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Earn Miles Without Flying:
You may be familiar with airline and hotel loyalty programs which seek to reward frequent travelers. But contrary to what you may assume, you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of points and miles without actually traveling to earn them. Then, you can use those miles and points for your own luxury travel.

Frequent Miler is all about getting the most out of the loyalty game. On this podcast, Greg (founder of Frequent Miler) and Nick (senior author at Frequent Miler) discuss and debate current topics and strategies in the points and miles world. Available on all major platforms, you can pick your favorite podcast streaming service below, or watch the episodes on YouTube.

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Frequent Miler on the Air Ep255

Podcast: Strategizing Hilton cards, credits, and free nights | Frequent Miler on the Air...

Hilton's SLH partnership is stirring up some excitement over Hilton, even for people like Greg who haven't bothered with Hilton cards for awhile, so this week we're discussing Hilton credit cards, credits, and free...

Podcast: Our favorite big spend bonuses | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep254

If you have the capacity for a lot of credit card spend, you can unlock additional perks or progress toward elite status by focusing spend on a specific card or cards. On this week's...
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Frequent Miler on the Air Ep253

Podcast: Tips for booking Positioning Flights | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep253 |...

Sometimes you book an award ticket that requires you to do some positioning in order to catch that flight - for instance if the flight doesn't depart from your home airport. There are a...
Coffee Break Episode 09

Podcast: Frequent Miler origin story – Greg’s story | Coffee Break Ep09 | 4-30-24

Today's Coffee Break episode was inspired by a recent email we got asking... how did Frequent Miler get started? Since our Coffee Break episodes are 20 minutes or less, we started but telling Greg's...
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Rene Flores

Can I use the Chase Ink Preferred Business (Visa) card for payment with Plastiq for my mortgage? The table in your site for Plastiq shows that “Visa” is one of the cards that you cannot pay for mortgage (only Mastercard and Discover). I’ve read in some blogs and TPG that the Ink Preferred business card is an example for paying mortgage with the use of Plastiq. I’m confuse. Could you explain this? Thank you.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t think you can you it for paying mortgage. So, no, I can’t explain TPG


Hi, It has been over 4 months since JetBlue implemented this tile-to-mosaic system. Has anyone done the calculation to verify their current tile count? I have spent over $19000 on my JetBlue credit cards and over $2800 on JetBlue flights, and my current tile count is 16. If I understand the system correctly, it should have been 47 in total. Customer service told me over the phone that it would take four to six weeks for the number to appear accurately. Has anyone else seen that their tile count appears to be off?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Confirming your math: You should earn 1 tile with every $1,000 spent on your JetBlue credit card so I’d expect you to have 19 tiles from that and 28 tiles from JetBlue flights for a total of 47.

Sounds like they’re slow in awarding those tiles!

Roberta Moscovitz

Hi, your discussion about how to get and use Avois points was absolutely enlightening. I’d say I’m a partial newbe; I’ve flown free to Borneo, with a 2 day layover in Singapore, Romania, Bahamas, and I’m completing a trip to Rwanda and Tanzania. I have United Mileage plus and American miles. Simple question, for this trip, I booked one way with United and for the return trip, I used AmEx points through their portal. I input my American Advantage frequent #, but since the booking I’ve signed up for Qatar privilege . Can I also put in my Qatar # or for Qatar miles? Can I switch?

Greg The Frequent Miler

You can switch if you want to, but you can’t have both numbers on one flight


Just listened to your podcast with a short segment on rental cars.
FYI, Orlando airport has a visitor toll pass that you can use for free. 10 minimum deposit, but then every toll you go it just subtracts from the 10$ or charges your credit card if more.
Then you just return it when you get back to the airport. Simple as that.


