Free Trips and Tricks

How to Keep Points from Expiring

Dealing with miles/points expiration and techniques for extending their life!

Significant Other Points

Taking advantage of double dip opportunities by amassing and utilizing points and elite status from your significant other.

Keeping Track of Your Miles & Points

Information and a brief review of Award Wallet, the best overall service for tracking your miles & points across a number of loyalty programs.

When is an award night a good deal?

When to use points for a hotel award and when it makes more sense to use cash instead.

When is an award flight a good deal?

Should you pay cash or use miles? Here is a simple formula to use to determine if booking an airline award makes sense over paying for the ticket.

Frequent Miler Trips & Tricks Review – Topics Covered in First 20 Weeks

A review of the topics covered halfway through through the Frequent Miler Trips and Tricks newsletter.

Getting to Know Amex Membership Rewards

Detailed Amex Membership Rewards overview including how to earn points through sign-up bonuses and credit card spend along with ways to redeem.

Getting to Know SPG Starpoints: More ways to use points

A detailed breakdown of the many SPG Starpoint uses. Redeem for flights, transfer to miles, redeem for merchandise and more.

Getting to Know SPG Starpoints: Using Points for Stays

The various ways to redeem SPG Starpoints for hotel stays including how to find the best values.

Getting to Know SPG Starpoints: Earning Points

A detailed description and summary of SPG Starpoints earning opportunities.

Getting to Know Ultimate Rewards: Transferring Points

What options do you have to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to travel partners and which are the best value?

Getting to Know Ultimate Rewards: Using Points

A summary and breakdown of the various ways to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Getting to Know Ultimate Rewards: Earning Points

A complete guide to Chase Ultimate Rewards earning. How to get the most points possible through sign-up and category bonuses.

Airline Elite Fast Track

Airline elite status challenge opportunities, how to get some elite benefits without status and strategies for earning airline elite status quicker.

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