Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card

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Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card
95K Points
95K points after $5K in the first 3 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)
Click Here to Apply

$650 Annual Fee

Recent better offer: 150K after $5K spend in 3 months [Expired 1/12/23]

FM Mini Review: Decent ultra-premium option for Marriott fans, especially those aiming for lifetime status tiers

Card Type: Amex Credit Card


Earning rate: 3X airfare charged by airline; 3X US restaurants, 6X Marriott; 2X on all other eligible purchases

Big spend bonus: Annual Choice Award with $60K calendar year spend

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ 85K Free Night Award each year upon renewal ⚬ $300 dining credit per membership year ($25/mo) ⚬ Platinum Elite status ⚬ 25 elite nights credit ⚬ Priority Pass membership (Lounges only) with 2 guests ⚬ Global Entry fee credit ⚬ Free premium internet at Marriott properties

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Marriott points can be redeemed for free night awards, travel packages, airline miles, or experiences. 5th Night Free Awards: When redeeming points for free nights, the 5th night within a single reservation is free. Airline miles: Points can be converted to airline miles at a rate of 3 points to 1 mile. With many programs, a bonus is added on when you transfer 60,000 points at a time, such that 60,000 points transfers to 25,000 miles. Also, you'll get a 10% bonus when transferring points to United Airlines.

Everything you need to know about Marriott's rewards program, Bonvoy, can be found here: Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide

Application Tips

Amex Application Tips

  • Safe to Apply: Amex is the safest bank for trying your luck at earning a new welcome bonus offer. They don’t usually issue a hard pull when denying your application, and if you already have an Amex card, they won't usually issue a hard pull when approved for another one. Plus, they’ll now warn you during the application process if you’re not eligible for the bonus.

  • Lifetime Rule: If you've ever had the same card before, you are most likely prohibited from earning a welcome bonus offer for the card if you apply now. Fortunately you'll be warned during the application process if this is the case. Amex is known to "forget" that you've had a card after about 7 years.

  • 90 Day Rule: You can get at most two credit cards within 90 days. This rule does not apply to Pay Over Time (charge) cards.

  • 5 credit card max: Amex usually won't approve applications for new credit cards if you already have 5 or more Amex credit cards or 10 or more charge cards.

  • Better Offers: You may be able to get a better offer than the best available public offer. Details here.

  • Hard inquiries combine into 1 when approved same day

Check application status here.
If denied, call reconsideration: 877-399-3083 (new accountholders); 866-314-0237 (current accountholders)

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Card Offer
Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card
3 Free Night Awards
Earn 3 Free Night Awards (each night valued up to 50K points) after $3K spend in 3 months

$95 Annual Fee

Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card
75K Points
75K points after $3K of eligible purchases in the first 3 months of card membership. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

$125 Annual Fee

Recent better offer: 100K points after $4K spend in the first 3 months [Expired 11/2/22]

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card
95K Points
95K points after $5K in the first 3 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

$650 Annual Fee

Recent better offer: 150K after $5K spend in 3 months [Expired 1/12/23]

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Paul L Davis

You guys need to update this one

Summit Hotwani

I used the Amex messaging customer support for Amex Bonvoy Brilliant card. Told them I was considering to close the account. They gave me a nice retention offer. Spend $2000 in the next 90 days, and get 75000 Marriott Points. I accepted it! Will try again when the annual fee hits next year 🙂

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I am still unclear on this.

I have the AMEX Bonvoy personal card (the original SPG card). Can I now get the AMEX Brilliant card as well? I would have thought not, but your “rules” don’t seem to say that.


Thanks for the reply. Now I see your notes say (Offer Expires 1/13/2021).
Do you know what the “normal” or previous offer was?


OKAY, thanks. I am working on 3 other bonus spend requirements right now, but I will try to get this one in early January when I can pre-spend more if need be to meet the requirements.

Of course this all hinges on whether or not we can travel safely in the second half of 2021. I have now 30 free Marriott nights and the Platinum status will help a lot. Plus we (P1 & P2) should also have Hyatt Globalist for 2021 and 2022 with 10 free nights there as well.

Wish us luck!


I tried applying but got the warning message saying I would not be eligible for the bonus. Darn it. They did say the reason may be something else. I cheked again and according to your charts above and my careful reading of their terms and conditions I should be eligible as far as the Bonvoy cards are concerned (I have kept a sheet of every card – and that’s quite a lot to be modest – that we have applied for, received, denied, kept, cancelled since 2012). They did mention something about taking advantage of Amex offers (I have hardly got any in the last 4 years, and something else but I cleared the screen too quickly and don’t remember what that was. Maybe too many cards …. though I have only 1 business card and 3 personal ones all with little use. I suspect I can get the card, just no 100,000 to 125,000 point bonus, but I don’t think I want to just do it for the Platinum status. I have 2 cards I could cancel in case they think I have too many (one I am cancelling next month anyway after claiming some credits).

To add insult to injury, as soon as I’d decided to not go ahead with the application, my wife received a pre-appoved offer for the exact same card (even though our “troubles” with the issuer 4 years ago were identical and she has more of their cards than I do). That does us no good as I am the one with 30 free night certificates and she has only 2.

Do you think I could do better by calling?


Now it appears I can only upgrade to the Brilliant from my regular Bonvoy (old SPG) card. That seems to be the hangup and why I cannot get the bonus. I suppose I could call and ask if I cancel that one and then apply for the Brilliant would I get the bonus – but I doubt I could do it before 1/13/2021. Thats seems to be the reason my wife got the offer and I didn’t (she dropped her SPG card some time ago).

Hmm, it is my oldest AMEX card though. Any suggestions?


Yes, I think I will play it safe. That was my only way to get Platinum status … oh well. I will try again in January and see once more. Or I could just keep the new card and get an upgraded “free” night each year.

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I just got an emailed upgrade offer from the $95 Bonvoy to this card for 100K points for $5K spend in 3 months. Expires Apr 29 2020. With the current extension of the minimum-spend time, that is actually 6 months to meet the spend. I was thinking about cancelling that Bonvoy card when the AF comes due, but now I am wondering …

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FYI referral link is now 100k points instead of 75k valid through 4/24/2019.

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Looks like I’ll be leaving Hyatt and Marriot Elite for Hilton .
Aspire @14 points per $1 is by far the best, IMO. Finally a hotel card that makes sense to use at that chain. However, it was painful putting the $4000 in spending on this largely at 3x. I’m not sure where the . 6 value came from for Hilton points ( maybe 5th night free?) but I rarely see that valuation

James K King

Gold Elite status still doesn’t get you lounge access. Waste of an annual fee in my opinion.

[…] that the SPG Luxury Card is available, there are five credit cards that offer welcome bonuses between 75K and 100K points.  Here is a […]


THe card isn’t letting me get the bonus becuase I have had the spg personal card before. Anyone else having this issue?


It’s giving me a message of ineligibility as well… “Based on your history with American Express welcome offers, introductory APR offers, or the number of cards you have opened or closed, you are not eligible to receive this welcome offer.” I chose to cancel the application and not proceed with the credit check.

I have SPG Biz, personal, Hilton personal, and an Ameriprise platinum card. I haven’t closed an Amex account for 2 plus years. Not sure why they are stating I’m ineligible.

Any ideas?

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