[Reminder: Choice points today] Daily Getaways 2024: Complete preview of all the deals

Update 4/29/24: Reminder that Choice Privileges points will be available for as low as .52 cents each today at 1pm Eastern time. If you want to take advantage of the deal, you will may need to be at the computer and ready to go in advance and refreshing at 1pm to buy immediately. This will be a worthwhile deal for some.

Every year, the U.S. Travel Association runs Daily Getaways offers, which are a series of daily deals that offer discounts on select hotel points and gift cards, theme park packages and more.

These offers once had appealing opportunities, but they’ve become much more lackluster in recent years. There’s usually one or two good deals to be had, but more often than not they’re not much to be excited about.

Daily Getaways returns on April 15th, and now all the deals have been announced. While much of what’s on offer is fairly yawn-worthy, there are a couple of nuggets that could be interesting for some folks.

Daily Getaways 2023

The Deal

Direct link to full calendar list of offers

Key Terms

  • Deals go live at 1pm ET each time.

Quick Thoughts

There isn’t a ton here to get excited about. The Hilton, IHG and Wyndham points sales don’t provide much additional value, given that each company frequently sells their points for equal or better than the Daily Getaways deal price (although purchases through Daily Getaways usually code as a travel, which could provide some incremental value).

To me, 20% off Marriott gift cards and Choice points for 0.52cpp are the highlights of the bunch, unless the packages for Caesars, MGM, The Venetian and/or SeaWorld would meet your travel needs for a cheaper price than you’d have otherwise paid.

The Hyatt points sale is a good rate, but the problem is that they are only making 24 total packages available which means they’ll literally sell out immediate upon going live.

The better deals (such as the Marriott gift cards) will to sell out very quickly, so it’s worth setting an alarm for 1pm Eastern if you’re interested. The so-so deals (like IHG points for 0.5cpp) are usually available through the end of the Daily Getaways promo.

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IHG sold out in an hour today.


On the Marriott Gift cards, if I buy them with my Bonvoy card, do I get the increased points?

Nick Reyes

No. You’re buying from Daily Getaways, so I wouldn’t expect a Marriott category bonus. It’s like if you buy a gas station gift card from your grocery store — that’s not going to earn a gas-related category bonus since the merchant you’re paying (the grocery store) isn’t a gas station.


Last year purchases coded as
“Civic, social and
fraternal associations” with Chase


I bought SeaWorld tix last year at $50 each, and this year they are $60 each.

Thomas Hurd

If I bought Hilton points how quick would they post to my Hilton Honors Account?


No guarantees, but you usually have your points within a week of the offer going on sale.

Crabcakes and Football

Thanks for info, Tim.

1.) Do these offers last just for the day they are launched? Or do they last until the supply runs out?
2.) Any data points on max points/packages you can purchase? For instance, terms with Hilton points: Max. Quantity per Purchase: One (1). Only one (1) set of Points may be purchased for this offer. Up to five (5) sets of Points may be purchased in total per Hilton Honors member for all Hilton Honors offers in this promotion.

I’m assuming you could technically buy one package at each points level offered? (I have gotten some great redemptions for IHG and Hilton over the years)


Until supply runs out. The best offer (Hyatt) sells out within 1 second. The Choice offer used to last at least a day, then last year most if not all sold out within a couple of hours at most. The IHG sale is pretty much equal to their normal sales, so they don’t sell out. Can’t say about the Vegas deals.

And yes you can buy multiple packages at different levels for Hilton.


IHG sold out in an hour today.


Until supplies run out. So for the popular ones, they are gone in minutes. Yes, you can buy each set of offerings if you are quick enough. I doubt you’ll be able to.


I’m sad to see no offers for OMNI hotels this year. I have bought them for past
three years. 🙁


You & me, both! Was a super easy way to both enjoy free weekends & earn cheap Elite status for the following year


^low-priced weekends