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Yes saw u all on U tube for the first time ..CHEERs


If you add player 2 as an employee card (Wyndham) will that affect their 5/24 status?


where post questions we would like answered?


@Stephen Oh. I thought all questions answered were those picked pre-recording.


What “hard to get” award would excite you the most if it availability opened up? (flight or hotel)



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With ANA raising their fuel charges on award flights. Is the best way to fly biz or first class to Japan from US now through UA Polaris 70k one way and 80k First class JAL with AA miles?
Also, is the best use of Virgin miles now Delta One from US -> Europe and redeeming for cruises?

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Could you please schedule the event in YouTube so we all get notified and can set up an event bell? It’s helpful for live events imo, and I’m looking forward to the post-challenge chat.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I would love to do that but in order for all of us to be together we use Zoom and go live from there. I don’t think there’s a way to set it up as a scheduled event. Or, more accurately, I don’t know how to do that.


Here’s how you promote a scheduled live event on YouTube

And Facebook


Two questions:

1) Looking to get Hyatt Globalist status for 2024. If I was to get a personal card and the business card in January 2023 and hit Globalist in late 2023, would I sustain Globalist status through 2024?

2) Can you transfer Amex points to a spouse?



You need to look at this: Hyatt status challenge + MGM remote checkin/out at Excalibur for $25 a night – get globalist for $500 wo going to vegas


It’s important to verify that your WoH number is attached to your reservation. I had to call the front desk to do this, and they actually put it in my MGMR profile so that it would automatically get added for subsequent reservations.

Also, be sure to sign up for the WoH double points for MGM stays promo.


Thanks for the DP! Do you mind sharing when you did this at Excaliber? I’ve heard they started to refuse linking Hyatt account by phone.


I did this on September 1, on checkout day for one of my “stays.”


If it’s the first ever stay with MGM, is it ok to call front desk to link with Hyatt? I’ve seen DP saying the first time you need to be physically present there to do so


My mattress run has been completely virtual. For my first stay—my trial run—I didn’t call to verify my Hyatt number was added to my reso, and because my number wasn’t even in my MGMR info, that stay didn’t earn me a qualified WoH night. For my second stay, I called the morning of checkout to get my Hyatt number added to the reso. The front desk rep said that she would add it to both the reso and my MGMR account so that subsequent stays would automatically have my Hyatt number.

Before your first stay, maybe you can call the MGMR line to add your Hyatt number to your account.

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This is very helpful. Guess I will have to try to see. U probably saved me a trip a vegas, much appreciated.


You’re welcome! One more tangential thing: There are Amex Offers of statement credits for MGMR stays of $400+ and $700+, expiring in mid- or late November.


UPDATE I had sent an email inquiry after my first (and trial) virtual stay in late August, in which my Hyatt number had not yet been added my MGMR profile nor attached to my reso, and asked if I could get retroactive credit…crickets.

Later that week, before checking out of my second virtual stay, I called the front desk to add my Hyatt number. I also asked about my first stay, and the rep said that if the reso had been completed without my number, I couldn’t add it retroactively.

However, I just got this response to my email:

Thank you for contacting MGM Resorts. Your Hyatt/Southwest reservation request has been submitted. If your account does not receive partnership credits, then please contact us so we can submit a retroactive request for partnership credit. Should you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing MGM Resorts International.

Kind regards,
(866) 761-7111 (9am to 5pm PST)
MGM REWARDS Member Services
MGM Resorts International

Sounds like there’s hope!

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I recently applied for the Amex Business Platinum. I hesitated to apply because I don’t have much interest in buying from Dell, but getting an Xbox gift card with extended validity seemed like an acceptable solution. Long story short, both of my orders at Dell were cancelled by Dell, even though I sprinkled in some other low cost products. Is there a work-around or some other way to effectively extend the validity of the Amex credits?


If I’m already sitting on 3M MR points and don’t care about cash back, should I just not bother with new cards or new deals until I run down my balance some?


I want to know what Drew is doing and will TravelisFree ever return? That was you only competition, and I miss it. We demand answers!

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I agree on Insurance discussion. Need some ideas of buying Insurance and is an annual policy the best way for those that travel frequently? Also do these cover cruise ship cancellation fees if one gets sick or other major issue?


Two questions: where do I get a XXL FM t-shirt like Nick’s?
And….a suggestion for podcast topic: a review of travel insurance and best practices in this age of canceled flights/hotel bookings.


When will you be posting your July 13 AUA to YouTube?


We all know you have a favorite hotel chain. What about your favorite airline (domestic and international)

Another Jeff

2nd year globalist. I called trying to use a suite upgrade and when they called the hotel the hotel told them not to use the certificate, and gave me the suite for free.
Is this common?
The suite is not showing on my reservation, should I be concerned?


hey guys… can’t find the live meeting on facebook,. I was added to the group earlier today and I can read posts, but can’t find the live mtg. the facebook menu has an “events” but it only had past facebook meetings… no live events or links are visible. suggestions?


disregard, i just found the live show. thanks


If you can only have one credit card for the rest of your life. Which one would it be and why?


Hey Greg and Nick, greetings from a Vacasa vacation rental in Maui. My question for you is: what summer trip are you most looking forward to and why? Safe travels 🙂

lorem ipsum

Does a Goldbelly gift card trigger the AX Gold credit?

Al C



Me again… one other question. I seem to remeber that quite a few years ago , maybe (5+) that AA had a special on transferring points from one member to anaother, I forget whether it was at no charge or oit was a very reduced fee. I was able to transferr some of my wifes points to her acct. Have you heard of this ever beiong repeated? might it be at one time of the year this happens? Just askin!.

Also, I got en email the other week advising me that DailyGetAways is coming back starting it’s preview week on 7/11. Yeah!!! but please promnise not to tell anyone else as I dont want them beating me to those Hyatt deals.


Howdy.. One question that hangs in my mind is being able to reserve/select seats on AA flights when purchasing the flight through BA using avios. Used to be you could purchase the flights on BA, then get the flight number, (i think it was the confirm number), and then go to AA and enter the BA confirm # to get an AA confirm number, thus enabling one to reserve seats on the AA flight. I think that ended a two or three years ago. Thus I no longer use avios for AA flights. As a big guy, many times my flight choice may be based on what seats are open before selecting a flight. Any suggestions on how to use avios for AA flights and still be able to select seats at time of purchase? Thanks in advance.


Greg, what is your son’s credit card strategy now that he’s graduated? Is he following in your footsteps? Does he not care much about the points and miles game? I know you were pretty active in managing his strategy/setup when he was in college.


If I signed up for the Venture X with the $200 VRBO/AirBNB credit, will a gift card from one or both of those trigger the credit?

Another Jeff

Can you book Delta premium select via Amex? Looking at that $300 deal


I’ve earned AA platinum pro via the shopping portal and simply miles already, and am wondering if executive platinum is worth pursuing? I have a million Aadvantage miles and wonder how exec plat upgrades work on award tickets (AA metal to Europe or Asia upgradable or just domestic flights)? Combined with expanded saver awards by calling the EP desk it seems like the bigger improvement than from platinum to platinum pro.

Another Jeff

Who on the frequent miler team is winning the loyalty points game so far? Is there any point to AA gold if you already have a free bag from a credit card?


How do the different major programs (airline, hotel, credit cards) handle if one dies with lots of points in their account. Can one set up someone as successor to handle the account (or move points to) or are they just lost and account closed. Or is it better to just have someone to log on to one’s account and use them up asap?

We always talk about losing points for lack of activity, but this could be a much larger issue. Thanks

Nick Reyes

No, most programs do not allow someone to be named as a successor. You don’t own the miles, the program does.

Sometimes exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, but for the most part you’re better off having someone who knows your login info. There isn’t necessarily a rush to use them up ASAP unless you anticipate notifying the program of the death.

Here’s a post addressing it at a high level:


What’s Americans change policy for flights booked on qatar with aa miles, If qatar switched the departure time about 4 hours and I would like to switch to a flight on a different day . Would I be able to switch the flight to a different day because of the departure flight change? I couldn’t find a good answer online .

Nick Reyes

There are no award change fees on American — doesn’t matter whether they changed the schedule or not. It’s just free to change an award.

Nick Reyes

I should say no award change fee for American Airlines award tickets. Doesn’t matter who operates the flight. The only exception is that “Web Specials” (which I believe only involve travel on AA) can’t be changed, they can only be canceled and redeposited and then you have to book again (but no fee for any of that either).


Thanks, but I meant to ask if there is no award availability for a different day if since the departure time was switched could you switch to a different day even if there isn’t availability.

Nick Reyes

Oh, I see. No. American can’t force Qatar to make seats available that aren’t available. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes with awards. AA *might* be willing to open availability for you on their own flight to Doha, but they can’t force availability on partners and they aren’t going to book you a revenue ticket on a partner.

Jan W

How do I know whether my existing Amex cards contained the Lifetime language when I applied for them?

