Targeted Citi offers to upgrade to Citi Premier fee-free for a year


Doctor of Credit reports that some Citi Rewards+ cardholders (and at least one commenter there who has the ThankYou Preferred) are receiving an email offer from Citi to upgrade to the Citi Premier with a waived annual fee for the first year. That certainly may be worth considering for those who receive the offer.

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Just dump the Prestige and you’ve got yourself a cheap wallet packed with earning power.

The Deal

  • Some Citi Rewards+ and Thank You Preferred cardholders are receiving targeted email offers to upgrade to the Citi Premier card with the $95 annual fee waived for the first year

Quick Thoughts

Again, this is targeted – so it won’t apply to most cardholders. That said, if you have a Rewards+ or ThankYou Preferred card that isn’t being used, it could certainly be worth taking Citi up on this offer.

The Citi Premier card carries several interesting 3x categories:

  • 3x grocery
  • 3x dining / restaurants
  • 3x gas
  • 3x flights, hotels, and travel agencies

Those represent excellent return on a card with a $95 annual fee. Getting those bonus categories for a year without an annual fee certainly could be attractive.

The other key benefit of the Premier is the ability to transfer to airline partners, which you need either the Premier or Prestige to do. Some readers surely downgraded their Premier cards given the lack of travel plans this year, so this may be a good excuse to upgrade again for a year.

Note that because you’re staying within the ThankYou family, your card number should not change with this product change and it therefore should not reset the 24-month clock for getting a bonus on the Premier or Prestige, though there is always some YMMV element at play there.

If you upgraded a Rewards+ card, you would of course lose the 10% annual points rebate (which gives up to 10K points per year back when you redeem) and the feature that rounds small purchases up, but gaining the ability to transfer to partners and the 3x bonus categories seems like it would potentially be a very good trade in my opinion).

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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