(EXPIRED) [Update: Extended to 1/7] New Chase Business Offers: Sheraton, HP, Microsoft, BJ’s, and more

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Update 1/1/20: If you haven’t used these offers, it looks like many of them (including Samsung, Microsoft Store, HP, and BJ’s Wholesale offers), have been extended to 1/7/20.

Update 12/21/19: Most of these have been extended again to 12/27/19.

Update 12/12/19: Most of these offers have been extended through 12/16/19. Log in to your account to check. Don’t forget to use them before they expire. H/T: DDG)

Chase Offers have been around on personal cards since sometime last year. They work somewhat similar to Amex Offers (with some distinct differences noted below) in that you have to sync them to your card before purchase. Recently, Chase Offers began showing up on Chase Business cards. Travel With Grant reported some excellent offers this morning, most of which I also found on my card and I had a couple of offers that he did not, so it’s worth logging in on your Chase app to see if you have these or other good offers.

The Deal

  • New Chase Offers are out on Chase business cards. Check your Chase app to see which offers you can sync. Here are some highlights of offers found thus far:
    • BJ’s Wholesale: Get $25 back when you spend $150 or more
    • HP: 20% back (up to $186 back on a $930 purchase)
    • Enterprise: 15% back (up to $90 back on $600).
    • Samsung: 20% back (up to $94.00 back on $470). Not valid on mobile wallet purchases
    • Microsoft: 25% back (up to $40 back on $160).
    • FedEx Office: $25 cash back after spending $75
    • Sheraton: 15% back when you spend a minimum of $100 (up to $33 back on $220). (Expires 11/22/19.) Note: Only valid at domestic Sheraton properties. Not valid at Four Points by Sheraton. Complete payment must be made by 11/22/19.

Quick Thoughts

See the terms for each individual offer as Chase has strange / uneven caps and you’ll want to make sure that you use it at a valid location (e.g. only US properties for the Sheraton offer). Furthermore, keep in mind that unlike Amex Offers, Chase Offers are only valid on a single purchase. You’ll want to make sure to use the card attached on your largest purchase at the given merchant. If you’re using the Sheraton offer, I’d recommend not giving the card to the front desk until the day of checkout, lest they charge a $50 deposit or something that eats up your offer before the final checkout.

Overall, there are some gems in the list. Here are the ones about which I’m most excited:

  • HP: I recently bought this Chromebook (not an affiliate link, I’m just sharing). I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale so I could file a price protection claim. If for some reason I’m forced to return it to make a claim (I don’t anticipate this would be the case), I’ll be thrilled to get an additional 20% back on order #2 and I would hope to stack it with a high portal payout (HP usually sees great payouts during November sales) and/or great Black Friday pricing. By the way, I’m thrilled with the Chromebook. My main hangup on Chromebooks was that I’d become attached to having a numerical keypad. This Chromebook has it and feels like an actual computer. I’m very happy and at this price will consider another if my wife needs a new machine before 12/10. Noteworthy: my main Windows laptop for the past couple of years is an HP gaming laptop (I don’t game, I just like high performance) that I absolutely love as well (I dropped it and bent the case, which is the only reason I was looking to replace it / turn it into a desktop that stays at home). I bought a Dell laptop intending to replace the HP and hated the Dell — it got returned in favor of trying out the Chromebook. I’ll admit that before I bought my HP laptop, I had an image of HP being a lower end “consumer” brand that wasn’t for “serious” computer users. I was wrong. This Chromebook only solidifies my opinion that HP is better than I’d imagined.
  • BJ’s Wholesale: This is a regional warehouse store that runs from Virginia to New England. They sell $500 VGCs with a $6 fee.
  • Microsoft: If you are an Office 365 user, this might be good for saving on your annual subscription.
  • Samsung: Electronics. Holidays. That is all.
  • Sheraton: I’m lukewarm on this one. I won’t have a stay before 11/22, but I wonder if it may work with an advance purchase rate? I am working on 75 nights with Marriott this year and do need a couple of stays where a Sheraton would be an option. Alternatively, I imagine a gift card purchase at the front desk would work. Since I’ve got the magical hotel special offers on my Capital One card, I’m not in desperate need of this. At the same time, 15% isn’t a bad discount. I probably won’t use this one, but I’ll keep it in mind.

The others appeal to me less but may appeal to you more. Note that Grant also reported offers for Norton and ADT that I didn’t include here because I didn’t think they were great deals, but you can certainly disagree with me on that.

If you have found any other interesting offers on your Chase business cards, let us know in the comments so we can update this post to alert readers as to what they may find. I was especially glad to see some offers that I’m excited about using as I generally don’t get any worthwhile offers on my Chase personal cards. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on my Ink card in the future.

H/T: Travel With Grant

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Has anyone tried using the fedex office $25 off $75 for buying a giftcard instore. I have that offer on all business cards but haven’t tried using it.


Time for some trickery to make this Samsung deal work.

Ordered the Black Friday tablet for $159+tax from samsung.com. Shipping was delayed, but I thought my order would go through so I could use the 20% off offer. It didn’t. Spent an hour on the phone yesterday trying to get them to charge my card early. That failed, and they offered up no scenario where I could use the 20% off offer on my card. If the deal didn’t get extended, I would have to cancel the order.

But I woke up today with a better idea! Order another $159 item from Samsung that would ship ASAP, and therefore my card would get charged and I’d get the 20% off. Then after my tablet ships use Samsung’s generous return policy to return the other $159 item, and the refund would go against the second charge and the 20% off charge should remain. So today I ordered a $159 TV mount with 1 star!

For Samsung’s inability to charge my card early, they will pay the penalty of shipping the item to me and the return shipping. I do not feel bad about this. I gave them every chance to come up with a solution so I could use the credit card promo and they failed.

Patting myself on the back for figuring out this solution, so thought I’d share.

Flying High

Do the chase offers work on purchases made online? The fineprint on the offers says “Payment must be made directly with the merchant” but I am not sure if that means you have to make a purchase in store only.


It just means you have to purchase the merchandise from the merchant, either in store or online. For example, you cannot buy a hp computer from best buy and hope to use the hp offer.


Hey Nick,
Please help educate a homemaker, is Chromebook safe for doing banking when traveling? Thanks!


A Chromebook is as safe as any other computer. You’d better use your caution to use trusted Wi-Fi connections, especially when traveling.

Points For Four

BJ’s Wholesale has BJ’s Online Access Membership where “some” of there things are for sale for those of us who live on the West Coast.


The chase app crashes on my android when I try to view them. I have heard that it’s working on iphones. Does anyone else know another way to see them?


I do not know anything about crashes on Android – works fine for me, and my wife does not have it installed. Regardless, I can view all offers, both business and personal, on the desktop/PC version of the website.


Office 365 is $100 for 6 users for a year, but the Microsoft Store I went to readily matched HP’s price of $80. Comes out nicely if you buy two for this offer.