Nick Reyes

Why do you want to know?

Jan W

I guess I thought it would be relevant to future applications, but I guess it isn’t?

Nick Reyes

No. Whether or not the language was there before has no bearing on a new application.


Is there a replay to watch?

Greg The Frequent Miler

There will be but we haven’t published it yet


Is it better to pay to have miles transferred to my spouses account or should I just book the flights for them?


I currently have 4 Amex cards, 1 plat, 1 business plat, Delta plat, and the Amazon prime card. I’m starting a second business and I want to start collecting SUBs for it as well. I get more than the annual fee in value on the personal and business plat and had a retention offer on the Delta card. I’m inclined to get rid of the amazon card to free up a slot, unless you have a different suggestion. I do often buy Home Depot gift cards at the grocery store because we do property renovation/management. Would you recommend an Amex Gold or is there a better card for grocery spend?


Can I use the Venture X $300 credit to book a Hyatt stay. Then upgrade with points to a suite later?

Another Jeff

What’s the most over valued/undervalued hotel/airline/rewards program currently. Would request Stephen’s input on hotels.

Can we expect any guest appearances on future podcasts? Drew and Dave come to mind if you’re taking requests.

Being almost 50% complete, who’s in the lead with 2022 predictions?

Should I buy Meta now that y’all have moved over?


If you have an airline ticket you want to cancel or if you have airline credit to use. Can you change to or book a refundable ticket and then cancel it to get full refund?


For those that got in on the great Amex Platinun Resy offer (15x on global dining and US shop small business), what tricks are out there to try and Max out on the $25k spend bonus possible… Some of us were not able to get the dealership to put the entire purchase price on credit card 🙁


If I have several travel funds with different confirmation numbers on Southwest, is there an easy way to combine them?
Only being able to use 3 forms of payment and some travel funds being only a few dollars make them hard to use. If they could be combined so that they equal an amount that can buy a complete ticket or at least the majority of a ticket, they become more useful.


I like to make donations using credit cards. Sometimes this helps with SUBs. I have a few side hustles. Would it be a red flag to us a business CC to make charitable donations?

Also I understand that you can open Chase Ink cards for each business. Is the same true of Citi AA cards? What about Barclays AA cards? I really value the AA SUBS. Thanks!

Mohammad M

Can you explain which award tickets are refundable from the main US programs DL, AS, AA, UA?

Specifically Delta. Are Main or Basic Economy award tickets fully refundable?


How to get a checking account from US bank if you are a NY or FL resident? Can you go into one of their branches to bypass this? Thanks.


You 2 guys are THE best – I could listen to yall talk miles and points everyday on your podcast.
Here is a win for me, my wife and I are in Argentina, Uruguay for 2 months , about a week ago we ended up making our return flight one way back to Houston from EZE – all there was available was 55k points and taxes on AA – hated to burn 110K points but wife was ready to return home – then 2+ days before flight I decided to check points to return home and it was down to 33.5 Points to return. So I called AA, a very nice rep canceled my 55K per ticket and reissued 33.5 plus same taxes. one day earlier. We are retired so we have flexibility. Saved 44k Points for future trip.


If owning two businesses…how/when can I/we maximize the SUB’s and get more than one business card (one per business)? Does Chase, CITI, etc. allow this and under what circumstances?


how important is it to ensure your ” business’ ” annual income is consistent on each card application & matches what the prior one documents (within same bank of course)? silly reason to get red flagged over if keep records which i usually dont do.

Larry D

This question is based on “I should have known better”, but what do I do now? Back in December, as you pointed out, two seats became available on Singapore Suites first class flight from Frankfurt to JFK. Although my wife and I enjoyed this flight together two times in the past, how could I pass up the new design as well as the fact that Award flights (especially American Airlines) to and from Europe this summer have dramatically increased in cost (for the most part). I went to log in to my Singapore account, and it indicated that my account was expired. I tried setting up a new account, but I needed passport information. Oye, what should I do? My wife continued to say that “we’re going to be late for the party”. Anyway, frantic of leaving the space there and not booking, I grabbed my wife’s Singapore account info, and quickly moved my AMEX points from MY Amex Account to my wife’s Singapore Account. I logged in to her account, booked the flight and left for the party knowing that we’d be flying home from Europe in the new Singapore Suites. . The Flight appeared book and I received flight confirmation. Needless to say, the following morning I received an email that the Amex account did not match the transferee’s account, and an additional email indicating that the flight I booked was being canceled. Now, I need to try to get my 140k Singapore points back. They aren’t showing in either account, and they weren’t returned to my Amex account. I should have known better, and I’m embarrassed, and would you start by calling Singapore, or would you call Amex?

Love your blog, Love your podcast, you guys are awesome. If selected, my prize choice is the MUG !

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Greg, with your previous Diamond spend on your delta cards, I’m assuming that you would qualify for the Amex Black Card. What are your thoughts on its value, and do you think the perks outweigh the fees?


Which frequent flyer program should we credit our flights to? We only take one or two domestic flights per year from our local airport (not a hub). But we make at least one trip per year to Helsinki, Finland. Should we go for elite status on Finnair, or their Oneworld partner American? We usually fly AA to ORD then Finnair to HEL. We could switch to another alliance altogether. Our home airport has BA and VA to LHR, KLM to AMS, and Lufthansa to FRA.


After opening cards and bank accounts for a few years, my file cabinet is bulging at the seams. My computer screenshot file is also getting out of control. I never know when it’s safe to get rid of items. What documents do you keep in paper, what do you keep digitally, and do you have a good system for organizing it all?


Which new card should I sign up for – AMEX Gold (90K + 20% back) or Venture X (75K)? Currently have CSP, CFF, CFU, CF. Thanks FM team!

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Daniel Davis

I have an AmEx Platinum annual fee that is becoming due very soon and I was hoping to request a retention offer.

However, I recently had to cancel a FHR trip and now have a credit on my account that exceeds what the annual fee will be. Will the annual fee be paid immediately from this credit, rendering me unable to request a retention offer?

Nick Reyes

You don’t need to have not paid the annual fee to get a retention offer. To be clearer about that, my wife’s last few retention offers came after she paid the annual fee (but within 30 days of the fee posting). Paying the fee doesn’t lock you into keeping the card — you can still cancel within 30 days of the fee posting and they will refund the fee (sending you a check).

So you’re totally able to request a retention offer.

Daniel Davis

Thank you!

Summit Hotwani

This is awesome.

Needs a small correction

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 should be Tuesday, June 7, 2022 or Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Whichever day is the AMA.

Last edited 7 months ago by Summit Hotwani

This also needs a small correction. Check your calendar.

Summit Hotwani

Yes! It should be
Wednesday, June 8, 2022

My bad!

Nick Reyes

No, it’s not June 8th. Somehow the post reverted to an old version after I updated it. It’s going to be Wednesday, April 27, 2022. I’m working on getting it fixed.

Summit Hotwani

That’s better since it’s next week. Looking forward to it. Thanks Nick!

Nick Reyes

Post is now fixed.


Rats! My time machine is broken again.




I’m recently retired and can go anywhere anytime. I also have been in the game since 2012 when I first met greg in New Jersey when he was revealing the PPM vanilla reload at supply stores! I want to go to a safari or to Egypt next. . What sweet spots for airlines from NY would you suggest? I have a million+ amex, plenty of TY and Chase points. Also a couple of hunderd K alaska air.

Melissa Chapman

I am currently booked First Class to Tokyo on ANA in May 2022. In the event this is NOT happening – what would you do with these points? How long will ANA hold them? If I opted NOT to use on Tokyo, what is another good point hack to put them towards that would involve Europe? Love you guys – listen to you every Saturday morning!


How strict is Capital One on VGC purchases to meet SUB? (specifically the $1K Simon Mall VGCs?) Are they like the AMEX rats that won’t give out points for those purchases? Recently signed up for Venture X (with your link of course! 😉


I’ve been able to maintain a pretty steady stream of MR and UR points through business card signups, and I’m starting to look at getting into Citi’s ecosystem too. How do you collect a healthy amount of TY points when they have such strict rules about signup bonuses, and no business cards (RIP CitiBusiness ThankYou card) to churn? Would my only option be organic/manufactured spending?

Alex R

Hi guys – I’m Marriott platinum Elite, both my wife and I have the Bonvoy Brilliant cards, we both also have an Amex offer with the deal spend $250, get $50 back also. I have an upcoming mattress run “solo” stay to take advantage of the on-going promotion of double elite nights (I have 30 elite nights this year, thanks to the Bonvoy Brilliant and the business card). My question is: how can I use her card to pay for my stay (to take advantage of the Amex offer), and make sure I get credit for my own stay for the double elite night stay? Can I add her card in my profile and use it for the reservation? They will want to see the physical card at check-in with her name, and she won’t be there. What can I do? Thanks for the help.

