(EXPIRED) Wow! Amazing Barclays spending offers via email

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I feel like I have used the word amazing more this week than I have in months, but what a week it as been. As if there hasn’t been enough surprising news on the credit card front this week, Barclays has sent out emails to many cardholders with amazing targeted spending offers. We’re talking offers like 60,000 miles for $3K spend — for existing cardholders. These aren’t new card offers but rather incentives to spend and they are coming in on many different cards (including the AAdvantage Aviator, JetBlue cards, Arrival+, Wyndham Rewards, etc). Keep an eye on your email for one of these offers!

The Deal

  • Barclays is sending out incredible spending offers to existing cardholders. Thus far we have the following reports:

Offer 1

Earn up to 60,000 bonus miles with no registration required structured as the following:

    • 10x up to 10K bonus miles for $1K spend from 11/10/20 to 1/31/21
    • 50K additional bonus miles for $3K total spend from 11/20/20 to 1/31/21
      • We have received reports of this offer on the following cards so far (wouldn’t be surprised to hear of it being on more cards)
        • Aviator Red
        • JetBlue Plus
        • Barclays Arrival Mastercard
        • Wyndham Rewards Visa
        • Choice Privileges Visa
        • Uber Visa (additional 10% back in Uber cash on the first $1K and then $500 in Uber Cash after spending $3K)

Offer 2

Earn an extra 10x miles/points (or 10% back on some cards) on up to $1K spend per month in November, December, and January (no additional 50K)

        • Aviator Red
        • JetBlue
        • Aviator Silver (H/T: Pizza in Motion)
        • UPromise Visa
        • Arrival Plus

Offer 3

Earn an extra 3x at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy on up to $1K per month each month through January (note that this offer requires registration by 12/8)

        • JetBlue no-fee card

Offer 4

  • Earn an extra 3x on drug store, grocery store, and restaurant purchases on up to $1K per month (note that this offer requires registration by 12/8)
        • Aviator Plus

Offer 5

  • Earn an extra 5x at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Apple and Best Buy on the first $2K spent each month (note that this offer requires registration by 12/8)
        • Aviator Red

Key Details

  • The 60K miles offers do not require registration (but they are targeted, so look out for an email)
  • The extra 3x offer required registration

Quick Thoughts

This is amazing. These are offers you would expect for a new credit card application, but they are being sent to existing cardholders and the offers for 60K points/miles say that they do not require registration. That’s nuts.

We’ve had a multitude of reports of this in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group. Some cardholders have not received any email, but many have — so it is well worth checking your email. Many of those who have received this offers report the cards having been sock-drawered without use for some time. I certainly regret having my wife close her Aviator card a couple of months ago now!

If you have any of these cards and receive an offer like this, I definitely recommend meeting the full $3K spend as it is like earning 20 points per dollar — that’s hard to beat outside of a new credit card application.

Let us know in the comments if you have received this offer on any additional cards and/or if you have received a different offer.

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60,000 LH posted today! Woot!

Shana Gainey

Excellent! When did you meet the spending requirement? Did you have to follow up with them to get the miles to post? I’m still waiting on mine to post. Thanks!


I met the spending requirement in early December. Miles posted without contacting Barclays.

Shana Gainey

I finally received mine this week, a few days after my statement closed. Yay!


I did not get any emails on 3 cards. Perhaps because they are all Business cards? I don’t see any mention here of these offers on Business cards …


Has anyone actually received their 60k bonus yet?




Has anyone had the 60K points post yet? I spent the 3K and the billing cycle has closed but haven’t seen them yet. The T&C do state 6-8 weeks after end of promo which would be mid to end March 2021 but many promos will post earlier.

Shana Gainey

I’m wondering the same. I hope it posts quickly!


I received the 60K offer on Arrival card and had $150 on spending last month; however, I only earned the regular 1X/$ instead of 11X/$ (1x + extra 10x) on last month statement. Has anyone received the extra 10X? Does the spending have to be $1000 or more in one transaction to earn the extra 10X?


to add to the data points, hit the spend early on as well and billing cycle closed but still no bonus…

Joel T. Bell

Fine print for the 60k offer on my Choice card states “All points earned from this promotion will appear on your statement 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.” So I don’t expect the 10x bonus and the 50k to post until after Jan 31 and potentially 6-8 weeks later.

