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Frequent Miler "Ask Us Anything"

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Announcing the 2024 Team Challenge | Ask Us Anything Ep67 | 5-8-24
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Which program do you have the most love/hate relationship with? | Ask Us Anything Ep66
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Best SLH properties to book before the Hyatt partnership ends – Ask Us Anything – Ep 65
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What are the best hotel keeper credit cards? - Ask Us Anything Ep 64
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How many credit cards does the Frequent Miler team have? - Ask Us Anything Ep 63
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Are you keeping your Hilton Aspire Card - Ask Us Anything Ep 62
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Alaska Us Anything (We discuss the new Alaska award chart)
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What's the best travel destination on the East Coast? - Ask Us Anything Ep 61
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What's your favorite European Airline? | Ask Us Anything Ep 60
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Why does Greg hate flying SouthWest? | Ask Us Anything Ep 59
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How would the Frequent Miler team improve Hyatt? | Ask Us Anything Ep 58
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Business credit cards: Am I missing out by not applying? | Ask Us Anything Ep 57
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Ask Us Anything LIVE from Tokyo!
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Team points vs team cash back | Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything Episode 55
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What percent of our hotel stays are paid vs award bookings? | Ask Us Anything Live, Ep 54
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What's the best Capital One card to start with | Ep 53
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Best hotels in Hawaii on points? - Ask Us Anything Ep 52
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Which country has the best food? | Ask Us Anything Ep 51
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Would you return to Necker Island? | Ask Us Anything, Ep 50
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What's the sweet spot you'd be most excited about booking? | Ask Us Anything Ep 49
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What did Nick do with his bags during his 3C3C layover jaunts? | Ask Us Anything Ep 47
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3 Cards, 3 Continents Contestant Questions (with guest Maisie Wilhelm) | Ask Us Anything Ep 48
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What's the best way to rent a car in Hawaii | Ask Us Anything Ep 46
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Award travel for a family of 4 | Ask Us Anything Ep 45
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Who do you tip at hotels? | Ask Us Anything Ep 44
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What cards would you keep if you weren't bloggers? | Frequent Miler Live | Ep 43
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How to get to Alila Ventana Big Sur, and how long to stay... | Ask Us Anything Live | Ep 42
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How many points are too many? | Ask Us Anything Live | Ep 41
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I'm at 4/24 - what should my next card be? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 40
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Is Venture X Too Good to be True? | Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything | Ep 39
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Rumored Hyatt Premium Card...Worth Considering? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 38
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What are the staple cards for "player 2" | Ask Us Anything | EP 37
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How many miles would you spend to go to space? | Ask Us Anything | EP 36
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How does Greg use his Business Platinum Dell credits? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 35
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Why do so many people hate Marriott? | Ask Us Anything | EP 34
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Is Hilton Gold dead to us? | Ask Us Anything | EP 33
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What's the Best Hotel Card for Newbies? | Ask Us Anything | EP 32
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Is the Venture 100K Offer Worth a 5/24 Slot? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 31
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Best value Hyatts in Hawaii | Ask Us Anything | Ep 30
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Globalist strategy for a multi room stay… | Ask Us Anything | Ep 27
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The most overrated credit cards... | Ask Us Anything | Ep 26
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If You Snooze, Use Fluz | Ask Us Anything | Ep 25
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The 100K Referral Theory | Ask Us Anything | Ep 24
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Coping with Virgin's devaluation and leveraging Amex rewards | Ask Us Anything | Ep 23
Video thumbnail
How many free nights is too many? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 22
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Chasing Elite Status | Ask us Anything | Episode 21
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How To Snag The New 75K Business Card Offers | Ask Us Anything | Episode 20
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Amex pop-ups and favorite aspirational rewards | Ask Us Anything | Ep 19
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Amex +3X Everywhere | Frequent Miler Live | Ep 18
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Is Greg applying for the new Wyndham card? | Frequent Miler Live | Ep 17
FM Ask Us Anything (Ep67)

Announcing the 2024 Team Challenge | Ask Us Anything Ep67 | 5-8-24

In addition to our regular weekly podcast, we also host an Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube once a month where the Frequent Miler team answers listener questions about points, miles, rewards cards, and...
Which program do you have the most love/hate relationship with? Ep 66

Which program do you have the most love/hate relationship with? | Ask Us Anything...

In addition to our regular weekly podcast, we also host an Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube once a month where the Frequent Miler team answers listener questions about points, miles, rewards cards, and...
Ask Us Anything Episode 65

Best SLH properties to book before the Hyatt partnership ends – Ask Us Anything...

Well, even though I was on vacation last week, the fellas made it just fine without me, answering a pile of listener questions for yet another Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube. For instance...

What are the best hotel keeper cards…and more – Ask Us Anything – Ep...

