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Listed below are links to sign up for free loyalty programs, cash back portals, and miscellaneous other services. In most cases, I will earn cash or points if you use my links (and I appreciate it very much!). In many cases, you will earn something as well. See details next to each link.

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Online Gift Card Purchases

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Amazon.comI'll earn a small commission for each purchase you make at when you click through this link
RaiseGet $5 off your first order. We will earn $5 too.Use this service to buy and sell discounted merchant gift cards

Cash Back and Points-Earning Portals

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
BeFrugalYou will earn a $10 bonus after earning at least $10 back through purchases. We'll earn $10 too.In our experience, BeFrugal is a reliable cash back portal.
Dollar DigYou will receive a standard enrollment bonus, if any. We'll earn $2.50 once you have earned a total of $25 or more cash back.We do not have much experience with this portal
ExtraBuxYou will get a $20 bonus when signing up with our link. We’ll each earn $5 after your first qualified purchase. We’ll also earn 5% of everything you earn from shopping through this portal.Every now and then this portal offers terrific cash back rates. Plus, they often offer bonus cash back on top of their regular rates. As with most portals, it can be 3 to 4 months before pending cash back is paid out.
Giving AssistantYou will earn $5 after your first eligible purchase. We'll earn $5 too.Excellent cash back portal. Very fast payments.
iConsumerEarn free shares shares of iConsumer stock (promotion details vary over time)With this portal you earn both cash back and shares in the iConsumer business. Requires $25 payable before they'll pay out the cash back.
Mr RebatesYou will earn a $5 bonus for signing up. We will earn 20% of any cash back you earn.This is a well established and (in my experience) reliable cash back portal.
MyPointsYou will earn 1,750 bonus points (worth ~$10) when you make a $20 purchase through the portal. We will earn bonus points when you sign up, and when you earn points.MyPoints points are worth less than a penny each. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash (through PayPal), or United Airlines miles (transfer ratio approx 3:1)
RakutenYou'll earn $10 after making a qualified purchase through the portal. We'll earn a bonus too (details vary depending upon promotions).This is one of our two favorite portals (the other being TopCashBack). We love the Rakuten portal because it gives you the option of earning valuable Amex Membership Rewards points instead of cash back!
ShopAtHomeYou will earn a $5 bonus once you make $20 in purchases within a month (I’m not sure if I’ll earn a bonus – it may depend upon whether or not ShopAtHome is running a tell-a-friend promo.I've had good luck with this portal, but I don't like that they have a $20 minimum payout.
Simply Best CouponsYou will earn a $5 bonus after you register, and I’ll earn 5% of any cash back you earn, up to a maximum of $50.I've had very good luck with this portal.
SwagBucksI will earn SwagBucks whenever you earn them (I’ll earn 10% of whatever you earn)This is like a cash back portal except that you earn “SwagBucks” instead of cash. SwagBucks can be exchanged 1 for 1 for PayPal cash or sometimes better than 1 for 1 for gift cards.
TopCashBackBonus rates vary.TopCashBack is one of our two favorite portals because it almost always offers the best cash back rates. Our other favorite is Rakuten.

Earn points for in-store/restaurant purchases

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Fuel Rewards NetworkI’ll earn 5 cents per gallon savings if you signup with my link and earn rewards.Save at least 3 cents per gallon at Shell. Save more by earning rewards through spend at various merchants.
Mogl (Cash Back for Dining)I don't know if there's a signup or referral bonus for thisSave up to 30% automatically when dining out. Works in many more places than advertised (for example, it worked for me in Southeast Michigan). Also works in conjunction with the Rewards Network dining programs! Can cash out rewards for cash or miles (but cash is generally a better deal).
Rewards Network (Dining Rewards)There are many different branded programs (United, AA, Hilton, etc.) for earning extra points when dining out at participating restaurants. Sign up for your favorite and register the credit card you usually use to pay for dining. That way, you'll earn extra points and miles automatically every now and then.
Thanks Again (in-airport rewards)No offer at this timeSign up for your choice of program: you can earn miles in a variety of programs when using your registered credit card in certain participating stores & restaurants at airports.

