Ducks Unlimited Visa by First Bankcard

Card Details and Application Link
Ducks Unlimited Visa from First Bankcard

This card no longer features a first-year bonus and while it previously earned 5% back at gas stations, it now only offers 1.5% back everywhere.
Click Here to Apply (this is NOT an affiliate link)

No Annual Fee

FM Mini Review: This card used to offer 5% back in a couple of categories, but therms and conditions no longer mention any category bonus. The card now earns only 1.5% back everywhere and cash back can only be redeemed in $25, $50, $100, and $250 increments. With no welcome bonus, an underwhelming earning structure, and cash back that is inconvenient to redeem (because of the requirement to redeem in imcrements of $25), this card is no longer worth considering.

Card Type: Visa Signature or Platinum


Earning rate: None

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