Good news all...we're "podcast-ifying" our Ask Us Anything, Live episodes so you can tune in on your preferred podcast platforms outside of YouTube! On episode 64 we had a lot of questions about hotel...
Episode 63 of Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything, Live

How many credit cards does the Frequent Miler team have? – Ask Us Anything...

We had a lot of fun questions on our most recent Ask Us Anything, Live episode, including a question about how many credit cards each of the Frequent Miler team has. Maybe it's a...
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Julie Kirtley

How can I access my credit card purchases on line?


What is your opinion on annual travel insurance? Even though I book most of my travel on Sapphire Reserve sometimes is use other cards such as Jetblue, or I am traveling with a friend who books the flights, hotel, activities on their card. The annual travel insurance should cover me in all scenarios.

Ian Maschal

I have a Citi AA personal and a Citi AA business card. How do I combine the points on these cards?

M. patel

Which priority pass is the best? I have one from capital One venture x and other from Amex platinum business


I’m dying to stay at the Park Hyatt Niseko for 3 days between Dec 28 and Jan 4. I know it books out a year in advance but found an elusive 5 business class seat flight redemption on AirFrance for my family a few weeks ago and jumped on the chance. What should my strategy be to snatch this hotel availability if it comes available? Check everyday? Set an alert? All of the above?

Bits and bobs

Today I called Chase requesting a product change from the Bonvoy Bold to the Boundless. I just wanted to get the yearly 35k certificate.
I was told that the only product change I am eligible for is to the Bonvoy Bountiful.
I seldom spend on this card unless there’s a promotion.
I’ve had the card nearly two years.
Are you aware of Chase limiting product changes in this way? Any suggestions?


Question applying for business credit card as a Sole Proprietor. I’m well over Chase 5/24 and have 11 hard inquiries over the last two years. I rent property and want to apply for a Chase Ink card using my new EIN. I have three cards with Chase now and a banking relationship – will Chase do another hard inquiry on my SSN? Or will they use my EIN and established relationship? I don’t want another hard inquiry.


I just finished listening to your ask me anything podcast can you please continue to post it as a podcast every month .I love listening to your podcast while I’m walking or working out and this gives me an extra episode to listen to.love all your content, I’ve learned so much from you guys thank you keep up the good work.

Jeff Rowland

Can’t explain what’s happening. Your thoughts?
Researching one way flights from Jacksonville to Honolulu, connecting through Atlanta in business class. Searching on Delta.com shows no flights via ATL for a one way ticket. I then searched on a multi city ticket, JAX – ATL, ATL – HNL. Again no flights shown. I did an individual search in availability from Jax – Atl and it shows plenty of availability in first class cabin( no delta one as it’s a short 1 hr flight.) I did a separate search for Delta one availability from ATL – HNL and it shows plenty of Delta One availability. Any thoughts on why no availability shows when do a one way or multi city flight?

Michael Mehling

Delta Skymiles changes. Again.

Does anyone know if the complementary status extension for every 100k of MQM per year will also entitle you to the choice benefits that come with the status?
Or will you have to earn status every year to get the choice benefits?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes Choice Benefits will be included without having to re-earn status each year

That’s what was reported as told by a Delta rep. Hopefully that’s true!


I already have Delta Medallion Status for 2024 and will have enough MQM to extend that for 3-4 more years. If I am granted the Choice Benefits along with the MQM status extension, does it make any sense to keep my Delta Reserve American Express personal and business cards? I guess what I am asking is, would I be better served using an Amex Platinum until my Delta status expires in 4 years? I could always transfer miles to Delta if needed. Being Diamond Medallion most of the perks of the Delta reserve Amex will already be covered by the Diamond Medallion Status.
My status is earned every year through card spend from owning a business.
Thanks again!


I own a rental property and declare rental income/expenses on my taxes using my SSN. Do I qualify for a business card using my SSN ?

Greg The Frequent Miler



Hi, as I began obtaining travel cards last year, I realized CSP and CIBP, were great cards that complimented each other for primary car rental coverage. I use CSP for US domestic and CIBP for Int’l because it covers personal rental if outside US. But, I’ve just gotten the Cap1VX that also has primary. Are they the same “visa” coverage? Has anyone compared from car rental perspective? Because if used thru their portal, Cap1 offers 10X which is great but only if their coverage matches Chase and I can use 1 card as a goto vs 2 when zipping around the globe. Any insight is super appreciated.


I’m looking for 3 ANA First/Business roundtrip tickets (2 adults + 3 years old toddler) in 2023 (flexible), from DC to Tokyo (stopover for a week) and then to Wuhan, China. If ANA is not possible, are there any other airlines that could be obtainable or available?


Chase question: is there any great reason to keep the CSR if you have both the Ritz and Ink business preferred? With the latter you still get transfer partners, trip protection, (better) priority pass, etc. The main thing I see missing are the 1.5 cpp redemption options (travel, pay yourself back), which is really good, but am I missing anything else? Thanks!