10% Chase Offers for multiple IHG brands – Kimpton, Holiday Inn & more


There are several Chase Offers available at the moment on a targeted basis giving 10% back at different IHG brands. Their end date is listed as January 12, 2024, but they’ve been getting repeatedly extended and so hopefully that’s not the actual cutoff date.

IHG Chase Offers

The Deal

  • Get 10% back with targeted Chase Offers when spending $100+ at the following IHG brands:
    • Holiday Inn
    • Holiday Inn Express
    • Crowne Plaza
    • Kimpton
    • InterContinental

Key Terms

  • Expires January 12, 2024 (for now).
  • Maximum $57 cashback per offer.
  • Offer valid one time only.
  • Offer only valid at specific brand listed for the Chase Offer.
  • Offer not valid on purchases made using third-party services, delivery services, or a third-party payment account (e.g., buy now pay later).

Quick Thoughts

These are useful offers, especially if you get them on an IHG card where you can also earn up to 10x IHG One Rewards points per dollar (depending on which IHG card you get it on).

These offers seem to have been around for at least the last few weeks. They’ve since gotten extended one week at a time, so even though they’re currently scheduled to expire on January 12 they’ll hopefully stick around for longer than that. If you do continue seeing them on your account after January 12, be sure to check whether or not you need to load them back on to your card.

If you do get this offer on any IHG cards, it might be possible to stack these savings with offers from SimplyMiles seeing as IHG cards are Mastercards (those are the only types of cards that can be linked to SimplyMiles).

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Hey Stephen, FYI – I’ve tried to use different versions of these 10% back offers on multiple cards, but Chase has only given me cash back from my first purchase. I contacted Chase about this and they said in their reply that these are one-time offers per user, as opposed to per-card and/or per brand. I am going to escalate the issue. Any other negative DPs like this?


forgot to mention this before but i added all of them and the intercontinental one work for my kimpton stay! Got $20 back lol