Fixed: Podcast episode 159 (may need to re-download)


Just a quick post to alert podcast listeners: If you downloaded Episode 159 early this morning when it first published, you may have an old (incorrect) episode downloaded. If you started listening and you were confused that the topic didn’t seem to match the timestamps / title and you started hearing about Greg’s Capital One shut down story, that’s the wrong episode. I fixed it this morning within just over an hour of publication, but it seems that those who have their podcasting platform set to automatically download new episodes, particularly those using Apple podcasts, may need to delete the episode and re-download it. The correct episode is 1:14:45 long and begins with Greg introducing the main event title (Please tell us how to find business class awards) and we dive into the giant mailbag comment requesting the topic.

My apologies to our regular listeners for the hassle. Hope you enjoy this week’s (correct) episode!

For those new to the show:

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Dave Hanson

FYI I’m still not able to download the correct episode in Google Podcasts. I ended up just listening to youtube to the hear the episode.


On Pocket Casts I had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to reset that episode.


Greg:It’s pronounced “Kaa Tarr (Qatar)
Not Cutter

Hector G

A side question. Will the past Ask Us Anything episode be uploaded on YouTube as well?