Alex R

Quick follow-up – let’s say I check-in with my card, they record my card info, then she later joins me at check-out, will hotel allow payment with her card? Will I still get the double elite nights per night since reservation was on my name? Thanks again

Greg The Frequent Miler

Quick answer: yes if they won’t let you pay with her card when you check in (but they probably will) then it would work to have her show up for check out


I learned a lot from your post of MGM Rewards for cheap Hyatt runs at Excalibur. Really want to qualify again for Globalist next year. If there is ever a double elite night promotion but if I book from MGM site directly for the waived resort fees, do you think they would also give the double elite night? I will tune in to your show!


Greg and Nick- i’ve been an avid reader of your site for quite some time now- and I’m currently staying at Ventana through Friday. (3rd stay in about a year). Would love to meet up for a few minutes either Wednesday or Thursday -if you get a chance email back. I have quite a few insights into Ventana- they originally came here back in 2004!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Hey Rob, I’m here at Ventana with my wife. Nick isn’t here but I see why the title of the post would make you think so. Anyway if you see me around please come say hello


which gas stations sell $500 visa cards so can use my Barclay’s Wyndham for 8x allowing me to redeem with Vacasa? Speedways are not in my area and 7-11 only sells for cash.


Regarding the star alliance gold discussion, i believe asiana should be listed at the top of the list of international carriers for easy star alliance gold. There is no requirement to fly them, the requirement is 40k from any star member and the biggie is that you get 24 months to accrue that 40k for renewal. I have not found a better source of star gold. that said, I am still cruising along with Singapore gold from brex transfers last year but am crediting paid flights to asiana so at some point i will switch over my long term gold to asiana. You can find their terms here.

Last edited 10 months ago by Todd

Firstly… thanks for the tips from your Dubai Trip.
My question is regarding Alaska Miles. is a redemption on Alaska on Qatar Q Suites a fully refundable ticket for free ? or are there fees to cancel last minute with Alaska ? and a more specific question… i am from Toronto and I need to get to Montreal to fly Qatar as Qatar does not fly out of Toronto… how do I use Alaska miles to fly from Toronto to Montreal to catch the Q Suite flights from Montreal ?


Hey Greg and Nick, I won’t be able to attend the YouTube live, but I had a question for you. You have a RRV for American Airlines miles at 1.3 CPP, will you be able to calculate an RRV for American Airlines status points? Thanks guys!


Do you think that Hyatt will offer an accelerated path to Globalist again in 2022? Alternatively, would you expect the mediocre Hyatt card SUB to change anytime soon?


We’re checking in to Miraval Arizona on Sunday – please share any suggestions/recommendations! A lot of the experiences we wanted to book are full (our fault for waiting to book so long) – is there anything to do there if you don’t have a lot booked?

Brian G

I am a Marriott Titanium Lifetime Member (but not a fan of Marriott compared to Hyatt Globalist). What is the fastest way to acquire 200,000 Marriott Rewards points? I am floating points for a summer booking but need to find the 200,000 points within 60 days. I currently have the Chase Marriott Boundless card, Amex Marriott (old SPG) personal card, Marriott Amex Business Card. Player 2 has the Chase Marriott Boundless card and Amex Marriott (old SPG) personal card. I am not willing to take on another premium card with a $450 or more annual fee.

The current Marriott sign up bonuses are meager at best. I have been waiting for some type of sign up bonus increase from Q3 and Q4 of 2021, but nothing has changed. I can get 20,000 per referral sign up, but similar to an old post, I don’t want to direct people to sign up for the Marriott cards now as the offers are not good. Maybe there is a way to MS at a Marriott Hotel? Do they sell Visa Gift Cards at the front desk? Even if they did, would anyone know how to actually sell those?

Thanks in advance.


Have you noticed the disappearance of the United awards calendar? I also don’t see any biz class designated as saver awards either. What is the best way to find saver availability now?


FM Crystal ball: by summer, Travel restrictions and testing… Easier? Harder? Same?


My question is if you guys think that southwest will do the tier qualifying points boost for people that want to get a-list or companion pass this year like last year.


Nick – Any updates to share on the Amex Platinum Resy sponsored car search? I can’t be the only one curious to know.

Last edited 11 months ago by Bethany

Not interested myself but other readers of this blog might be. Do you think this is a good deal?


Where are you looking to burn your Marriott points before the award chart is gone if any!

Biggie F

On maintaining Hilton Diamond status after canceling Amex Aspire: I canceled some time in 2020 — early, I think — and am still Diamond. Got an e-mail not that long ago that says I am continued through 2022. This last because of Covid.

On getting points for stay with spouse on their FHR: Did that with a Hilton stay. Did not put her number in when booking. I had a points reservation for the night before, so they just folded the whole reservation (kept the same room) to me, and I got all the points. This makes me think that if, at check-in, we had just given them my number (which is what they did without us being explicit), it would work.


What are yall’s thoughts on the subpar offers from Chase recently? Particularly the borderline scammy personal hyatt 45k points for 15k spend, the length of time that offer has been around, and the leak of the lackluster bonus on the new AC card? Overall for the Hyatt biz, when do you think changes will come and what do you think they’ll be? Separately, Greg any B6 mosaic news? Jk;) I love your content even though I may be going ballistic in the comment box sometimes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Scott

Do you guys think it’s a good idea to keep 2 CSPs (in addition to other no AF UR earning cards) in 2 player mode? Reason being both spouses have United miles from past work travel (miles all from flying, none were from UR transfer) and can be used for top offs when needed and 1 spouse has Hyatt status (book hotels with her account when transferring UR to Hyatt). Any other upsides/downsides to be aware of (outside of 2 AFs)?

Last edited 1 year ago by Amy

This is mainly a question to Nick: how do you envision using your miles/points for air travel when you plan on traveling as a family of four? I’m in a similar situation with two younger kids, and would like to hear about your thoughts on getting four seats together.


I need more than 1 Frequent Miler live episodes per month. I love listening to you answer our questions 🙂


I am deep in the Ultimate Rewards ecosystem (currently have Chase Trifecta – CSP, CFF, CFU) but am really intrigued by the new Venture X card. Do you think the Venture X is a good complement to the Chase Trifecta? Trying to balance simplicity vs. new SUB/more options.

A guy named Mike

TL;DR- I think the plus side to having both is having a better balance of hotel and air redemptions, with lower fees than getting a CSR.

I think the complementary setup here is probably using Chase for your hotel redemptions (Hyatt) and C1 for airfare redemptions. I could see an avenue for some CSR users to drop to the CSP and add the Venture X. You end up with $50 cash fee savings, $350 of combined portal credit, and 10,000 extra miles vs the $300 CSR credit. You really don’t lose much in the benefits department going this route.


On today’s show, a couple potential points of correction and/or data points.

Greg was talking about using his Delta companion cert to visit friends in Toronto instead of Air Canada. I thought those were limited to flights within the continental US (unless your address is Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico). At least on a quick search around the web, I couldn’t see any evidence that you can use them to go to Canada. I would love to be proven wrong!

Also, Nick was talking about the Amex upgrade offers, and has said they were mainly on Everyday & Hilton cards recently. There have actually been some decent or good offers on the Delta family of cards too. I upgraded from Delta Blue to Platinum earlier this year, and my SO just got a similar offer (50k + $200 after 3K spend). Since we have had the cards multiple times in the past, we jumped on these offers.


Is the aeroplan status match worth doing a mileage run? Are the benefits from star alliance gold status very lucrative?


Greetings; have a 20 year old college student with a Discover student card for nearly a year; he is an AU on my Ritz (so he has Priority Pass) and he is finishing up spend for an AU bonus on one of our AMEX platinum cards. Looking for the next best 1 or 2 cards that would work well (and that he can get approved) for someone who spends at grocery, target, amazon, & restaurants primarily. I think a card that earns cash back/transferrable points would be more useful/practical than a hotel card for example. We can certainly make him an AU on other cards we have (We have cards across the ecosystems) but sign up bonuses abound! I have reviewed your past posts on this, but so much has changed with offers and earning structure! Any advice on a plan here would be appreciated!

Biggie F

Thinking of booking an international RT via Amex Travel and Pay with (MR) points, to get the 35% bonus for having Amex Business Platinum card. Question(s):

  • What happens if I have to cancel (or change) ticket?
  • Does it matter which airline I have booked with? (BA, AA, DL and AF are all possibilities — it would be a J ticket.)

Additional possible degrees of difficulty:

  1. Trip starts in Europe
  2. First leg in 2021, second leg in 2022

Underlying issue: The fares are low — low enough that cash beats normal points on all carriers. But am I getting greedy in wanting to use MR points as 1.5 cents cash equivalents, and getting Amex Travel involved? I.e., would I be better off just booking with cash directly, given that in Covid World, cancellation (or change) is a non-zero probability. Thanks in advance: Would not have even thought of this had I not seen Nick’s comments this morning on flying to NZ!


In your opinion, what makes a good airport lounge?

