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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

How to cancel Virgin Atlantic partner awards online

Over the summer I had used my Virgin Atlantic points to book a Delta flight from Detroit to DC.  Delta would have charged 16,000 points.  Virgin charged only 7,500.  Later, our plans changed and...

Delta may walk back some of their recently announced changes

Two weeks ago Delta announced huge changes to their SkyMiles elite program and to their Sky Club admission policies.  These changes were so unpopular that many, many people vowed to give up their Delta...

My buying group experiment: throwing in the towel, for now

In early July, my wife, my son, and I all applied and were approved for new credit cards (see: 3 Inks approved again. 420K points “in the bag”).  In total, we'll earn 420,000 bonus points...

My first steps towards divorcing Delta’s elite program

On Sunday, I signed up for the Alaska status match designed for disgruntled Delta elites.  That should give me Alaska MVP Gold 75K status for 90 days and then once I sign up for...

Greg’s Top 10 Picks for September

I'm trying something new this month.  There have been so many great credit card offers lately that my "top picks" post had grown and grown until it become completely unwieldy.  So, I've switched up...

Credit card coupon book cheat sheet

What can you do with your credit card's Dell rebate if you don't want stuff from Dell?  How can you benefit from your card's airline incidental fee credits if you just want to buy...

New Credit Card Displays

For the past several weeks, Carrie and I have been working behind the scenes to refresh our credit card displays and, as of yesterday evening, the new formatting is live! The card-display refresh had a...

Earn elite status: AA vs Delta vs United

Now that Delta has moved to a single metric for earning elite status (see: Delta’s 2024 elite program - it ain’t pretty), it's interesting to compare the requirements for earning elite status among the...

Delta’s new elite requirements: Blatant copies of United

I knew that the general idea of Delta's new elite requirements seemed to follow United and AA's lead (see: Delta’s 2024 elite program - it ain’t pretty), but until I started crunching the numbers...

Disregard Curve’s scary email (if you’re from the U.S.)

Curve cardholders recently received an email from Curve saying "We've updated our terms."  And if you follow the link in the email you'll find yourself on a page that suggests that the Curve card...

Delta announces big Sky Club access changes for 2024 and beyond

In an effort to curb overcrowding, Delta has announced big changes to how Sky Clubs will be accessed by credit cardholders.  Flying Basic Economy?  You're not getting into the club.  Do you currently get...

Delta’s 2024 elite program: it ain’t pretty

Delta has officially released the news about changes to their elite program for 2024 and beyond.  Yikes.  As I predicted, they're settling on a single metric for earning elite status: MQDs (Medallion Qualifying Dollars). ...
Point Earning. Image shows chart projecting growth into the future.

Greg’s point earning strategy

Shortly after Nick and I recorded our latest podcast, Citi’s awesome rewards program, it occurred to me that I should have explained how Citi's card line-up fits into my overall point earning strategy.  At...

Bilt outsmarts Curve’s “Everyday is Rent Day” trick

The last time I made significant updates to my Curve Card review, an amazing trick dawned on me.  The Curve Card, which passes along charges to any number of other credit cards you have,...

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