(EXPIRED) Target Offering 10% Off Gift Cards On December 8 Only (Limit 3?)

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Cards at the ready! Target has finally announced that it’ll be running its annual sale that offers a 10% discount on its gift cards on December 8, 2019.

The Deal

  • Save 10% on Target gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid December 8, 2019 only.
  • Limit 3.

Quick Thoughts

Target has run this deal for several years and it always proves to be popular. The latest iteration of it showed up in a Slickdeals thread and they mentioned that it’s on page 5 of their weekly ad. Taking a look online though, I’m only seeing this week’s ad which ends on December 7, so it might be that the new ad is available in store as I don’t believe Target loads their weekly ad until midnight on Sunday.

I’m therefore assuming that there’s a limit of 3 per person as that’s what it’s always been in the past. Target enforces this strictly, so be careful if you try scaling this deal as they’ve been known to cancel gift cards when they’ve identified cases where customers have exceeded this limit.

For starters, this sale is normally available online as well as in-store, so only buy 3 online as it’ll be linked to your account. Second, don’t use the same credit card to buy more than 3 in-store. I believe that’s one way that Target was able to identify multiple transactions leading to gift card cancellations. I imagine there’ll also be some (or many) cashiers on the lookout for people buying gift cards in multiple transactions, so try not to go to the same cashier for a subsequent purchase.

One of the best cards to use for at least your initial purchase will be the Discover It card as it’s earning 5% at Target this quarter. The Chase Freedom and Citi Dividend cards are offering 5% at department stores this quarter, while that’s also an option on the US Bank Cash+, but Target doesn’t appear to be classed as a department store by Chase or US Bank, so you won’t earn 5%. Having said that, Target does accept PayPal for online purchases, so you could earn 5% with the Chase Freedom card that way. Chase Pay is also a 5% category on the Freedom card, but I don’t believe that’s accepted in Target stores, although I might be wrong about that.

h/t Slickdeals

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So does Target count as a department store for the Citi Dividend?


FYI, maybe more than 3 cards are allowed. Target’s fine print indicates $300 limit (bottom of page in following link):

Ed k

So, any trick to liquidate these type cards besides buying stuff at store? Not interested in reselling the card itself since they’ll probably be too many available by card resellers who are used to that method. Nice way to get 5% on the cc you use to purchase, but I don’t spend much on items at that chain. I used to when reselling discounted electronics with a healthy net margin, so I got spoiled. Remember before the recession when Wii consoles were in hot demand. This store was my friend. Was easily netting $200 per console when resold, but then also the cc rewards. Those were the days.


again? I even haven’t used up last round


You can use Samsung or Chase Pay to pay in store at Target and get 5x. I’ve been doing the same thing for grocery stores this quarter.


Last couple of yrs was a $300 limit on gift cards, but you could buy $300 online & $300 in-store. You could use those $600, 10% off cards + the 20% off Black Friday coupon to earn 28% off on the shopping dates they allowed shopping. Target actually gives you both a barcode to scan for in-store purchases and a coupon code to use online for the 20% off coupon.


The Target Red Card also earns 5%.


What is the “10% off cards” you’re referring to? Also, how do you get the 20% off Black Friday coupon? Also, is that coupon still valid or was it for black friday only? (if so, how do you use that with this upcoming $300 GC if it’s already passed black friday? )


1. “Get 10% off Target gift cards on December 8th only. Valid for up to $300. Cards are redeemable starting 12/9/2019 at 10am Central.” “Unfortunately, you no longer get a 5% REDcard discount on target gift card purchases.” HT MTM

2. The 20% off cpn was had on BF only with a $50 purchase (I bought a $50 gc). Can be used 12.3.19-12.14.19, & I plan on redeeming on my 10% off gc purchases.

Mark D

Can you use these to buy other giftcards (3rd party)?