I am going to come up short for Platinum Medallion on Delta. Is it too late to add a Delta card for the 2500 MQDs as part of the Headstart program

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, it’s not too late. You can add a Delta card any time this year and you should get the headstart

Matt Feltz

Love your site and your podcast. I am dying to fly ANA business class to Japan. I have 400k United Miles, 200k Chase points and 100k Amex points and all are growing, with the biggest monthly growth being my united miles due to business travel. What would you suggest is my best option?

Daniel A

Hopefully someone has something helpful to share. I’ve had no luck. I searched a significant portion of the full year calendar for HNL-TYO on ANA site and couldn’t find a single business seat. Just endless “wait-list”, which is a feature that makes their search engine more a headache and something ANA should eliminate. I generally have been stunned how poor ANA availability is even for economy on their own metal and even find good dates the fees are prohibitive. Based on my experience with ANA availability combined with the lag in transfer time from Amex and 3 year expiration I would be super hesitant to transfer points to ANA.

Last edited 2 months ago by Daniel A
Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s really hard to find ANA business class award availability and even harder to find it with their new business class product (I wouldn’t go out of my way to fly their old one). Seats.Aero is the best tool I know of for finding availability. I just looked at United through Seats.Aero’s explore feature and found a bunch of ANA biz class availability but all of it is within the next week or so. In other words, they seem to be opening up space very close to departure but not much otherwise.

Mike Wise

The Bilt credit card allows you to pay dorm charges for a college student. We set up a 529 for our granddaughter and she is now a freshman at Washington University in St Louis. Her dorm fee per semester is $6594.00. Wash U charges 3% for credit cards. Sent a Bilt check to Wash U and had no problems with the transaction!


LOVE to hear some tips on dealing with the issue of businesses now adding a 3-4% charge to anyone using a credit card for payment. At first I thought it was limited, but now I’m seeing more and more! From my local pizza place to my (soon to be EX)- internet security company to even (can you believe this!?) the company that pumps out my septic tank!!

This bull-ony is making things very rough on the small time point collectors like me. I’ve miffed, annoyed and looking for guidance from the FM crew.

Would appreciate some wisdomly advice!! Thank you!



Regarding the announcement that Southwest will soon have free Standby: Would you do a podcast teaching us about Standby and how to use it? I understand the concept, but have never done Standby, and always have wondered how it is done, literally, step by step.

Daniel Alexander

My understanding is the easy way to find standard award availability across multiple dates is to look for max 120k then click and it should show standard room availability. Yes?
If I’m correct, you can add Hilton Moorea Lagoon to the list of NO free night certificate availability. As the lowest points looking at the full is the 270k. If wrong, I want to find how I can find availability!

Greg The Frequent Miler

The max depends on the property. Some go as high as 150k for standard room awards. Luckily Hilton shows on their award calendar which nights are standard awards: https://frequentmiler.com/how-to-find-the-hilton-flexible-date-calendar/

And see this post for how to find availability: https://frequentmiler.com/tools-for-finding-impossible-hotel-awards/


A list of NYC where you can attempt to use Marriott SNA would be very useful. The W Times Square is a property where SNA are eligible to be used. Thanks!


re:4/17/21 podcast; Amex Platinum
Do you have any information regarding Platinum Card updates re: business versions or Financial Services cards (Schwab, JP Morgan, etc…) I was thinking of going from the paid personal to the JP Morgan to get 2 for free without additional authorized user fee, so this summer might be the time to do so.
Always enjoy listening to the podcast!


Regarding your call about transferring points and being told to do it online, that Marriott rep might have been thinking of transferring points to an airline. Transferring between members is probably less commonly requested.


You guys seriously missed the boat on those Expedia points. Last November, 2019, Citi & Expedia dropped a 70k credit card offer (for about 48 hours), no annual fee, plus $50 travel credit (used on gift cards) per calendar year. My spouse and I both got this card and cashed in with VIP properties worth over $2200, totally free. Some places had few VIP properties, but many places had lots of options and we got incredible value.


FYI, Virgin Australia no longer flies to USA, So may want to update info on the Delta systemwide upgrades.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sam