Nick O

Authorized user spend should count towards the thresholds, right? Can’t seem to find a definitive answer in the terms. Definitely could have missed it though

[…] Frequent miler reports that some cardholders are receiving another bonus offer of 3x additional points for spending on Amazon, Best Buy and Target for up to $ 1,000 per month through January (this requires this offer) registration). […]

[…] Frequent miler reports that some cardholders are receiving another bonus offer of an additional 3x points for spending in drugstores, grocery stores and restaurants for up to $ 1,000 per month through January (this requires this) registration). […]


Received offer (see e-mail) but can’t enroll, called them and was on hold for over 40 minutes and then hung up on, WTH? Help anybody?
(e-mail) Earn an additional 10X points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases on the first $1,000 spent each month with your Barclays Extra Points Mastercard® from November 10, 2020 to January 31, 2021.


Off topic a little, but when I got this card there was a 5% annual mileage bonus and the welcome bonus was 75,000 miles.
Does anyone know if the 75,000 miles will be included in the 5% annual mileage bonus? So for example, upon my cards anniversary, I would get a 7,500 (5% of 75,000) mileage bonus + 5% on my other mileage.


You may have the offer even if you didn’t receive the e-mail.

I got the email, can’t find my card. My wife found her card, didn’t get the email. She called last night and the rep found the offer on her account and assured her she had the 10x $1k, $3k for 60k offer on her account. I am a wee bit wary but, just an FYI to try calling if you don’t see the email.

Joel T. Bell

Minor clarification, but my offer actually says “an ADDITIONAL 10 points” for every dollar spent, up to 10k points.


I received offer #2 on my Aviator Red. When I click on the register link, it just takes me to log into my account – i get NO confirmation that i am enrolled in the promotion.

Are other people getting some type of confirmation? Chase and AmEx are always very good with that detail…


[…] These huge targeted bonuses make me regret that I’ve actually been spending money on my one Barclays credit card this year. I’d have earned way more miles with way less spend if I’d have sock-drawered my AAdvantage Aviator Silver card. No ‘60,000 miles after $3000 spend by January 31’ offer for this existing cardmember. Sigh. […]


Got Offer #1on sock drawered AAdvantage red Aviator card. Thanks for the post, would have probably missed the email! Any reasons paying federal taxes online would not be a qualified spend?

Last edited 2 years ago by Jay
Joseph Giorgianni

Got it on my JetBlue card. Lot of spend to do the next few months.


Do gift card purchases count for the 10x promotion?


Suggestion: When you are alerting us to an email offer, would it be possible to mention what the subject line in the offer reads? My inbox is always loaded, therefore easy to miss something in a search.


“amazing,” yah, wow, amaaaazing….. for some maybe, but not for most Wyndham card holders. Sorry to throw some cold water on your enthusiasm, but just where are you seeing reports of the vast majority of folks with Wyndham Rewards cards getting anything? (got nothing on my Wyndham legacy card) AFAICT, this might only be going to those with the new inferior Wyndham “earner” card (the one catering to those poor souls who need relief with the annual Wyndham timeshare fees…. (sarcasm) Rep today confirmed “you got nothing” on your Wyndham card — saver for a pending promotion come late January meant to rope me into the inferior earner card. (It’s gonna take a lot to wean me away from my annual 15K bonus)

[…] Frequent Miler is reporting some cardholders are getting another bonus offer of an extra 3x points for spending at drugstores, grocery stores and restaurants for up to $1,000 per month through January (this one requires registration). […]

[…] Frequent Miler is reporting some cardholders are getting another bonus offer of an extra 3x points for spending at drugstores, grocery stores and restaurants for up to $1,000 per month through January (this one requires registration). […]

Marilyn B

Called for a retention on my AAviator Red yesterday and got offered this. Email came later last night. Too bad we closed my DH’s card a couple of months ago when there were no retention offers for him.


Did you call the standard customer service phone number, or is there a special department to call?

Marilyn B

Called the number on the back of the card (standard CS). My fee posted last month and the notice said 45 days from date of notification. Called weekday biz hours to get US rep.

Joel T. Bell

Bummer – They closed my Aviator account last year due to insufficient use. I got the 60k offer on my Choice card but I’m struggling to justify diverting $3k of spend even though it amounts to 20pts/$. I don’t see enough non-bonus spend over the next few months. Considering I can use PayPal Key for 5X on my Freedom and Freedom Flex through December, that’s what I would have to be giving up.


Totally agree, Nick! Wish I had that offer.

Joel T. Bell

I’ve just never given Choice much thought and prefer the flexibility of UR points for transferring – I fly SW a lot. But I get it – 60k points for $3k spend is generous considering it’s not a new card signup bonus. I already have 2 bills coming due in the next month for $600 each so it’s a good start – I have until Jan 31. Unfortunately the closest Staples to me is about 35 miles so not convenient for cranking through spend on visa GCs.

[…] Frequent Miler is reporting some cardholders are getting another bonus offer of an extra 3x points for spending at Amazon, Best Buy and Target for up to $1,000 per month through January (this one requires registration). […]


Here’s a random one. Barclays Bluegreen card. Got it when I bought a timeshare. I received the 10x on first 1k + 50k w/ 3k spend. Usually a worthless card, but can get .01 for visa gift cards, so around $630 for 3k spend. Not bad.


