Frequent Miler Live Wednesday Mar 1 at 9pm ET. Ask Us Anything!


The Frequent Miler team will be taking your questions live on YouTube Wednesday March 1 at 9PM ET. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here, (and click the bell icon next to the “subscribe” button to enable notifications from our channel.)

Watch the most recent Ask Us Anything video below!

For a while we did our Ask Us Anything sessions on our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group, but we’ve returned to hosting them on our YouTube channel.

Want to catch up on past Ask Us Anything recordings? Click here.

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Join us once a month on our Frequent Miler YouTube channel. We’ll be there to chat, answer questions, and joke around. See you there!

  • When: the first Wednesday of every month at 9pm Eastern Time
  • Where: Our Frequent Miler YouTube channel. Subscribe now here.
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How do we join the live session tonight? Am I missing a link?


What was Nick’s poor experience at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa? I have a stay booked for that hotel later in the summer and would like to know.


Currently have all of the Chase UR earning personal cards (w/ CSP to transfer out to partners) and just got into the AMEX ecosystem with the Gold (don’t/haven’t had either the Platinum or Green). At what level of annual spend would it make sense to get into a third ecosystem (either Capital One or Citi)?


Nick mentioned he previously made 2 FHR reservations on a Plat card he was closing, hoping that if he cancelled the first, the system would be smart enough to credit the second. Is there an update to this?


Before Citi drops any new cards (fingers crossed), who do you all prefer Citi or Capital one loyalty program?


I have three small businesses (all sole prop.) Could I open up an equal number of AmEx business checking accts and be awarded bonus points for each of them? What restrictions might there be?


I’ve received a NLL offer for the Amex Business Gold 90k for 10k spend. I’ve open Bus Gold on 1/16/23.  I’ve read that you need to wait 90 days otherwise Amex will auto decline my application is this correct?


I’ve tried booking smiles and miles 20x and have never found a single opportunity. How do you find routes to Hawaii. Specifically this March 6 7 or 8th?


Would not be able to make it to this show, but if you could answer my question that would be great!

A question to Tim from fellow Seattle resident: I used to live in NYC and got spoiled with Star Alliance routing to Europe. It is such a pain to get there now from the west coast, event LAX and SFO do not have a lot of availability. And the idea of positioning with a 5 hour flight to NYC does not sound fun at all! What is you go to way of flying to Europe from the west coast, preferably SEA?


Can’t join tomorrow night but hoping my question could be answered – Outside of Hyatt, what are your top 3 most frequently redeemed transfer partners over the last few years?


I need to fly 8 people to Hawaii around Dec 20. Any suggestions?