[Pulled early] 10% back on all gift cards via Pepper app


Update 4/21/24: Many users are receiving an email from Pepper stating that this was a mistake and was only meant to be valid on specific brands and only through 4/30. The email goes on to say that Pepper will still honor the 10% back everywhere but only until 11:59pm ET tonight, Sunday, April 21, 2024. Both my wife and I had received the 10% everywhere email, but neither of us have receive the “whoops, this was a mistake” email. I don’t know what to make of that — was our email for 10% back through May 31st not a mistake? I don’t know, but I’m not going to mess with it. I can’t imagine that 10% back for six weeks was sustainable, but an email coming in late on a Sunday night more than 24hrs later to say that it was a mistake and would only be honored for a few more hours is a rough look that will certainly make me hesitant on future promotions.

The original post follows, but it sounds like the deal is being pulled.

The Pepper app is out with a targeted offer that looks fantastic for some users. Unfortunately, there are at least two different targeted offers available, so the utility of this one will vary a bit. Keep in mind that it’s going to take a while to receive the full rewards, so proceed with some caution.

Note that this is targeted — while I received an offer for 10% back everywhere, some customers are only receiving 10% back at selected brands

The Deal

  • The Pepper app is offering some customers 10% back everywhere through May 31, 2024Update 4/21/24: As per the update at the top, this is being pulled for at least some users. We don’t know if it’s being pulled for everyone, but I would assume so and that this will only yield 10% back for the brands below and now only through 4/30/24.
  • Others are targeted for 10% back only on the following brands:
    • Nike
    • Google Play
    • REI
    • The Container Store
    • Overstock
    • PetSmart
    • Michaels
    • JTV
    • Dave & Buster’s
    • Under Armour
    • Build-A-Bear Workshop
    • TGI Fridays
    • Finish Line
    • Belk
    • Petco
    • Adidas
    • Kirkland’s
    • Fanatics
    • Smashburger
    • Smoothie King

If you’re new to the Pepper Rewards app

If you’re new to the Pepper Rewards app, I believe that new users get double points (10% back) for the first 15 days. Feel free to sign up using one of our referral codes with our thanks.

  • Stephen: 581887
  • Greg: 582066
  • Nick: 582027
  • Tim: 582099

Key Terms

  • Expires 5/31/24
  • Bonus points will be issued on June 15, 2024 by 5pm ET

Quick Thoughts

The Pepper app sells gift cards to a wide range of stores. At least some of those stores — like Amazon and Walmart — are rarely available at discounted prices. That makes this offer particularly notable — and quite incredible given that it is valid all the way until May 31st, and seemingly without limit. I do believe that the Pepper app was limiting users to buying no more than $1,000 per day when they launched earlier this year, but given that this is valid for six weeks, that doesn’t represent a low ceiling.

It is important to recognize that there are at least two different targeted forms of this Pepper app promotion.

Both my wife and I received the offer for 10% back everywhere through May 31, 2024, but some have received an offer just for the selected brands shown under “The Deal” above. That could still be a good deal for some of the included brands.

The way this deal works is that you’ll get the usual 5% back up front, but do note that the additional 5% back isn’t scheduled to post until June 15, 2024. That means that if you bought gift cards today, you’d be waiting nearly 2 months to get the entire 10% back (and then it is in the form of rewards that you’ll need to use on more gift cards). My wife and I originally signed up a couple of months ago during the launch where Pepper offered 10% back everywhere for 30 days. I was relatively cautious — I bought a couple thousand dollars in gift cards, but I ended up wishing I’d bought more gift cards than I did.

Nonetheless, I would be remiss not to encourage a modicum of caution here. The Pepper app has taken off at a breakneck pace with a couple of spicy offers to earn 10% back at brands that are never available at that high of a rate. I have no indication that these firey deals are going to burn down the house any time soon, but one has to wonder how sustainable it is to offer 10% back on all gift card brands. I’ll surely purchase some gift cards with this deal, but I’ll look to redeem the initial 5% back in the near-term and not get myself in so deep as to need the other 5%. Again, I have no reason to think that the other 5% won’t come in June, but I won’t get involved for more than I can afford to absorb if the app didn’t last that long.

H/T: GC Galore

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Is this back on? I received an email this morning saying new users get 10% off all gift card purchases for 15 days. I signed up on 4/21 trying to buy some gift cards and kept getting a server error, which didn’t allow me to buy the gift cards.


Hi Nick, Were most customers purchasing these 10% off GCs for resale and/or personal spending?


Stephen has his own app?


All I get now is “Internal server error”.

Mark Miravich

Has this been retracted?


this has been retracted


Update: Pepper has now sent a follow-up email calling the initial 10%-everywhere email a mistake.

We made a mistake! You may have received an email for 10% back at all merchants. It should ONLY apply to the merchants listed
below and will run until 4/30/24 11:59 PM ET.
We will honor all purchases made already thru
4/21/24 11:59 PM ET at all stores. If you have any questions or concerns please contact
customer support at 1-888-416-6161 or