$34 Cashback for a Hotel or Car Rental Booking with No Minimums



Top Cashback currently has increased rates for travel bookings through the British Airways U.S. site. At this time they are paying $34 cashback per hotel or car rental booking. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum purchase amount or minimum stay length requirement.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.

For more info, see this The Deal Mommy post.

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[…] other deal that came in handing was Frequent Miler Quick Deals sharing $34 cash back for car or hotel bookings through British Airways, originally reported by The Deal Mommy. It seems limited to destinations serviced by BA. I […]


Interesting offer, obviously. I first looked for hotels: small town USA and then Bali. They didn’t seem to have much coverage in the USA, and their Bali hotels were overpriced. Does anyone know which online agency they use and if there are any deals?

I then looked at car rentals. I need a one-day in Dublin, so that seemed promising. The rate was actually pretty good. I was going to book, but I see I need a credit card. Before I do, I’ll have to look for the cancellation rules more carefully (they weren’t obvious).

Does anyone know if this will actually work with no minimums?