(EXPIRED) 5K Membership Rewards with $250+ spend at Hertz via new Amex Offer [targeted; enrollment required]

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There is a new Amex Offer out today that’s good for 5,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you spend $250 or more with Hertz. This should stack nicely with this week’s Rakuten Big Give Week as you can currently get 15x Membership Rewards points from Hertz on top of this offer.

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The Deal

  • A new Amex Offer is out that is targeted and offers 5,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $250+ at Hertz [enrollment required]

Key Terms

  • Valid through 7/7/23
  • Only valid at corporate-owned locations in the US
  • Excludes individually-licensed locations, Hertz Car Sales, and Rent2Buy

Quick Thoughts

This could be a very nice offer if you’re stacking with 15x from Rakuten and spending around the threshold for that offer. In March, I had an offer for 30% back from Capital One Shopping and I made numerous Hertz reservations for my trips this year at that point, but I have a couple more needs that have come up since then and I may consider making a few more reservations.

That said, keep in mind that Amex rental car coverage is inferior to that of competitors. I typically avoid renting a car on an Amex card for that reason, but I might make an exception in the right circumstances given this offer.

Keep in mind that this only works at corporate-owned locations. I’m not sure exactly how the end-user knows which locations are corporate-owned, but I’d expect any airport location is corporate-owned and locations within a city may be (but probably aren’t always?) licensed (and therefore ineligible). YMMV.

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8:30pm Eastern on May 9 and I tried to use this offer but it was gone – Amex chat told me the offer had reached its cap. I didn’t realize there were caps and missed out on this offer. Total bummer.


With all of the issues Hertz has had with poor record keeping that has resulted in numerous arrests for people renting cars that they reported stolen, there is positively no way I’d personally ever rent from them. I tell everyone the same. It’s not like it was a one time thing – they have a demonstrated lack of ability to properly record when cars go out and get back in and they just report them stolen. Lots of people ended up in jail falsely due to Hertz’ incompetence.

You’re always great at finding these offers Nick and this is a good offer here, but zero change I’ll personally use and really no one should be using this company anymore.


I got the offer and I’m actually in the middle of a Hertz rental right now that would qualify. I reserved with my CSR, but I guess when I return it (undamaged) I can ask to switch payment to another card? I’ve never tried to switch payments while returning before, so not sure how easy/possible it is.


When returning car, don’t let Hertz rep closeout rental upon parking car in return lane. Inform that rep that you need to use another cc to pay for rental. You most likely need to go in office / desk and switch CSR to AMEX for full payment.

Oren S

wow, never thought of this work around…So essentially. Use your CSR to rent, and then when you return the car (undamaged) change to your Amex for actual payment to get your $50 off… Brilliant!


Searching on https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/location
returns the location type, including Corporate locations.

Rich B

I always book my car rental reservations with my CSR for the protections. When I return the rental undamaged I request to change payment methods. Looks like I will be using that method again with this offer.

Justin Pogodzinski

If I book a car today in May for my trip in November but don’t pay until November at check in at the airport will my 15X points post in December 2023?