(EXPIRED) Targeted Platinum mailer for 150K + 10x Shop Small and restaurants!

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If you read my post about buying a car with a credit card and earning half a million points and lamented that you couldn’t follow in my footsteps, it might be worth keeping your eye on your mailbox: Reader Peter reports receiving a snail mail offer today on the consumer Platinum card with a welcome bonus offer of 150,000 points after $6K in purchases in the first six months plus 10x Shop Small in the US and restaurants worldwide on up to $25,000 in purchases in the first 6 months. While it wouldn’t yield quite as many points as the old Resy offer, this could still be fantastic for someone who can max out the spend.

I was really disappointed when the Resy offer ended the morning that I posted about buying a car since I had hoped that others would be able to take advantage of the chance to make a big Shop Small purchase by doing something similar. Unfortunately, the public offer on the consumer Platinum card changed that day and the Shop Small component was pulled from all of the offers.

Then reader Peter left a comment today noting the mailer offer he received that does include 10x Shop Small in the US and Restaurants on up to $25K in purchases during the first 6 months.

This mailer offer isn’t quite as good as the old Resy offer in that it would only produce a maximum of 400,000 points (250,000 in 10x categories plus the 150K welcome bonus offer). That’s still a fantastic offer and significantly better than the other currently-available public offers. While not quite as many maximum total points, the return there would certainly make it worth doing something like buying car – perhaps even for resale if you can afford the risk / float.

I have no idea how widely targeted this offer is, but Peter reported that the mailer shows an end date of 3/31/22.

If you receive this offer and you can keep track of the mailer / code, you might want to hold on to it for a bit and see what else comes along. Last March, Amex had a special referral offer that yielded +4 points per dollar at home furnishings stores when you referred a new customer. They have run a number of other additional point referral offers these past couple of years. Part of the reason I was able to pick up so many points with my car purchase was because I was able to stack a big welcome bonus with a referral offer that added extra points on all spend. It might be worth waiting a bit to see if Amex offers any similar opportunities to stack even more points by opening the Platinum card with your mailer offer and immediately referring someone else to a new Amex card. We obviously don’t know that we’ll see any similar offer repeat this year, but if you don’t need to spend right away, it could be worth waiting a bit to see if you get that type of opportunity.

Overall, I’m glad to see this type of offer still in the wild as it gives me hope of seeing something similar return at some point.

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[…] (Update 1/28/22: There’s a new targeted mail offer that went out to some which offers 150,000 and 10x at Shop Small and Restaurants. Added to the list below. Hat tip to FM) […]


Gosh I hope this comes. I’ve gotten the pop up for all Amex personal cards for 3+ years now. They love me on the biz side, IDK- there was a period from 2020-2021 where I got 5 biz cards in a little over a year, go figure. I got my first mailer with targeted code for BBP 2 months ago, will keep an eye out for targeted personal plat.


No one would believe me but I was really going to apply the Resy offer that night before I saw the RIP headline from frequentmiler!! So bummed to miss it by 1 day! Switched to apply for Capital One instead (using FrequentMiler link of course). Hoping something comparable to come along, would settle for this one if I receive the mailer!


Likewise, I was onthe fence of applying for one for my spouse…looks like I was too late.

Reno Joe

Lifetime limit language? (Say that fast five times.)


any way of cashing out MR points w/o using up another 5/24 slot (Schwab/Morgan Stanley)?
any ideas on how to sell your points for more than 1 cent per?


Note to self: carefully review all “junk mail”