Walmart+ Members Now Save 10c Per Gallon At Walmart, Exxon/Mobil & Murphy Gas Stations


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case you might be fine with the Fred Flintstone method of powering your vehicle), gas prices are pretty high right now.

There are all kinds of ways of saving money when filling up your tank and Walmart+ members now have another tool in the belt as you can save 10c per gallon at a large selection of gas stations.

Gas station refuel

Walmart+ has offered limited savings on gas in the past, but they’ve now increased and expanded that offering. Previously, you could save 5c per gallon when filling up at Walmart and Murphy gas stations. That discount has been increased to 10c per gallon and it can now also be used at more than 12,000 Exxon and Mobil gas stations around the country which makes it even more useful.

Exxon Mobil has its own rewards program which offers 3c per gallon back in rewards which can be redeemed on future fill-ups, with the ability to earn even more back when filling up with premium fuel, linking your AARP account and/or filling up with 100+ gallons per calendar month. I’m assuming that it’s not possible to stack the Walmart+ savings with the earnings from their rewards program seeing as you’re only able to enter one rewards number at the pump, so even if you were able to max out your earnings from Exxon Mobil Rewards+, you’d still do better off taking advantage of the savings on offer from Walmart+. If you can stack Walmart+ savings with Exxon Mobil Rewards+ somehow, let us know in the comments below because that would be an even better opportunity.

The Walmart+ angle is particularly interesting because many of us are eligible for a free Walmart+ subscription courtesy of a relatively new benefit on the personal Amex Platinum card. I hadn’t gotten around to setting up that subscription yet as I’d been hoping Walmart+ would return to shopping portals, but this enhanced fuel savings benefit will likely be the push I need to set that up.

h/t DDG

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Ivan Y

For some super weird reason Exxon is the absolute cheapest where I live within 40 mile radius. So not all areas are created equal


Exxon/Mobil often 10 cents higher than competitors. SMH

Last edited 2 years ago by Steve

Do you know how to use/pay for at the pump?


You have to scan the QR code on the gas pump in the Walmart+ app or have the location activated on the Walmart+ app and when you open it it should prompt you. Also, you have to select a gas station that is on the Walmart+ app it seems to make sure they are participating with Wamart+.


Great thx! Looks like you can pay with any cc in your Wallet you want and don’t have to use the AMEX Platinum linked to sign up for the service.


I’ll probably sign up for it since my Amex Plat will pay for it, but as I don’t drive much it doesn’t do a lot for me. If I bought 40 gallons of gas in a month, I would save a grand total of $4. Most months I only buy about 20 gallons a month on gas.


Do you if the credit card used will code as gas purchase since you have to pay through the Walmart+ app?
I think 10cents back per gallon is a good savings. Depending how you calue points it seems like the Wyndham business earner+ card could potentially be more valuable assuming $3/gallon (8points per dollar × $3/gallon = 24points /gallon × $0.005/point = $0.12 per gallon return). Not sure if the value of other cards would be similar but i know this card always comes up when gas spend is mentioned. Maybe you guys could add to the post which other cards would be have the same/similar value vs the $0.10 savings per gallon?

Great looking out.