Sandy Freed

I’m a prolific gatherer of URPs with multiple Chase cards and want to foray into Amex MRs. If I want to limit my Amex cards to two maximum, which one or two do you recommend?

Sandy Freed

P.S. I’m looking at maximum point accumulation (via the spending bonus but really the cards’ categories of spend on a going forward basis)!


Green and EDP. With a business card, Gold and BBP.


Gold for the 4x on supermarkets and restaurants. then BBP for everything else

Marty Bloom

I booked 2 Delta One tickets & Delta a month or two later has put us on Virgin from Florida to Amsterdam this October. Delta charged 95,000 per seat. Should I try to get points back since we are now on Virgin. Marty in Venice, Florida


What do you guys recommend in terms of when to venture into a new transferable currency program vs. staying in/trying to master one?

I currently have 4 Chase personal UR earning cards (CF, CFF, CFU, CSP). I don’t really like co branded cards in general (Chase United, SW, Hyatt, etc.) and can’t get business cards. I definitely like being able to sign on and see all my accounts in 1 spot. I would consider myself fairly close to an expert in the UR program with transfer partners, etc.

I am very tempted by the new bonus offer on the Citi Premier and it’s broad ranging 3x categories for only a $95 AF. How do you weigh multiple currencies/double the transfer partners to remember vs. overall simplicity?

Johnny R.

First, just wanted to say you guys do a fantastic job. For my money, you’re the best blog out there. My question is: I’d like to have some diversification in our points/miles portfolio and was wondering how best to balance Chase vs. Amex in what percent of that portfolio we should target for each. (We don’t collect Citi points.) We have about 300K in each at the moment. My inclination at the moment is to shoot for two-thirds AMEX, one third Chase due to AMEX’s better partner opportunities. Any thoughts would be great!

The Other Sam

2nd question –

In May, I booked a rental car for Hawaii for an Xmas trip through the Chase portal. Cars were available for December and reasonably priced; that is no longer the reality. That booking was made using UR that were tied to my Ink Business Preferred card. After earning the SUB last year, that card gets little to no spend, but it was my only premium (1.25X travel in the portal) Chase card at the time, so I used it for the booking. In June, I got the 100k SUB on the Chase Sapphire Preferred, and now my UR reservoir resides in that account. I would like to close the Ink Business Preferred card when the annual fee comes up in October, but I do not want to lose the rental car booking for the Xmas trip. Can this be done?

Thank you again.

The Other Sam

When do you think the MR earned from the Amex Platinum (personal) are safe from a potential clawback? Met the SUB through organic spend, but some (many) of my subsequent grocery/gas purchases have had a 506.95 tacked on… Given the higher annual fee, I was probably looking to close next year. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.


How do I combine reservations into one? Do I E-mail/contact the hotel itself or the chain that I booked through. I have a stay at the Conrad Bora Bora for 3 days that’s paid by 2 days via certificate (booked from 2 different accounts) and 1 day via AmexFHR and I’d like to combine it so it’s a single reservation.


It seems like Hyatt Globalist is the consensus pick for best hotel elite status. For those of us that have accepted that we will never reach that status, what do you consider to be the next best: Hilton Diamond, Marriott Platinum or something else?


Hi, I just qualified for BoA Platinum Honors and have not yet figured out how to take advantage of the bonus category opportunities. 2.62% everywhere is great, but what BoA card bonus categories do you personally like to use, given the alternatives available to you from other cards? Thank you!


I’m pretty new to the points+miles game. I’ve applied for some MR and UR credit cards and earned some SUBs, but what should I do next?

Should I sign up for every hotel reward + airline miles program right away? Are there ever sign up bonuses available for those programs(meaning I should wait)?

Ilene kiefer

I would like to get some AA miles. Is it better to get a Citi card (currently do not have any), put the spend on immediately for the bonus and hope I can transfer in time, or an AA card?


If I book a prepaid Fine Hotels and Resort stay, can I cancel my Amex Platinum before the hotel stay? So long as, my $200 credit posts before I cancel will I still get to keep the $200 credit?


Which capital one business cards don’t count towards the chase 5/24 rule. I thought this changed but I’ve seen conflicting reports. Thanks


I recently got the Amex platinum with the 10X on gas/groceries. What is the status of buying $500 gift cards at gas stations/groceries? I want to avoid the RAT team


Question for your July 6 show…

Hey guys, I hope you had a great Fourth of July holiday. What summer trip are you most looking forward to? Safe travels 🙂


I am looking to go to the Maldives in September 2022. I am 3/24 and P2 is 1/24. Is it worth us both getting Aspire cards to take advantage of the points and the anytime certificates that we can use for either the Waldorf Astoria or the Conrad?


Absolutely loving your podcasts! I am learning so much! I was just approved for the platinum today. I am just not clear on the $200.00 hotel credit. I understand I have to book thru AMEX to receive but is this $200 in addition to OTHER perks I would receive using the card for the stay? I assume AAA is a cheaper rate so how can I maximize this $200 without paying a higher per night rate? I listened to your last podcast on Amex and took the plunge! thanks for convincing me!


Hi guys. I don’t use a flight award search tool. Am I a fool? I live in the Chicago area and so I split my limited personal flying, 3-5 trips per year, between American and United. I have a United credit card so I have access to better inventory. Because of this reason I don’t think these award tools work.

If these tools don’t work for United and I should continue my manual checking methods, are there tips on what time new award prices are released? For example, I’m looking for saver inventory for a flight from ORD-HNL that departs at 10:30 AM daily. Is there a certain time of day, like 12:01 AM or 10:30 AM, when award miles rates are updated? If yes this may make my manual methods more efficient.


Went through the day running errands, knocking things off the to-do list and earned 10x grocery, 5x gas, 3x drugstore, 5x home improvement, 3x dining; and those everyday expenses of insurance, medical bills, tuition, utilities, amazon were all 5x via office supply store visas/amazon gift cards. Begs the question of what is left for everyday spend? Especially when considering what card you may apply for or prioritize in your wallet. It puts a different perspective on say the Cap One 100K offer for example. Thoughts?


Greg and Nick,
I have so many different credit cards that come with a Priority Pass membership. I can’t keep straight which PP card goes with which CC, and if I cancel a card which PP card to ditch. Of course, some come with restaurant benefits, and some do not. Please help us all to figure out how to keep track of this mess! Thanks.


I plan to close Altitude Reserve card, but still has a flight credit from canceling a flight last year booked using points. Wonder will the flight credit disappear after closing the card?


I booked a 5 night stay at the Wailea Marriott Beach Resort for Thanksgiving at the standard rate of 240k Marriott points using Marriott’s points advance feature. Award space is now completely gone for the nights I’m staying, but the points rate has stayed at the standard rate. Does Marriott stop updating it’s variable award pricing once award space is gone?


I am planning for a honeymoon that will at the earliest happen end of September 2022. I know that part of it will be in the Maldives, so I am eyeing one of the Hilton credit cards because of the high sign-up bonus and to take advantage of the FWC. For the record, I am 3/24. My questions are: 1. How do I determine which one is best for me and 2. Is there an optimal # of months before my trip to get it?

Thanks guys. Love the content!


Greg, due to family matter, can’t fly or use 110k KrisFlyer miles that will expire on 6/30/21; do you or anyone happen to know how or if can get the miles extended? if not, how or where to get a decent value for the miles? TIA


If I book an Amex FHR stay for a year out and then cancel the platinum card before the stay, will I still get Amex FHR benefits? Thank you, and I love listening to your podcast and ask us anything


I think you missed a major option or two with Skylar’s question regarding keeping the Citi Premier when he/she already has Amex Plat/Gold and CSR. Check for retention offers! I have been in this same situation for the last two years. Both times I called in & Citi gave me spend $95, get a $95 credit. Card has basically been free.

Other option may be upgrading to Prestige. If you value the $250 travel credit per calendar year at (near) face value, depending on the upgrade timing, you could get this twice for one $495 annual fee, right?

Another Jeff

Counterpoint to “killing” deals. Why didn’t you kill AMEX “debit” tax payments via PayPal key? Or am I just bad at reading between the lines?


My wife is running three marathons in October (yes, she’s nuts). We will be spending 15 nights in hotels and spending about $5,000 on hotels. In your opinion, should I get the Chase Hyatt card for the 60,000 points and the 9X points for the said hotel costs or the AMEX Hilton Surpass card for the 180,000 points and the 12X points for the hotel charges. Thanks – Chris


PS, my wife already has the Hyatt card, if that makes a difference – thanks

Alex King

When do you expect to be able to fly without wearing mask? In your opinion, does wearing a mask diminish the long haul value of int’l First and Business?


I am fairly new to the churning game and really what I want, is to be able to travel (preferably J on flights 5+ hours). I have a P2, which is nice, but what I realized is a lot of the reason I can hit MSRs is because I take care of all the joint expenses (gas, utilities, groceries, etc…)

Is it better for us to just alternate who gets the new card? Should I just make her an AU on the new cards I get (seems like a waste of her 5/24 slot)? Have her focus only on low MSR cards?

