Extreme Stacking British Airways, AA, and Iberia flights

By stacking offers, it’s possible to save a lot of money on AA, British Airways, and Iberia business class fares to Europe:

  • Up to $200 off for AARP members for flights.
  • 10% off for British Airways cardholders (but you may qualify anyway)

Up to $200 off for AARP members

You don’t actually have to be old to join AARP.  Anyone can join for as little as $12 your first year, or 12.60 per year for 5 years.  Once you’re a member, you can use this link to book discounted international flights originating from the US and marketed by British Airways (this includes many AA and Iberia flights):

Note that only business class and first class tickets qualify for the full $200 discount.


When browsing BA.com directly, I found the following $1993 business class round-trip flight (thanks to a business class fare sale available when this post was originally written):

British Airways

Next, I went through the AARP link, logged into my AARP account (which I signed up for just so that I could get this discount) and found the same flight for $400 less (at the time of publication the AARP discount was $400 rather than today’s $200):

British Airways

10% off for British Airways cardholders (and others)

British Airways offers 10% off flights for British Airways cardholders (more on this below).  This is valid for flights to London and beyond and originating in the US.

To get the discount, find a British Airways operated flight on BA.com (or through the AARP link, above).  On the page showing the price and the words “Check your flight details,” scroll down to “Save money on your booking”.  Click “Promotion code or eVoucher” and enter: CARDOFFERU:

British Airways

Once you press Submit, you should see the discounted price (assuming your flight qualified).  For example, this code reduced my $1593 fare down to $1433:

British Airways

Pay with your BA card (or other Chase Visa card)

Upon checkout, you will be asked to pay with a Chase British Airways Visa Signature card.  In my testing I found that Chase Visa Signature cards worked even if they were not British Airways cards.

The British Airways card is a good option since it earns 3 points per dollar for British Airways purchases.  Another excellent option is to pay with a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card since it offers 3 points per dollar for all travel purchases.