Nothing on Aviator white or JetBlue Plus

Paul Moeller

Not seeing any offers on my Arrival+

Ed. C

Nothing so far on my wife’s sock drawered Aviator Red. Nothing on my Aviator Silver but I use it monthly for transactions that don’t allow VISA since it is my only Mastercard, so not holding my breath.


4 cards between me and wife – no offers, but then they are all business cards.


*Got the following offer on my sock-drawer’ed Priceline 2% card.

Use your priceline rewards Visa® Card for purchases from November 10, 2020 to January 31, 2021 and earn up to 60,000 points.1 2

Earn an additional 10 points for every $1 spent on purchases made from November 10, 2020 to January 31, 2021, up to 10,000 points. The points you earn with this offer are in addition to the points you already earn with your priceline rewards Visa® Card.

Plus, earn 50,000 points when you spend at least $3,000 on purchases from November 10, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jim

No offer on my AA Aviator Red. Sounds like some great deals are out there!


I’ve had the Red Aviator card for at least 10 years, though I haven’t used it recently,. I didn’t get targeted. I would think I would be a good target since I HAVEN”T used the card recently.


Got offer #2 on my aviator white.


Got offer #1 for the JetBlue Plus


Got Offer #1 (60k miles for $3k spend, no registration) for sock-drawered Lufthansa Miles & More card! Sweet!


Out of 7 Barclays cards for 3 family members we only received 1 offer on the Aviator Silver card for 3X bonus points on Drugstores, Groceries, and restaurants now through January 31, 2021on the first $1000 spent each month.

No offers on Arrival; Aviator (Business Card); Aviator (Free Card); Choice Privileges Visa; JetBlue Plus (just opened); and Ring.


I got this for my Hawaiian Airlines credit card. X10 up to $1000


targeted Jetblue & Aviator.

Carl WV

I got the 60K offer on JetBlue plus. The start date for the $3K spend is 11/10. You made me double-check the email when I saw you had 11/20 since I’ve already made some purchases.


I’m crossing my fingers for this one, but nothing yet on any of my Barclay cards.


My terms were as follows on my Aviator Red:
If you receive this offer and enroll by December 8, 2020 you will earn an additional 10 miles for every $1 spent on purchases, less credits, returns and adjustments (“Net Purchases”) with transaction dates between November 10, 2020 and January 31, 2021, up to a maximum of $1,000 spent on purchases per month. 

Since I got a 0% APR on this card until June 2021, looks like Barclays is trying to add some value since many people aren’t flying.


Got it on my Hawaiian Airlines card


Got it on my sockdrawered Aviator Red.


Got it! But what’s the extra 3x at Amazon/etc you mention? Googled and don’t see that mentioned anywhere


Ah, I see. Thought it was a previous offer to stack…didn’t realize it was new/targeted


Deleted Jetblue & Aviator offer email thinking they are for new card app, salvaged both from Trash.


10% additional cashback (11.25% total) on Barclays Upromise, first $1k per month same timeframe. With a linked 529 (giving a 15% boost to the 11.25%, or about 12.93% total) that’s almost $390 back on $3k spend. Sadly nothing on my Aviator Silver.


Mine says 10X for up to $1K/month on an Arrivals +. Enrollment is required and must be done by 12/8/2020.

Last edited 2 years ago by askmrlee
Christine B

Energize your everyday purchases — earn an additional 3X miles for every $1 spent on eligible Drug Store, Grocery Store and Restaurant purchases on the first $1,000 spent each month with your Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ Mastercard® from November 10, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

Barclaycard inserted to wallet

I have the Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard and received an offer for 60,000 points based on two tiers:
1.) 10k by earning 10x points per dollar on first $1,000 spend
2.) If spend over $3k, I get another 50k points
I have from Nov 10 to Jan 31 to spend the $3k. I figure I can redeem 60k in points for $600 in cash, divided by $3k = 20% cash back…..seems like a fantastic deal.


lucky u! got an offer but only 5x pts on the first $2k/mo.

Nick, based on language of my offer, do u happen to know that a $2k spend can be cumulative rather than 1 single trxn? TIA

Last edited 2 years ago by dan

Got the offer. I had to read it a few times to make sure!

Adam K

I got it on the arrival No Annual Fee version.


I also got it on the no annual fee version. Since I live mostly overseas, I called to upgrade (back) to the Aviator Red, which has no international transaction fees. Barclays says the offer with stay on the card through the product change.


Got it! It’s like earning the signup bonus twice! (Aviator Red)


Any business cards or just personal?