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Earn Miles Without Flying:
You may be familiar with airline and hotel loyalty programs which seek to reward frequent travelers. But contrary to what you may assume, you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of points and miles without actually traveling to earn them. Then, you can use those miles and points for your own luxury travel.

Frequent Miler is all about getting the most out of the loyalty game. On this podcast, Greg (founder of Frequent Miler) and Nick (senior author at Frequent Miler) discuss and debate current topics and strategies in the points and miles world. Available on all major platforms, you can pick your favorite podcast streaming service below, or watch the episodes on YouTube.

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The art of extreme stackery

For those who love it, shopping is its own reward.  For everyone else, we can console ourselves by earning big rewards while shopping.  In this week's podcast, Nick and Greg discuss the art of...

Your companion is now free to move about the country

Want to "free" up a companion to move about the country -- and maybe even a few other countries, too? This week we talk about what I've often called the best deal in domestic...

A good deed is its own reward (but we can do better)

Maximize your charitable giving by being strategic about how to earn rewards. From how to donate without saddling your chosen charity with processing fees to the best ways to stack up rewards on spend,...

Wringing Value from United miles

United Mileage Plus is a perennially popular award program with US-based travelers. While United rarely wins the race to the lowest award pricing thresholds, there are numerous ways to nonetheless get very strong value...

How to get awesome value from American Airlines miles

If you want to fly fancy, American Airlines miles can get you amazing value for some of the best in-flight experiences thanks to their partner awards. They can also be really handy in some...
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