(EXPIRED) 10x Marriott points on US gas stations, US restaurants, and Marriott hotels with new Amex Offers

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Update: Greg reports being able to add these offers to more than one Marriott Bonvoy card in the same Amex login. It looks like you may be able to add these to every Amex Bonvoy card you have.

There are new Amex Offers out on the Marriott business and consumer cards that make for a total of 10x Marriott Bonvoy points on purchases at US gas stations, US restaurants, and at Marriott Hotels & Resorts on up to $7500 spent in each category.

These examples were found on a Marriott Bonvoy Business card. Whether a business or consumer card, the additions bring the totals up to 10x between any base or bonus category earnings and these offers.

The Deal

  • There are new Amex Offers out today on Amex Marriott Bonvoy credit cards that add additional points per dollar spent to reach the following totals between base earning, existing category bonuses, and the additional bonus points:
    • 10x at participating Marriott Bonvoy Hotels on up to $7500 in purchases
    • 10x at US gas stations on up to $7500 in purchases
    • 10x at US restaurants on up to $7500 in purchases

Key Terms

  • Superstores, supermarkets and warehouse clubs that sell gasoline are not considered “gas stations” per offer terms (YMMV)
  • For the restaurant offer: “the purchase must be at a restaurant located in the United States. You will NOT earn additional points for purchases made at a restaurant owned by a U.S. company but located outside the U.S. (e.g., Hard Rock Café in Paris). You also will NOT earn additional points for purchases at nightclubs, convenience stores, grocery stores or supermarkets. You may not earn additional points for purchases at a restaurant located within another establishment (e.g., a restaurant inside a hotel, casino, or event venue). Purchases made at a restaurant located within a hotel may be recognized as a purchase at a hotel, not a restaurant.”
  • For the Marriott offer, you will receive the bonus on “purchases when charged directly with participating Marriott Bonvoy properties (excluding home share properties), standalone Marriott branded retail establishments, and Marriott branded online stores (including online purchases of Marriott branded gift cards) that, in each case, are wholly owned or managed by Marriott International, Inc and its affiliates.”

Quick Thoughts

All of these offers are good and represent solid return in the given bonus categories. The caps are more generous than the Chase caps and unlike the Chase offer which many cardholders have been unable to register for (including on all of the cards in my household), these Marriott offers have shown up on all of the Amex Marriott cards we’ve checked. Note that the image above shows the offers from a Bonvoy Business card (which already bonuses gas station and restaurant spend), so you’ll see slightly different additions on a Bonvoy Briilliant or plain Bonvoy (old SPG) card — any way you slice it, they add up to 10x in each of the included categories).

I am particularly glad to see Amex note that Marriott-branded gift cards purchased from the Marriott website will earn the bonus. We’ve known for a long time that those purchases earn the bonus as though they were Marriott hotel spend (which has long been good news for those with the Amex Bonvoy Brilliant card and its $300 annual Marriott credit), but it’s great to see it acknowledged here that those purchases are indeed intended to trigger the bonus. Hopefully we’ll see Marriott offer a third gift card sale this year, which could make for a nice stack.

Since I have been unable to register any of the Chase cards in our household for the Chase Marriott gas station bonus, one would think I’d be excited to see this offer. The problem for me is that we have tried multiple times to buy gift cards at a gas station using an Amex Bonvoy Business credit card and the purchases have been declined every time. Your luck may be better than mine, but I’d keep Amex’s recent clawback history in mind if you’re going that route.

Overall, these offers are valuable for those who like Marriott points. I’d argue that even those who have been somewhat disillusioned by Marriott in recent times should probably consider these offers if they have Amex Bonvoy credit cards: while everyday earning on the Marriott credit cards isn’t exciting, these 10x offers make for solid enough return to consider using your Marriott credit cards for the included categories.

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I registered for all of these Amex Offers on my Bonvoy and Bonvoy Business cards. My first statements have closed since enrolling for these offers and I only received the additional points on my Bonvoy card. Anybody having similar experiences?


This has not shown up on my Amex Bonvoy card, and when I called them to ask the why they told me that they had no such offer available!


I have the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card.
However the sign-up link for the offer 10x points at gas stations and restaurants does not work. July 15th – September 15th. It says I am not targeted. Is this offer targeted or for all holders of Marriott Boundless card? I contacted Chase via secure message, they say I am not eligible…
Anyone similar experience?


Does delivery services like UberEats count for the 10x?


When you say declined for GC at gas stations, do you mean no reason from either side such as a fraud alert? Or the clerk pushing some wrong button when the scammer alerts flash on her screen?


10x Marriott Bonvoy or 3x Chase from CSP?

Mary Jane's

Hi Nick, I agree with you regarding gift cards at gas stations but you might want to check out other gas station companies…

Mary Jane's

great idea!

Brian Davis

CSR is offering 5x UR pts on gas thru 9/30. Conservative estimate puts their return at 7.5% (1.5 cents x 5). 10x Bonvoy on gas = 9% return (0.9 cents x 10). Worth switching to Amex Bonvoy for gas spend you think?

The math is even more favorable for restaurants category for Bonvoy. 9% return for meals vs 4.5% return for CSR (1.5 cents x 3).


I just swapped out my CSR and Amex Gold for my Bonvoy.

Gas: 10x Bonvoy @0.8cpp = 8%, which is better than 5x UR @1.5cpp = 7.5%.

Dining: I’d have to value MR at 2 cpp to compete with Bonvoy.

Also shouldn’t forget that if you’re only using points for transfer partners, Bonvoy can be MORE flexible than UR or MR.


Tempting offer. I’ve the old Amex Bonvoy (converted from SPG card), that lists 8X for gas/restaurants.

But since regular station gas prices in my area are significantly higher than club prices (Costco), the bonus is kind of a wash (especially with the Costco CC 4% back on gas spend).

However, I also note a $10 back of $25 spend vía the BPme mobile app. This would make a worthwhile combination, if it can combine with the bonus points?


Did you try to SM Chase to see if they can register you for the offer? If you can get it in writing then you should be fine.


The registration site worked fine for me fortunately. I know Chase is often pretty helpful via SM. It seems like the staff are very knowledgeable generally. There might be a way to check your registration on their backend. Good luck!