What’s the best strategy here?


Player 2 and I just got approved for a couple of Hilton cards. New to the Hilton chain but are there some worthwhile redemptions to keep an eye out for?

I did some simple searches and it seems the most popular picks like W-A Maui, Conrad Bora Bora, W-A Maldives are fully booked for a year. Where do you find good value outside the US?

Does booking close in or far in advance help with availability?


Also wanted to add that I’m a Hyatt Globalist so Hilton would only be for the occasional redemption.


My company will pay for roundtrip airfare somewhere this summer (by mid-July). I’m a US citizen coming from South Africa. A lot of places are banning SA travelers. Any recommendations on where to go? Not the US as I’m already going back in early fall.


what’s next for Msers if Albertsons shut the door? What’s still available for liquidating

Al C

Recent show discussed killing deals that are too good to last. Besides Turkish to fly domestic and the cheap Wyndham rates for Vacasa rentals, what other deals should be focusing on now before they disappear?


I have the Chase Ink Business Plus card that you can’t get anymore. Is there any reason I should continue keeping it now that I have the Ink Cash (5x office supply stores/internet/phone) and the Sapphire Preferred (transfer partners). I’d like to drop one of my Chase biz cards to increase odds of getting approved for the Ink Business Unlimited card.

Nick Reyes

My answer to this is that if you’re asking, there is not a reason to keep it. What I mean by that is this: your Ink Cash gives you 5x on up to $25K per year in purchases. The Ink Plus gives you 5x on an additional $50K per year in 5x categories — so the Ink Plus gives you some additional bandwidth, but if you’re asking whether there is a benefit to keeping it if you have the Ink Cash, my assumption is that you’re not spending more than $25K per year at office supply stores so there likely isn’t a reason to keep the Ink Plus.

That said, I don’t necessarily think I’d drop the Ink Plus. I’d downgrade it to another Ink Cash. Closing it may increase your odds of getting automatically approved, but personally I’d rather have that Ink Plus credit line open so that if they don’t automatically approve you for the Ink Business Unlimited, you could call in and say that you don’t need more credit and would instead be happy to move some of your credit limit from your Ink Plus card in order to get the Ink Unlimited open. Closing the Ink Plus removes a bargaining chip because you can’t offer to take from that credit line if you’ve closed it.


Is there a general rule of thumb for when airlines release saver availability, especially to partners? I was looking for a JFK-CDG round trip flight and there is not one business class flight to be had. Is that because of the pandemic? Or is it just impossible?

Nick Reyes

No, there isn’t one general rule of thumb (or if there is, the general rule of thumb is to book as soon as the schedule opens, which is typically somewhere between 330-365 days in advance, though it varies by program). That said, some partners typically release all of their availability at the beginning when they open the schedule like that, others will periodically open availability and you may see a glut of seats one day and nothing the next, and other partners tend to only release availability close-in (like how Lufthansa typically only makes its first class available to partners within 14 days of departure). Where ((as in are you searching at United, Delta, AA, foreign partners, Juicy Miles, etc) and when (as in what time of year is the trip) are you searching?


I know there are notorious flights like Cathay F and ANA F where the second it opens you have to book. I’m looking at JFK-CDG on AA (seems to have the best price and can use Etihad for 50K J OW) – I was looking everyday in September and October. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Wondering if it’s just too far out and maybe AA just hasn’t made saver available yet because of all the uncertainty around covid and whether people will be traveling or not?


I live in Chicago (United Hub) but know that United points don’t go as far as other star alliance partners. The Quest card still looks interesting. Can the benefits ($125 Purchase Credit, two 5,000 miles back, free first and second check bags) of the Quest card still be used if I book on an united flight using a star alliance partner like Singapore or Turkish? If so, how? Thanks!


How can I cancel credit cards without affecting my credit score or upsetting the banks?
Can I apply for a Chase business card even if I’m over 5/24? Do business cards count towards 5/24?


Hi I’ll be an expat in Europe for at least 1-2 years later year, so I’d really like to ask which card(s) do you think is/are best for someone how will be living abroad for a long period of time? I’m pretty sure I would spend a decent amount for traveling but of course also for a lot of local grocery shopping, dining, phone bills…etc. Obviously it must be without a foreign transaction fee but also I’ve found some options, such as Amex, (I currently have Amex Plat, Gold & Marriott business) that their bonus categories for supermarket and dining are US only. I do find some partial answer by browsing the Frequent Miler’s website but not a definite one for my situation (long term living abroad). Chase, Citi and Capital one all have good options but I think ‘ll only be able to apply for 2-3 cards at most before I leave. It’d be great to know what you guys think? Sorry if you’ve already answered a similar question before, and thanks a million in advance if not!

Last edited 1 year ago by Kurt

As someone living overseas, I have CSR and Capital One Venture. I did jump on the 100K Amex Plat earlier this year, but not sure I’ll keep that long-term. It is really targeted at US travelers. I have not found a card without international transaction fees and a grocery bonus. CSR did have 3x on groceries, but it ended in April. I use CSR for travel and dining and Venture for everything else. The country I’m in doesn’t have many large hotel chains so a branded hotel card doesn’t make sense for me. If you find a card with a grocery bonus, please tell me!


My wife was approved in December for her first Chase Ink Cash card, but it had (and still has) a small $3k limit. Any advice on the next steps to make it likely to get approved by Chase for a second business card?


Is the Amex 55k MR refer a friend cap per card or per account? Can I refer 3 times from my Amex business gold which has a 20k referral bonus, then also still refer from my Amex Plat which had a 15k referral bonus?


I am not trying to cast a pall on this blog but I have been just been diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis is good right now but as part of getting my estate plan in order, I want to know how to plan to gift and use my points in case anything goes badly. I currently have approx, 375k Amex MR, 300k, Chase UR (Sapphire), 240K Alaskan MP, 110k Virgin Atlantic, 120k Aeroplan. Can these be used to transfer to my wife or kids, cashed out or something else? Should they be in my will?

Thanks for your advice.


I think that this topic was actually covered in an Ask Us Anything not too long ago. Each program has their own rules about if (and how) you can combine points/miles with others. You should search online for each program name plus “combine points” and there should be plenty of info available (for example, “ultimate rewards combine points”). I would leave your login info for all of your programs to your loved ones as part of estate planning along with instructions on how to combine/transfer (if available), and for any programs that don’t allow combining/transferring, your loved ones can log in as you and make bookings themselves. Flights can easily be booked in other people’s names.


Thank you very much!


I have a good one. A Nick Reyes special. I did this in 2018:

I earned 5,000 Lufthansa miles for Hilton stays I would have made anyway. Now it’s 2021. I suspect I will lose these miles to expiration some time at the end of this year. I always thought I would top off my Lufthansa account with Marriott, get to 12.5K or something, and fly a domestic United flight. Then Lufthansa and Marriott broke up. What’s the best thing to do with 5,000 Lufthansa miles? Can I get a rubber duck or a soap bar or something? It seems the best I can find is a $10 Best Buy gift card. Not bad for Hilton stays I had to make anyway, but a letdown from the $75 of United airfare 5,000 LH miles seemed like at the time! Any way to convert from Amtrak to Hilton to Virgin to Lufthansa?

Lawrence Y

Great blog and video content! Thoughts on vaccinated Americans traveling to Schengen Zone and enjoying Spain in September/October 2021?


For Chase cards that have benefits that only begin in the second year, how does product changing affect when those benefits begin? I used to have the old United business explorer card, and after holding it for 11 months, I changed it to the current United business card when it came out last year because it comes with a “5,000-mile better-together anniversary bonus” for also holding a United personal card. I was expecting to receive the 5K miles on my first anniversary (one month after the product change), but I didn’t and instead I was told that I would start receiving it starting on my NEXT anniversary. Now I’m thinking about upgrading my Marriott Boundless to a Ritz, but I’m wondering if doing so will prevent me from receiving my next FNC.


With all the current changes at Delta. Can you use point to pay for tickets with the buy get one free certificates? Love the info and the banter between you guys.


Is there any way to track when Amex sign up bonuses on their websites? Such as when the 10X bonus on Platinum ends, when the home improvement store referral bonus ends.


Question for the April 13th session:

I’m 3/24 and considering the Amex Gold and Chase United Business cards for next move(s). Would I likely be approved if I applied for both cards (United Business first) in quick succession in early May?

Recent credit card history:
Amex Business Marriott Bonvoy (2019-01-29)
Amex Hilton Surpass (2019-12-24)
CSP (2020-05-20)
CIBC (2020-10-16)
Amex Plat (2020-12-26)
CIBU (2021-02-21)



Regarding the 3-30-21 show, Chase denied my application a few years ago because I was an AU that put me in the 5/24 bucket. Removed it and got the card the next month. Maybe that’s changed though.

Also you mentioned US Bank flex perks. They allow points to be transferred to another person if you don’t want to burn them before canceling / converting.


