wasn’t ready, but the staff moved my room as soon as I said that I was hoping to lie down. Room service staff were polite and efficient. The bellman grabbed my bag as soon as I stepped out of the car. Excellent at every level.
  • Turn-down service? Likely, but I kept my do not disturb sign on the door.
  • Resort fee: None.
  • Misc:
    • Welcome gift: One benefit of booking through Hyatt Prive is a welcome gift. Mine was a plate of fruit that included a banana, pear, apple, grapes, and a couple other berries with a tall bottle of still water.
  • Hyatt Privé / Hyatt Elite Benefits: Excellent…
    • Since I booked through Hyatt Privé, I was upgraded to a suite within a couple of days after booking (confirmed via email). Note that the app did not reflect this upgrade until the day before check-in.
    • Breakfast was free, up to $40 per person per day, either at the Blue Duck Tavern restaurant or for in-room dining (I chose in-room dining).
    • The desk agent proactively asked if I would need a 4pm check out. I said that I might so she went ahead and set the room up for the 4pm checkout in case I did (and in the end, I did need this).
  • Would I stay again?  I absolutely would.

Photos and captions follow…

The living room of my Junior Suite was spacious and comfortable, with plenty of places to sit.
Room service breakfast. I had the harvest grain dairy-free porridge, which had a delicious cinnamon spice flavor with candied pecans and lightly grilled banana. I also had a cold-pressed green juice. Not pictured were a side of toast and a small pot of coffee and I didn’t manage to spend my $40. I think $40 per person is plenty to eat well (see the menu pictured further down).
I was kind of surprised that the bathroom only had a single vanity, but it came stocked with toothbrushes/toothpaste/mouthwash/plenty of towels, etc.
The shower area was excellent, with a rainfall and handheld and a shelf to the left side of this picture for toiletries and a mirror at the back of that shelf. To the right was a deep soaking tub complete with bath salts at the foot of the tub (not pictured). Despite being a huge open space that was also open to the rest of the bathroom, it wasn’t cold and water didn’t escape onto the bathroom floor, nor were the stones slippery.
This plate of fruit and bottle of still water were my welcome amenity.
I took a picture of the elevator because I don’t recall if I’ve seen one with a bench before. I’m surprised I haven’t, but I don’t think I have.
With $40, one can easily get breakfast, a side, and a beverage. I didn’t notice until I got home that the menu items with the bird icon are available 24hrs a day.
Depending on what you eat for breakfast, you could easily add something like a juice, smoothie, coffee, etc without going over-budget. I was very tempted to use part of my $100 credit to try the $28 tea, but I decided to wait for my next stay.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my gimbal, so this video isn’t the steadiest, but if you’d like to see a walk-through, here it is:

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The elevator at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas (formerly the Mandarin Oriental) has a bench in it. I always thought it was kind of funny there, too.

Dean Shearer

So, you have to have an IATA member number attached to your account to use this service. Most of us don’t so the article is a little misleading.
I got excited for a minute though!


I’m not sure why this article title bothers me so much.


Looks like a low end Cat.1 Hyatt Place.


I love that hotel. Have spent many nights there. If I had to be sick in a hotel, that would undoubtedly be my #1 choice. I could soak in that tub all day.