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Aeroplan Encourages Gaming: Ready Player 1?

This week, Air Canada introduced a new credit card to the U.S. market and it's surprisingly interesting!  The card seems to be specifically designed for The Games We Play.   On this week's episode of Frequent...

Should we stop overlooking Spirit?

With cheap fares, a revamped elite program, more substantial snacks, and one of the most comfortable domestic premium cabin seats in the sky, Spirit has exceeded our expectations as of late. But it isn't...

Amex +4: Deal of the year?

If you have been sleeping on the Amex +4 referral promotion, it is time to wake up. The chance to earn at least 5x everywhere (and 8 or 9x in popular bonus categories or as much as...

Our Favorite Capital One Sweet Spot Awards

This week, the Capital One Venture X card has gotten a lot of buzz and so on the Frequent Miler on the Air podcast, we talked about the award sweet spots that make the...

Capital One’s Venture X: Will it bury the Sapphire Reserve?

Has the cold-blooded assassin we've all been waiting for these past four years finally arrived to take out the Sapphire Reserve once and for all? Can Capital One's Venture X do what the Altitude...
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re:4/17/21 podcast; Amex Platinum
Do you have any information regarding Platinum Card updates re: business versions or Financial Services cards (Schwab, JP Morgan, etc…) I was thinking of going from the paid personal to the JP Morgan to get 2 for free without additional authorized user fee, so this summer might be the time to do so.
Always enjoy listening to the podcast!


Regarding your call about transferring points and being told to do it online, that Marriott rep might have been thinking of transferring points to an airline. Transferring between members is probably less commonly requested.


You guys seriously missed the boat on those Expedia points. Last November, 2019, Citi & Expedia dropped a 70k credit card offer (for about 48 hours), no annual fee, plus $50 travel credit (used on gift cards) per calendar year. My spouse and I both got this card and cashed in with VIP properties worth over $2200, totally free. Some places had few VIP properties, but many places had lots of options and we got incredible value.


FYI, Virgin Australia no longer flies to USA, So may want to update info on the Delta systemwide upgrades.

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