Going to Hawaii later this year for 2 weeks (Kauai & Maui) and have a large stash of Hyatt points that I want to use. What is the best overall and best value Hyatt property in Hawaii? I was looking at the Andaz Maui (if award space is available), Hyatt Regency Maui, Grand Hyatt Kauai, and possibly the Hyatt Hana that was just added to the Hyatt portfolio.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tim
The Other Sam

Thank you for the work you put into this. I have a question re: the Amex Plat 100k offer:

– The 5k in 6 months is not a problem (home repairs). But the 15k at grocery stores is. TBH, we’d probably only hit 2k in organic spend in grocery stores in 6 months. Do you have any suggestions for maxxing that out? Should I be concerned about L3 data from grocery stores showing .79 cents of bananas and 204.95 of gift card?

Thank you!

Mark Noble

How frequent do you apply for new credit cards? Do you suggest waiting at least a month? Also, do you pay attention to the number of inquiries on your credit report before applying for cards? Any rule of thumb that you follow?


I haven’t watched in weeks since you’ve moved the live show to 12n Eastern. This is too early for your audiences in Hawaii and the West Coast. I hope you’ll move to a later time, as you had before. Thanks.


hello, I have a question about AA award. I booked 06/25/20 for an AA award this May, but I still can not travel due to covid. It was a Web Special award and at time of book, AA has the policy like this “You can cancel your trip and reinstate miles at no charge if your plans change.” So, if I cancel now, I still have to travel before 06/25/21 to use up the miles (since their policy of no charge is only up to a year, right)? What if I can not travel before 06/25/21? Do I have to pay to reinstate the miles? Thanks.


Regarding the 3/2 Hilton availability question, diamond status shows you more awards although sometimes at a different price.

Also there’s a trick to uncoupling WN travel funds from cash used for the ticket. If you book a refundable duplicate reservation they will eventually involuntarily cancel 1. If they cancel the one you really wanted cancelled, only the original voucher amount goes to the travel fund and the cash portion goes back to your credit card. Saverocity had a post that it explains it better.


I have the old United Club card. I always pay for tickets with Amex Platinum and have always received the free checked bag(s).

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s really interesting. Maybe United doesn’t actually enforce that rule then. Their website clearly says that you get free checked bags “when the primary Cardmember purchases their ticket(s) with their United Chase Card”



If flying from EWR to Singapore or Vietnam is the best value with AMEX or Chase Points? And which airline would be best value?


Hi, my fiancée have both a personal and business Marriott card which allows her to get 30 nights and with her being platinum she got 25 night. This totals to 55 nights. If she were to cancel the one of the card this year, would Marriott take back 15 nights?


I Have a question about lifetime platinum. Last year I had just under 600 nights and 9 years as plat or above. Thanks to Marriott giving me bonus nights this month i passed 600 nights however I am still stuck at 9 years. Do you know if or when they will give me 10 nights?


I’ve never gotten a straight answer on this one. When you eat your free breakfast in the dining room at Marriott as opposed to the executive lounge, Is the appropriate tip, which might be 15%, included and paid for by Marriott?

It should be but if it’s not, I really don’t want to stiff the servers If they’re not getting anything.

Rick Brownlow

Just got an invite to active Pay Over Time for my AMEX Gold card. 10K points just for activating it. Assuming I always pay the balance at the end of the month, is there any downside to doing this other than the charge card being now considered a credit card?


If you downgrade from one credit card to another do you get welcome bonus on both the cards? Assuming Aspire had a bonus of 50000 welcome bonus and surpass credit card had a bonus of 60000.If you have a American Express Aspire card with a welcome bonus of 50000 and after a year if you downgrade to to American Express Surpass do you still get a the Surpass bonus for 60000 points. I did get Surpass bonus 3 years back for 60000. With the product change do you still get the 60000 bonus even though American Express has a once a life time bonus.


Has Marriott officially stated whether or not they’ll do soft landings in the future?


What works these days for AmEx Hilton Aspire “Resort Credit”? With the pandemic still raging on many people will have a hard time actually using it at the resorts.

Marty Bloom

“from Hawaii

Marty Bloom

What airlines can I transfer airline miles from Hawaiian Airlines to. We were going to New Zealand Hawaiian, but decided to go to Buenos Aires from Florida?


@greg, can you start a google sheet containing the list of Hyatt hotels which allow us to remotely check in and check out without going to the hotel? The information will be useful for those who want to achieve Globalist status by the end of February 2021. Thanks.


I completed my $15,000 spend on my now one year old Hyatt card right before my card member anniversary (early December). My annual fee has now hit as well. So I was expecting two free night certs. But I am only seeing one in my account, listed as “standard award night.” Is there a way to know which free night it was for? I have not received an email about it. Thank you.

Yusuf H

Are the amex platinum paypal credit AND the amex home depot $50 (twice) offer stackable by using paypal to order something from and ship to home or store?


Most of us have canceled flights and have various credits to use this year. If I pay with AA “Flight Credit” (a type of travel credit I received for canceling a paid ticket) am I able to change or cancel that and get the value back? Same question when using a United “Electronic Travel Certificate” that was given for a lengthy delay. Just wondering if these are burned up upon usage or if they revert back should I need to change plans. Thanks as always!


To follow up for anyone else – FT says the United ETC should be available to use again if you cancel or change, unless it’s after the expiration date, in which sometimes they reissue it, sometimes not, ymmv. Still uncertain about the AA Flight Credit.


What are the best transferrable points premium economy sweetspots for US West Coast to Asia? I ask because it seems difficult to find four business class tickets to travel together for our family; if I am incorrect on this point, I would rephrase the question as “what are the best transferrable points business class sweetspots for US West Coast to Asia that four bookable spots can sometimes be found?”

Would also love for the live Youtube session to be available as a podcast later. Keep up the great work.


I guess I would ask how long does it take for my freebie Hyatt night to post? I completed the December spend $4000 promo but haven’t seen it.


its most enjoyable and attractive podcast.


Collecting miles is the easy part. My frustration is knowing how to turn my miles into business class tickets at reasonable conversion rate. Last year, I had over 800k Chase points to transfer to airlines, was only able to find 1.5 RT tickets from SFO to Athens until I paid someone who was able to find 5 RT business class tickets for me for 700k miles. Even after I was told which airline to transfer and book, I couldn’t see how he saw that opportunity. Where are these professional looking that I am not aware of?


I have six Amex cards including a Biz and personal Platinum cards and have not received any of their 2021 offers that are being talked about. I have added several offers that I don’t want to my accounts so I have empty spots to fill. Should I complain to Amex. I put $25k annually on my Biz card and just got the personal card


My Medigap Insurance premium (CIGNA) only takes checks, bank ACH payments, and money orders. Can I get money orders using a credit card (for spend) to pay $2,000 premium. If so, where and any danger of credit card hurting me for MS?

Great blog and podcast. Mike


In the past I’ve used choice points on preferred hotels. Do you know if this partnership is still active. The website I have no longer loads – it is just a blank page.


Hello Greg and Nick,

thank you for all you do. My Qatari is this; will the Amex pay via PayPal $30 credit stack with other Amex offers, such as the current HomeDepot spend $50 get a $50 credit.


Now that Delta elite status is “less valuable” I spent my way to Platinum status, and qualified today- the MQM offers on my Reserve card were too tempting. My question: Can I select the Regional upgrade choice benefit now (in 2020) and again in 2021 with the MQM Rollover? So will my year of Amex spend get me 8 regional upgrade certificates, instead of 4? As best as I can tell I just need to meet the MQD requirement in 2021 to extend status into 2022, correct? Thanks.


I have 41 Elite Nights with Marriott for 2020 and would like to reach 50, if possible, in order to qualify for the Suite Night Awards for a trip we hope to take in September 21. I live in Los Angeles, and there are no low-category or low-price Marriotts nearby that would make a mattress run feasible, so I am thinking of signing up for the Amex Bonvoy Business card to get the 15 free elite nights that come with it. I don’t qualify for the sign-up bonus (had the predecessor version) and already have the personal Bonvoy Brilliant, so I’d be paying $125 solely for the Elite Nights (we wouldn’t get use out of the 35K free-night cert). But I don’t know if I applied now whether those Elite Nights would post in time to count toward my 2020 total and whether they would post in time to choose my 50-night gift. Neither Amex nor Marriott would say anything other than the standard language that they post “within 90 days” of card approval. Do you know how quickly they would post? Is there any way to guarantee that I could use them for 2020 Plat qualification and the SNA gift?


There has been so much going on with Hyatt lately I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’d love to take advantage of these promotions to reach Globalist status next year but not sure of the best course of action to take to reach that goal. I currently do NOT have the Hyatt credit card though I’ve been eyeing it for awhile. I also have 11 qualifying nights so far in 2020 though my most recent stay at a Hyatt was in October. Do those 11 nights count towards the 30 stays needed in 2021 to obtain Globalist? Can you provide guidance on the best course for me to move forward? Thank you for all that you guys do – I’m an avid reader of your blog and a huge fan!!


