(EXPIRED) Celebrity Cruises Amex Offers: Spend $500/$1,000 & Earn 17,500/35,000 Bonus Membership Rewards

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A couple of new Celebrity Cruises Amex Offers are available today. The offers are targeted, but both versions offer a very generous return on your spend if you’ll be booking a trip with Celebrity Cruises. Even if you’ve already paid for a future cruise, there’s a chance that you might be able to buy onboard credit ahead of time and still get the bonus Membership Rewards available with these Amex Offers.

Celebrity Cruises Spend $1,000 Get 35,000 Membership Rewards

The Deals

  • Spend $1,000+ at Celebrity Cruises & get 35,000 bonus Membership Rewards, or
  • Spend $500+ at Celebrity Cruises & get 17,500 bonus Membership Rewards, or

Key Terms

  • Expires March 31, 2023.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Offer valid for qualifying reservations booked with Celebrity Cruises online at US website celebritycruises.com/amex or by calling the US reservation phone line 1-844-530-3783, or through your preferred travel adviser where Celebrity Cruises is the merchant of record between 1/3/2023 and 3/31/2023.
  • Excludes international transactions, all onboard transactions, corporate sales and corporate sales gift cards, physical gift cards purchased online, e-gift cards, art auctions and affiliate brands: Royal Caribbean and Silverseas.
  • Excludes the following Specialty Cruises: Music & Themed, LGBTQ+ VACAYA cruises, and Tie the Knot.
  • Please note that hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines do not accept prepaid cards for charges authorized in advance, although prepaid cards may be used to settle the final bill. Check to make sure prepaid cards are accepted before attempting to use your prepaid card to take advantage of offers for these merchants.

Celebrity Cruises Spend $500 Get 17,500 Membership Rewards

Quick Thoughts

Even if you only value Membership Rewards at 1cpp (cent per point), these Amex Offers represent a return of 35% which is an excellent deal if you were planning on booking a cruise with Celebrity Cruises anyway. You should be able to split payment for a cruise, so if your partner has the offer on any of their cards, you can pay with two cards with offers loaded to them to double up on the bonus Membership Rewards.

There’s a chance that an alternative option will work too. The terms exclude all onboard transactions, but the Celebrity Cruises website lets you prepay for onboard credit online. The only denomination available is $25 and you’re limited to 9 of those per transaction (i.e. $225 spend), so you’d need to do several transactions in order to hit the $500 or $1,000 spending threshold. The terms state that you can spend $500 or $1,000 in one or more transactions and so the multiple transactions aspect won’t be a problem, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll code correctly in order to trigger the bonus Membership Rewards.

If you haven’t paid for your cruise yet, the best option is therefore to take advantage of these Amex Offers by paying for your cruise. If you have paid for your cruise, try calling Celebrity Cruises to see if you can get a refund to your original form of payment and pay for it with one or more Amex cards with these offers loaded to them. Failing that, if you anticipate spending $500 or $1,000 while on board, I’d be inclined to try buying those $25 onboard credits. If you do earn the bonus Membership Rewards from these Amex Offers then that’s awesome; if you don’t, there’s not much of a loss other than the bonus points you could’ve earned by putting the spend on a different card.

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