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What Is Frequent Miler?

At its core, Frequent Miler is a blog about the miles & points “game”.  The game goes like this: we take advantage of marketing offers to earn huge numbers of miles & points.  Next, we take advantage of “sweet spot” awards to get the most value from those miles & points.  Repeat…  Travel…  Enjoy… See “The Games We Play” for more information.

You’ve probably heard of other sites that sound similar.  Why should you specifically visit Frequent Miler?

Readers Come First

Most points & miles blogs make their money from credit card affiliate links.  If you click through one of these links and get approved for a credit card, the blog gets paid a commission.  That’s true for Frequent Miler too.  The difference is that we never display our affiliate links if we know of a better public offer.  For example, it’s common for an affiliate link to lead to a 40,000 point bonus at the same time that a 50,000 point offer is available which doesn’t pay a commission.  We only display the better offer.  As a result, we believe that our credit card pages are the best on the internet.

Further, our posts are driven by our interests, not by a desire to “sell” credit cards.  If we write that we love a credit card perk, it’s because we’re truly excited about it, not because we want you to sign up through our affiliate links.  In fact, you’ll find just as many posts singing the praises of cards in which we don’t earn affiliate commissions as those we do.  The same is true in reverse.  If we don’t like a card we’ll tell you so even if it means losing commissions.

How Frequent Miler Doesn't Make Money

How Frequent Miler Makes Money

We Analyze The Heck Out Of Things

We’re known for our in-depth analyses of rewards cards, special offers, rewards programs, and much more.  If you want to know whether a deal is worth doing and how to maximize value from it, this is the blog to read.  We collect our best in-depth posts on our resource page here or select from the topics below.

Credit Card Bonuses

Credit Card Spend

Transferable Points

Shopping & Dining

Managing Cards

Managing Miles

Booking Awards

Fly Cheaper & Better

Cheaper & Better Lodging

More Travel Advice

We Have Fun

We love what we do.  The content on this site exists because we write about topics we’re excited about.  We love the game, and the excitement shows in our writing.

For the last two years we’ve engaged in (ruthless) but friendly competitions to have a little fun and test out miles & points or travel concepts.

Not only are the Frequent Miler challenges a ton of fun for us and our followers, but it can lead us to discover many, many great deals that we then share with followers.  The most spectacular deal found during the 40K to Far Away challenge was the ability to fly from anywhere in the US to Hawaii for only 7,500 points!  You can read more about the challenge and what we learned by clicking here.

We plan to do similar challenges at least once a year, but maybe more often. Of course, our fun isn’t limited to an occasional challenge.  Nick and Greg do a video and podcast each week (Frequent Miler on the Air) where we discuss the latest miles & points topics, argue about who’s right or wrong, and generally have a great time.  Viewers and listeners regularly tell us how much they enjoy listening in.  To subscribe, search for Frequent Miler on whatever podcast app you use, or subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here: youtube.com/c/thefrequentmiler. We also enjoy meeting our readers!  Once every two or three months we visit you.  Visits usually involve a few presentations and plenty of opportunities to chat.  We call this series “FM to Go“.  Click here to read all about it.

Frequent Miler Hall of Fame

2023 | Tie for Party of 5

The Frequent Miler team travelled together through Asia, planned by Stephen and Carrie, and South America, planned by Tim and Nick.

2022 | Nick Wins 3 Cards, 3 Continents

The FM team competed to book the most amazing 3-continent dream-trip using 3 welcome bonuses.

2021 | Nick Wins Passing the GUC

Greg shares his Delta Global Upgrade Certificates with Nick with the stipulation that Nick must take him along on an epic trip.

2020 | Carrie Wins StayCay To Far Away

In 2020, (during the COVID-19 pandemic), the FM team competed for Youtube likes and subscribers with travel-themed videos.

2019 | Greg Wins 40K To Far Away

In 2019 the FM team competed to see who could go the farthest with 40,000 points and $400. 

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How To Get The Most From Frequent Miler

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You May Have Seen Us In...

Media Inquiries:

Please contact us here.

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