Hey guys,I’m not a good online reader but i must amid you guys are fantastic.
hope to visit more of your interesting article next time.Thanks for sharing.


When’s the next Ask Us Anything?


I have Star Alliance Gold from Turkish, if I book an ANA economy award using Lifemiles, will I still have access lounge access (Since I didn’t book with Turkish miles)?


I am well beyond 5/24, P2 is 4/24. I have a Chase Hyatt and want P2 to use her last slot on WoH. The issue is that we are in a similar position as Nick–a two year old and a newborn, and we are similarly reluctant to travel anytime soon. Would you use the last 5/24 slot on the WoH, assuming we might not use the free night in year 1?

P2 would fall back under 5/24 in Fall 2021 if we got another card instead. There isn’t really another Chase card of interest, so this last slot would likely go toward a card at a different bank.

My free night has not reset to expire end of 2021 (expires early 2021), so I’m hesitant to spend $170 on two Hyatt cards that do not earn well (won’t spend to $15k this year) and with no guarantee I will get any sort of yearly reward from them. Struggling to weigh how much to value utilizing an open 5/24 slot vs. not letting Chase dictate our strategy. Thanks!

Ken Blakely

TAP is having a promo right now that results in 148K TAP Bonus miles for ~.6CPP. Good deal? I will need to fly United next year to go to Truk: ever used TAP miles on United? Easy? Difficult?


Hey guys! I have a tough one for you. I have booked a Lindblad expedition cruise for Antartica next year. I understand that I will earn 5 Hyatt points/dollar spent as I am a World of Hyatt member (plus 20% more for being an Explorist). I also will earn 3 points/dollar on the Hyatt credit card (I have the old card). My question to you is with all of these beautiful Hyatt promotions that are under way now, will I be able to take advantage of any of them? Even though I will be spending roughly 40k to book this cruise, the “stay” won’t actually happen until November 2021, which will be long after the Bonus Journeys promotions have ended. I would love to hear your thoughts on any ways to optimize this expensive Hyatt/Lindblad experience. By the way, I also have the CSR and was wondering if there was any advantage to using this card rather than the old Hyatt card for point generation. I highly value Hyatt points and don’t mind earning them instead of Ultimate Rewards (which I know are transferrable anyway).

Thank you so much.


My daughter lives in Singapore and needs a good “everything else” credit card. She and her husband currently have the following credit cards:
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase Sapphire Reserve
Marriott Bonvoy Amex (old SPG)
World of Hyatt
Discover It Miles

The card will mainly be used overseas for now, so it is important there are no foreign transaction fees. What do you recommend?


My Chase trifecta consists Ink Pref, Freedom and CSR. I am thinking of product changing the Freedom to the Freedom Flex and downgrading the Ink Pref to the Ink
Cash. I will still get my 5X from the Flex and now get 5X from office supply stores with the Ink Cash. I’ll still have mobile phone coverage from the Flex and lower my card fees by $95. I also spend $4k annually on drugstore purchases. Does this make sense to you? By the way I’m at 4/24 and plan to get the World of Hyatt card next.


Hi guys – Hope you can address this question in today’s Ask Us Anything episode… I have a 7-night package (category 5) that is due to expire in early February 2021, do you think they will extend the validity of these, in a similar fashion as they did extend the life of the night certificates announced yesterday? What are the chances that they will extend it if I call them to request it? (Note: this package was already extended once as a one-time courtesy). I don’t see us traveling before the expiration of the package. Thank you!


We’ve been in this game several years. Problem is, my partner has not been good at keeping track of new cards/bonuses. This causes a problem esp when I want him to open a new Chase or AmEx acct! Is there any way to find out 1) what cards he’s had, 2) when they were opened & closed?


Why does your image on look like it was taken during an argument in court between you two? 🙂

Mist Soalar

How much do you value Citi Premier’s $100 hotel credit for $500+ stay? ThankYou portal doesn’t have edge on pricing or elite nights, and I didn’t get any retention offers 2 years in row.

Nick Reyes

Quick answer: not at all. I have less than zero interest in booking through since, as you note, it often means not getting the best price and also means giving up any elite benefits/credits/hotel rewards. I’d only use it if I were in a situation where I’m booking a non-chain property and they actually have a competitive price, but that’s been one time in years of having a Citi card, so I’ll likely never use that benefit.

Larry K

Interesting questions today about product changing to preferred in order to get the referral bonus before the 80k offer ends. Any sense of how soon after you product change to preferred it takes until you are able to refer it?

Aaron Hurd

, which Briggs and Riley luggage are you getting?


Any thoughts about Marriott extending free night certs past Jan 31? With the deadline 3 1/2 months away, there’s not much time left for planning. It would be
nice to know one way or the other.

Mohammad M

Are miles really worth it for economy awards? Having the opportunity of earning 2.62% with BofA, I need to get 1.31% from miles obtained by Citi DC or Amex BBP to breakeven. It doesn’t seem easy to get especially consider that I can minimize the flight cost by being flexible on dates etc when booking with cash. My question is how to get outsized value out of miles for economy travel? FWIW, I’m mostly interested in flights from the west coast to Europe or Middle East.


2cpp on international longhaul is quite doable in economy. Just got that this past Christmas on Delta.

Mohammad M

yes. award prices compared to peak season revenue tickets are interesting. Let’s say I am flexible on the dates as I mentioned above.

Stephen Dedalus

Chase shut down all my personal cards and my checking account earlier this year in April, and my business cards in September. Does anyone know whether a Chase shut down is permanent, or if it’s possible to successfully re-apply for cards after a specified period of time, and if so how long (perhaps two years)? Just curious as to some of the data points out there. Thanks.


With Amex 3 For All, how much spend would you say is too much on a new card?

Joe W

I am trying to get Delta status with spend on my AMEX platinum and take advantage of the current AMEX MQM offer. What are some ways to generate spend that AMEX won’t balk at. I know Simon Mall gift cards don’t work, so what are some other suggestions that can make this goal more efficient?


Is FM based in Scandanavia? Quite the generous paternity leave!



Things are picking up are u making $$$ yet I Hope??
My Gambling Charter flt just started again to Laughlin ,Nv.

Mist Soalar

Q1: Do you guys use any app to manage merchant gift cards? If so, any recommendations?

Q2: Does “Check Spending Power” on Amex site/app trigger unwanted attention towards financial review?

Q3: How do you guys find properties for mattress run?

Q4: My only premium UR card is 3 years old Ink Preferred. Is it too risky to downgrade the CIP and apply another CIP? My business is “business”. I’m currently 3/24. I don’t have business checking account w/ any bank.


What is the best way to liquidate gift cards. I am in South Florida so not able to go Walmart route.

Marriott Marty

I have booked a Copa flight using Lifemiles returning from Aruba in December. The flight is still scheduled but the PNR does not show on does Lifemiles and Cooa use different PNR’s or is there a problem? Thanks for any info. I do not look forward to calling either airline


If you die, can a family member get your frequent flier miles? Is there a cost for the transfer?


Does AMEX inform you if you are eligible for a bonus before they pull your credit when applying through a referral link?


Is it still forbidden to travel to the US from Spain? I heard that that was going to change this week.


Hey guys, great show!
What would your recommendation be for someone currently holding a plain Chase Freedom? I’ve been wanting to take advantage of the Freedom Unlimited new grocery spend bonus by applying to that card because I have one 5/24 spot left. But would it make more sense to product change to the new Chase Flex card, hoping they allow for the 12k spend on groceries and save the 5/24 spot? Or apply to the Freedom Unlimited (to get that bonus) and then product change to Flex card anyways? Or just not change the plain vanilla and apply for the Flex bonus down the road? Thanks a lot guys 🙂


Hi Greg & Nick.
I recently got approved for the B of A PR with Plat. Honors with a $45k CL. Can you do the $25k Simon Mall orders without any issues? How many $25k orders per month would be the max without creating any issues? Have there been any shutdown data points?

Nick Reyes

I only just recently got the BoA PR, so I’ve not used it yet. Not sure how hard Greg has gone, but I was under the impression that he wasn’t pushing it wildly out of a desire not to get shut down — though I’ve not heard much in terms of shut downs. That said, especially in the current environment, I wouldn’t start off hitting that at $25K and I certainly wouldn’t be cycling the CL off the bat (if at all given the current economic environment). I’d probably start around $5K or maybe a couple thousand more and place a few orders spread a few weeks apart and slowly work your way up. Yeah, you’ll pay more in fees on those first few orders than you want to, but I’d be more conservative in ramping up to preserve the long-term bandwidth. In a normal world, I’d think that if you slowly ramped up to $25K you’d have no issue doing $25K orders with a CL of that size. It’s just not a very normal world right now.


