Reminder: 20% off Marriott gift cards @ 1pm Eastern with Daily Getaways


Just a quick reminder that today’s Daily Getaways deal for 20% off of Marriott eGift Cards will go live in approximately 1 hour at 1pm Eastern time today. This is a great way to save some money on your Marriott stays as eGift cards can be used at over 4,000 properties within the Marriott portfolio as well as at Ritz-Carlton properties. I don’t know of any plans for them to be accepted at Starwood properties, but they may be one day (and eGift cards do not expire). Note that there are some places under the Marriott umbrella that do not accept Marriott gift cards (such as Protea Hotels) — but these are the exception rather than the norm with Marriott.

Direct Link to Daily Getaways

As a reminder, there are three denominations available (each title is a link to that deal — I would suggest having the deal already open at 1pm and refreshing until you see the “Buy Now” box if you want one of the larger denominations):

$100 for $80 – 1070 Available – Max of 3 per person

Marriott 100 for 80

$250 for $200 – 252 Available – Max of 2 per person

Marriott 250 for 200

$500 for $400 – 200 Available – Limit 1 per person

Marriott 500 for 400

Final Word

I imagine that the $100 gift cards will not sell out immediately, but the larger denominations will likely sell out fast (and it’s likely that this deal will sell out completely today). If you’re interested, I recommend being ready to go at 1pm.

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I tried the $500 first at 10AM to no avail and then I just opened all three and hit try again. I was able to get one $100 this way, but the others never opened up for me. The $500’s sold out first, then the $250’s and then the $100’s. The good news is that my wife stays at Marriott’s about once a month for work so it’s a free $20.