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Ned from Boston


I recently logged into my American Express account and noticed that my posted purchases read “For a limited time: Use 40% fewer Membership Rewards points when you use them to cover eligible charges. Terms Apply.” For this purchase of $118.74, underneath it reads “Offer available ($118.74 = 11,874 pts). Tap to Use Points”. This was for a sporting goods store on my BBP. I have screenshots for my Platinum and BBP on posted charges. Platinum has Uber Eats and Udemy – my two recent posted purchases. Nothing on my Gold cards as I have no posted charges on that card. After speaking with a customer service rep, Karen, she confirmed it was indeed a targeted offer going to out to certain members.

J .

These requests include any previous and future files, info, etc etc Retain it all.

Thank you!!



in prior years, Hyatt offered a nice discount on gift cards (15%) around the holidays. Do you see them resuming that this season?

Keep up the great work, and congrats on securing the FM domain!


Greg, Nick, Stephen,
I noticed that Chase reduced the cash access line on 3 of my personal credit cards as of the last statement date (yesterday). got in touch with my their credit services department via my bank manager.
Was told Chase has instated a new policy – all Credit card cash lines are being reduced to 5% (from the old 20%) CL. This is effective Oct’2020 for all Biz and Consumer products.
Will be good to get confirmation – Have you heard any others mention this change?

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