$20 RiteAid rebate with PayPal reload card purchase


Valid through 6/23.

Buy a PayPal reload card loaded with $200 or more and get $20 back in RiteAid rewards.

The Deal Mommy has the scoop here.

I tested this out today myself and it works!

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I’m not really familiar with paypal reloads. How can you then use that $500 pay-pal card/money. Can you just transfer that to your bank account? Or would that draw unnecessary attention?

Also, were you successful in using a credit card to pay for it? Wonder if the cashier at my store would object. Is there any law/rule about only paying cash for a paypal card/reload?

I have a card that earns 2x points at drug stores. Wonder if I would then earn 1,000 for buying this or if paypal re-loads are somehow excluded.

Frequent Miler

The money can be transferred from the card to your PayPal account. From there you can transfer to your bank account, but I don’t recommend doing so all at once as your account might get flagged.

I did use a credit card to pay, but not until the cashiers debated the topic for a few minutes. They finally decided that if the register allowed it, it was OK.

Yes, you should get 2X for buying this


Awesome, thanks! I will keep that in mind (about not transferring all at once.)


Will it work with a single $200 PP card or do we need to buy 4 separate cards? If it works with a single card, it makes sense to go all the way to $500 for a single $3.95 fee. Might also think about opening more RA rewards accounts..

Frequent Miler

Yes, it works with a single card. I recommend purchasing one $500 card (as you suggested).


Ugg RiteAid, idk where the closest RiteAid is. Maybe this will help some people. https://www.riteaid.com/store-locator

Wish this were at CVS or Walgreens 🙁