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Earn Miles Without Flying:
You may be familiar with airline and hotel loyalty programs which seek to reward frequent travelers. But contrary to what you may assume, you can easily earn hundreds of thousands of points and miles without actually traveling to earn them. Then, you can use those miles and points for your own luxury travel.

Frequent Miler is all about getting the most out of the loyalty game. On this podcast, Greg (founder of Frequent Miler) and Nick (senior author at Frequent Miler) discuss and debate current topics and strategies in the points and miles world. Available on all major platforms, you can pick your favorite podcast streaming service below, or watch the episodes on YouTube.

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Pajama spending, a tool to find keepers, and more [Week in Review]

This week on Frequent Miler, Greg writes about how he prefers to meet welcome bonus spending requirements in his pajamas, Tim and Stephen review Hyatt properties to put on your map, I share my...

Mastering Avios

I have to admit that if you asked me about the most exciting airline programs, Avios would never come to mind. However, given how easy Avios are to amass along with the ability to...

Game changing transfer bonuses: The Bilt card ain’t just for renters anymore

People often ask whether the Bilt card has a use case if you're not a renter. A year ago, I'd have said "not really" for most people. But that has changed: last week, we...

Pay Taxes, Earn Big Rewards

You may not ever hear two people who are more excited about paying their taxes than Greg and I sound on this week's Frequent Miler on the Air. That excitement stems from the fact...
Podcast Art Template (Youtube) - Ep 238

Marriott’s marriage to MGM Resorts: A match made in Bonvoyland

After having some time to digest the full details of the Marriott and MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy marriage, we discuss the headline benefits (and how we really feel about them) on this week's...
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