I applied for a Air France BOA credit card mid July and got denied. Called and they said too many opened accounts. So I opened a CD at a branch so I have a banking relationship. Also I checked and they had pulled Experian ( which was not good), so I now have a security freeze on my Experian report. Do you think these to actions will help? How long should I wait to apply again?

Nick Reyes

I’d probably wait 6 months. That might work. How many BOA accounts have you opened? Sounds like you know the 2/3/4 rule, so I’m guessing that’s not it?


Can you talk about the Hilton Base points offer on Amex cards? I am not familiar with Hilton since I have been a Marriott person and I was wondering in what situation would it be worth putting some non bonus spend on that card? Thanks

Nick Reyes

I just posted about this offer. In short, it’s not terribly interesting unless you’re lucky and got the offer for a free night with $5K spend:

Rob D

Wife denied AX Delta Gold sign up bonus, standard denial verbiage. Only ever had 1 other card, recently downgraded. Currently in sock drawer. Sounds like ALL bonuses will be denied in future. Is it worth this card using periodically in the hope of getting it later? Was planning to keep this card, but based on this experience…


Are there any updates on Amex posting points for the 12x Hilton Grocery offer?

Captain Greg

Bummer! I got confused by the 4pm talk and missed most of it. I was hoping to find out if I could use my CSR travel credits after my AF posts, and then downgrade to another card and still get the full AF back.


What is your credit card recommendation for paying $60-80k in taxes per year via quarterly estimates? I’m thinking either Blue Business Plus or Freedom Unlimited (paired with Sapphire Reserve), mainly due to familiarity with Chase and Amex. I’m interested to know if there is an obviously better option I’m not considering or how the above options compare to Citi/Capital One/etc. options.


More generally, on high non-bonus-category spend, the “best rewards for everyday spend” and “best big spend bonuses” ranked lists answer this, along with hitting minimum spend for a couple new card SUBs. My personal preference is to max out the $50K at 2x on BBP and do $15K on Hyatt for 15K points + the extra free night cert. I’m a bit underwhelmed by the available big spend bonuses, they don’t seem terribly lucrative or desirable for the amount spent, though there are options on that list that might appeal more depending on travel preferences.

Mike C

Where is SWA at regarding conversion of Travel Funds into Points? They announced this months ago, why so long to implement


Looking to sign up for a new card to get a nice bonus as have some upcoming expenses this month. Ideas? Main cards we have: Spouse has Schwab Amex Platinum, Amex biz cash (2%) Chase Sapphire preferred, United and Southwest, IHG. I have Chase Sapphire reserve, Ritz, freedom (1.5%), Chase Biz ink. SPG (Marriott) biz, Hilton Amex, IHG, Delta Amex and Southwest We like to do international travel (when that makes sense again!) and have accumulated Hilton and Marriott hotel points, and United and American miles.
Was thinking of another Chase card or Hyatt- but their foot print is an issue.


With so many offers, is there a definitive guide to which credit card to use for what purpose (e.g. groceries, gas, restaurants, phone, streaming etc.)? Obviously it will depend on which cards one has…


with Covid, our family has changed its vacation plans to stay in lakeside cottages, which tend to be mom-and-pop type businesses. Marriott Homes and Villas are generally too upscale for that type of stay. Are there any opportunities using hotel points for that type of vacation? The Chase Travel portal has a few options to use URs.


Thanks for the Q&A. I love this. I heard your comment that marriott has been good about extension FNA certs. I’m not sure that’s true any lore. Recent reports in FT including a 5 night cert. Maybe since Nick is Titanium he gets better treatment?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Thanks! Marriott has certainly (at least pre-covid) tightened up the options for extending 5 and 7 night travel certificates, but I hadn’t heard the same for individual free nights. Have you?


In the FT Ritz & MR threads I’ve seen multiple reports about refusing to extend 60k certs. One person was told “you’ve had plenty of time to use it” (a little rude if true). In fact they won’t even extend these to 1/31/21. I’m in that situation but still trying to use them in time.

I’ve also seen at least 2 reports of refusing to extend lower value certs. Maybe there’s more on Reddit but my search skills are poor there.

I know marriott wants cash instead, but why can’t they try something creative like extending the certificate if it’s attached to 1-2 cash nights? Wouldn’t they benefit?


More reports now on FT that MR refuses to give 60k certificates the 1/31/21 expiration date. I asked if they could replace mine with 50k certificates instead but am waiting for an answer (~10 days now).

Greg The Frequent Miler

Please let us know if that works out


With the recent changes in american airlines award fees, does the new 60 day fee free change apply to just american airlines flight awards or to partner awards as well? I have done research on this and it is not clear. I have a partner award on hold that I am unsure if I will be able to use, but I will beable to make the decision 60 days before and would like to book it.


I stumbled on an interesting MS opportunity that requires you to become an Uber Eat’s driver and have the Uber plus card (only available to delivery drivers). It lets customers order items and have the driver pay for it with any form of payment the driver wishes. the customer then pays the driver or something along those lines. Does anyone know about this ?


Does Simon Mall have plans to eventually bring back the $1,000 Visa gift cards to their malls?

Shanjks Shankar

Can you get frequent flyer miles on two different airlines for the outward and return flights

[…] question that we have seen repeated in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group, on our Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything live Youtube broadcast, and in blog comments has been which temporary grocery bonus to use, specifically between the 12x […]

Shanjks Shankar

Can you get frequent miler credit for a different airline for the return than the outbound

Nick Reyes



Have you guys heard anything about the ability to turn Southwest travel vouchers into points? I thought we were supposed to be able to do that through September, but I haven’t heard anything on that front in months.


Under the current world economic situation, are you still a Kiva lender? I’ve had no repayments for 2 months. Thoughts?


A couple of questions I hope you guys can get to:
Company financial issues aside, is the Virgin Atlantic MasterCard actually the best card for large Plastiq payments such as home or student loans (assuming you hit the 60k threshold)?

Business cards don’t affect 5/24, how about employee cards? If I give my parents an employee card for the AMEX Blue Business Plus, does it affect their credit? Does both card now share the same $50k 2x point cap?

ViewfromtheWing posted a Rakuten deal that paid 90 points/$1 on 1year Lifelock subscription. So it was like ~29k points for $300 purchase. Value of Lifelock subscription aside, are you guys buyers of MR points for 1.1cent/point? Would love to hear you guys break it down and it sounds tempting…


All Citi AAdvantage Amex cards are undergoing a forced product change to the Citi AAdvantage (Platinum Select) MasterCard. This will be redundant for me as I currently hold the CitiBusiness AAdvantage MC AND intend to open a new Citi AAdvantage MC in a few mos for another bonus. Aside from the Double Cash and Rewards+ cards, what other potential product changes would you recommend (Sears MC w/TY points, AT&T Access More, Dividend, other… in order of preference, please)?


how is simon mall making money on 3.95 1000$ gift cards to the extent they are actively encouraging MISing? surely they know that most of us would just use it for a single swipe at…….. even at the minimum, they are probably losing 15 bucks on every one grand card. or is there some secret magic here?


ANA extended my miles that were set to expire 3/2020 to 3/2021

Dale Poling

Should I downgrade one of my two old Chase Business Ink Plus to Ink Cash to save the $95


Could the addition of Etihad as an aeroplan partner be considered valuation bump for Membership Rewards And a devastating blow to Chase UR ?


Can’t seem to find you guys today.

Matthew G

Agreed, can’t find it.

Steve S

Maybe the holiday short week got ’em

Nick Reyes

Technical issues. We’ve been trying to go live since before 4pm. We’ll update here as soon as we actually get it working.

Nick Reyes

Live now!

Steve S

Hey, They’re live on the YouTube


I want your thoughts on the ability to use ultimate reward points to erase charges at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and restaurants starting at the end of this month. Reserve owners at 1.5 and preferred at 1.25.


Yes, put this on the podcast, and no it does not need its own show. The same readers / listeners are listening to both. We read to get information. Keep it symbol, and yes podcast work better for me too.


Question: have reservation on Iceland Air PDX-KEF-FRA round trip 6/20-6/30. They have not cancelled the flight. However the PDX-KEF flights (both ways) does not show up on their website or any 3rd party site including google flights and award search on Alaska. The only route that is bookable is via SEA. The flight is not full based checking the seat map for seating assignments. I think this flight is cancelled but they did not announce so they do not have to refund anyone yet. I feel I am in a game of chicken with them. I have until 5/31 to accept a voucher (with pretty good terms, but hate the idea of giving an interest free loan to an airline). My instinct is to wait it out betting they will not “reinstate” this flight, that it will be cancelled, and therefore get a refund. What do you think?


I know it is out of the time frame for the broadcast, but I could really use advice on this one. Greg, Nick, Stephen…any help? My plan at this time is to hold out, await the actual cancellation of the flight(s) and get a refund. Am I making the best decision here?


I have three American Airlines cards. Do I get one free bag for each card? Haven’t tried it because I’ve never needed it before but will shortly what’s gonna