Caroline Yoder

Carrie Yoder spent ~5 years as a digital nomad with her husband Drew managing their points and miles travel blog, "Travel Is Free". Now she shares her content management and design skills with others, including Frequent Miler.
Carrie welcomes the stars in TeamLabs Tokyo

What is TeamLabs (and why should you go next time you visit Tokyo)

If you followed our Party of 5 team challenge, you may remember watching videos of our group of 5 playing around in a room full of lights and mirrors, (or maybe you remember the...
Ask Us Anything Ep 57

Business credit cards: Am I missing out by not applying? | Ask Us Anything...

We were unfortunately Nick-less for this episode of Ask Us Anything Live (since Nick was busy taking free cruises with his family) but the rest of us had our usual fun answering your live...
Wyndham Golden Suites, Foz do Iguacu

Wyndham Golden Suites, Foz do Iguacu: Bottom Line Review

During our team's recent Party of 5 challenge, we visited the incredible Iguazu Falls - our final destination of our whilrwind 2-week trip. The Iguazu Falls are less remote than you might think, only...
Group Hangouts at Airbnb in Philippines

7 Reasons why to book an Airbnb instead of a points hotel

Even though we all love suite upgrades, lounge access, and 4pm checkout, I think there's a strong argument to be made for Airbnbs sometimes being a better choice than points hotels. During the 4...
Help Greg break the Party of 5 Tie!

Rewatch our Party of 5 Trips (and help Greg break the tie!)

If you've already read Greg's post where he assigned points to Team SFO and Team TYO, you already know that it came out to a tie with each team receiving 130K arbitrary Greg-points for...

Iguazu Falls 3 ways – Party of 5 Daily Update

Update from Carrie: Hard to believe we've come to the final day of the Frequent Miler "Party of 5" challenge. As the grand finale of the Team SFO itinerary (and final day of our...

Mural Lessons in Buenos Aires with local street artist “Luxor”

During this Party of 5 challenge, (which you can read all about here) each team planned activities to highlight specific team members. When Stephen and I were in charge, we were calling these special...
Ask Us Anything, Live from Tokyo!

Ask Us Anything LIVE from Tokyo! | Frequent Miler’s Ask Us Anything Ep 56

By now, probably many of you already know that we're all physically in the same location right now, right in the thick of our 2023 annual challenge, Party of 5. Yesterday we started our...

How to follow and watch our Party of 5 Challenge stories on Instagram

We've been having so much fun traveling as a whole team, currently in Asia working through the itinerary Stephen and I put together for our portion of the competition. As a reminder, we split...
Party of 5 team Americas predictions

Party of 5 Predictions – What do we think Team SFO has planned?

Believe it or not, we're a week away from departing on our 2023 Frequent Miler Annual Challenge: "Party of 5". Don't worry - if you're foggy on the challenge details, let me give a...
Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything Episode 55

Team points vs team cash back | Ask Us Anything Ep 55

Did you make it to last week's "Ask Us Anything, Live?" If not, you missed some fascinating hypotheticals. For instance...how much cash back would you need to earn to switch from "Team Points" to...
Maise and Greg flying Business Class

Follow along as Greg helps Maisie book her first business class reward redemption.

Anyone who followed our 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge back in the fall may remember Greg's culinary concierge Maisie. Greg showed that he could find award space for two to fly both of them...
Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything, Ep 54

What percent of our hotel stays are paid vs award bookings? | Ask Us...

We had so many good questions in this Wednesday's "Ask Us Anything", episode 54. For instance we all picked Stephen's brain about how many stays he books on cash throughout his travels vs reward...
FM Ask Us Anything Episode 53

What’s the best Capital One card to start with | Ep 53

On episode 53 of Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything, Live, the team answered questions about which Citi credit card to start with (14:50), gift cards limiting money orders to $200 (12:50), and searching for...

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