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For the cruising status match, is it typically one cruise on each cruisebline per lifetime, or can you request a cruise with each cruise line every year?


You’ve discussed an Aeroplan hack where you book the Flexible Award, then do a free change to the Standard Award when you’ve finalized your plans. Is this theory, or have you actually done it successfully? Can it be done entirely online? Is this cancelling, hoping it goes back into inventory, and immediately rebooking, or modifying an existing itinerary?


Thanks! My question for the team would be: Has anyone been able to do this online, or does it *require* a call? If the latter, has anyone done it without adding/changing a segment first like the article detailed?


I did this on my own–I did have to call in (at least I assumed i had to call). But it was no problem at all for them to upgrade the type of ticket and then cancel.


From the 9/6 show, what was the ‘ticket deal’ referenced around time 10:45?


Guys, where can I submit a question for the show? Just use the comments, or is there a form? Thanks in advance!


Are you still on the other side of the world? Looks like someone may have forgotten to update the intro text….


Used to use the Amex travel portal for flights (w the Amex bus plat for the net 1.54 cpp) as their prices would be the same found elsewhere, but over the last couple of months the prices quoted in there are nowhere near the rate found on the airlines ’ sites etc. Much more expensive. did they have a change in their booking partner/process?

Larry D.

I just encountered the same thing (at least searching American Airline Flight). Both economy and business/first class were quoted considerably higher on AMEX rather than AA.com. That’s the main reason I don’t plan on canceling my AMEX Plat Business. However, may need to rethink.


Where’s the update? Link still shows last months for me

David M

Use award points to book business for two outright is challenging. When we use the award to book coach first and try to upgrade, often the flight class (e.g. X) acquired by the points do not allow us to upgrade with award points again. Does anyone know if the airline would allow upgrade with cash?

Hector G

I have a business class award booked on Singapore from JFK-FRA using Aeroplan, with the reverse to fly out on a separate award. My final destination is actually Spain and I was going to buy separate tickets to fly in and out of Frankfurt. Unfortunately, I discovered the high taxes associated with leaving Germany, particularly with what should be a cheap economy flight. The cost of a one way flight out of Germany seems worse than paying a change fee and it would be smoother if everything was on one reservation. Is adding a segment to a booked award considered a change or is the only way to add the desired leg to rebook the award (currently I don’t see any Singapore availability)?

Another Jeff

Use “Bonvoyed” in a sentence. Bonus points if it’s not related to Marriot.


Better to apply for the current Amex Plat offer (150K + $200 bonus) or wait until December to triple dip on calendar credits?


Tim, On a prior Ask Us Anything, you mentioned Bellingham was your favorite city to visit. Any recommendations on where to go/eat in Bellingham? As an FYI, Southwest recently launched direct flights between Bellingham and Oakland.


Any updates on the Etihad first class tickets many of us booked through Aeroplan? Seems like a couple of people were able to get them reinstated but most have not. And Aeroplan has not followed through on automatically fixing them like they told you they would.


Tim said if you pay your AA credit card early, miles post earlier than normal.

Which card is that? I’ve never heard of this and held AA cards for decades. Does he mean Double Cash instead? (Not sure if it does but it earns points upon payment.)

Marriott Marty

Given that Aeroplan has o ly 4 regions and it appears you can stop over on a one way, can you fly North America, stop in Europe then a week or two later continue to Asia for the same price of North America to Asia? I believe that is possible but have not tried to book it yet