Hotels / Flights / Vacations

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
AirbnbGet $55 off your first trip. We'll earn up to $30 in credits too.Airbnb is a good alternative to booking hotels especially for a family that needs more room.
Allied PassportGet $5 off your Visa or Passport order (I'll receive a $10 commission).I've used Allied Passport for obtaining Visas when needed (for China, for example). Their service was quick and efficient.
Hotel TonightDownload the app, then use promo code GDAVISKEAN and we’ll each get $25 credit.This is an app for getting (sometimes) highly discounted same-night stays.
Marriott RewardsFor the first year of your membership, you and I will each receive 2000 bonus points for each of your paid stays, up to 5 staysI don’t have a link for this one. Instead, send me an email asking for a referral to Marriott. Send to:
Orbitz RewardsOrbitz isn't offering any bonus at this time.Earn up to 5% on hotels, 2% on flights and 1% on packages. This is a great way to increase rewards when purchasing travel.
PointsHoundWe will each earn 500 bonus miles after your first bookingThis site is a nice option for earning airline miles instead of hotel points when booking hotels. Check to make sure that prices are competitive though.
RocketMilesWe will each earn 1,000 bonus miles after your first bookingThis site is a nice option for earning airline miles instead of hotel points when booking hotels. Check to make sure that prices are competitive though.

Automobile Transportation

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
LyftYou will receive $5 towards your first ride if you use my link.Very similar to Uber.
SilverCar Use referral code GDAVISKEAN1We will each get $25 when you complete your first rentalHigh end all-Audi rental cars available in only select airports. At times the prices can be competitive with low end options.
UberYou will receive $5 towards your first ride if you use my link.Use to call up cars “on demand” from your smart phone via the Uber app. Trip is automatically charged to your credit card. If you go with UberX (default option) prices tend to be much cheaper than taxis.

Frequent Flyer Tools

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Award NexusA web based tool for searching airline award space.
AwardWalletI will earn a free upgrade code for every 5 people who signup with this link. If you later pay for Pro membership, I will earn points that can be redeemed for airline miles.I use AwardWallet to track points and miles; to keep track of loyalty programs I belong to, and to alert me if points are about to expire.
Expert FlyerI will earn a commission if you sign up through this linkUse this web based tool to search for airline award and upgrade space, setup seat alerts, and more
KVS ToolA tool for searching airline award space. Requires PC running Windows

Credit Monitoring

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Credit KarmaN/AUse this free service to estimate your credit score and to monitor your credit.
Free ID protection with TrueIdentityI will earn $10 if you sign up for this free service through my linkUse this free service to monitor your credit.
Credit SesameN/AUse this free service to estimate your credit score and to monitor your credit.


Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
Bing RewardsI will earn 500 points if you signup with this link and reach Silver statusGreat way to earn rewards (including airline miles) just for performing web searches. No toolbar required. Just make Bing your default search engine.
GrubHubGet $5 off your first order! We’ll get $5 of free grub too.I use GrubHub all the time for food delivery. Its incredibly quick and easy to place an order. I’ve found customer service to be excellent too in the rare cases where there have been problems.
PlastiqWhen you sign up for Plastiq (which lets you pay bills via credit card) with my link, you'll get $200 worth of fee free payments and I'll get $400 worth of fee free payments after you make a payment of at least $20Plastiq makes it possible to pay mortgage, rent, and many other bills via credit card. The usual credit card fee is 2.5%, but they often run lower-fee promotions.
SwagBucksI will earn SwagBucks whenever you earn them (I’ll earn 10% of whatever you earn)Earn points (SwagBucks) for internet searches, surveys, shopping, etc. SwagBucks can be exchanged 1 for 1 for PayPal cash or sometimes better than 1 for 1 for gift cards.
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Brogdon C

The link to sign up for Giving Assistant goes to a Ink Bus+ article… can you please update with your referral link?


Greg The Frequent Miler

Thanks for letting me know about that! It should be fixed now if you refresh the page. Or, just click here:


i need the sing up link

Chetan Somaiya

1 worked for me. Thanks,


thank you for the codes . my daughters and I used a few.

Mahomed Jogiat

thank you managed to use it .

Greg The Frequent Miler

Here are some new Award Wallet upgrade codes. Enjoy!


anymore award wallet codes?