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1800Flowers Extreme Stacking
1800Flowers isn’t the cheapest or best place to shop. However, there are times where it’s possible to stack discounts and cash back or other rewards to make it worthwhile…

Promo codes (these do not stack with portals, free shopping, or gift cards)

NOTE: You can only apply 1 promo code per order. Some offers for free shipping or percent discounts are implemented as promo codes so they do not stack with these:

  • Alaska Airlines 20 miles per dollar: AKA3 (sometimes this same code offers more than 20X. Click the link to see the current offer)
  • Amtrak 25 points per dollar: AMT26.  Valid through 12/31/18.
  • Amtrak 20 points per dollar: AMT36.
  • jetBlue 1500 points per order ($29.99 & up): TB1550. Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion. Valid through 2/15/18.
  • Southwest 30 points per dollar: SW56. Valid through 5/14/18. Not companion pass eligible.
  • Southwest 1000 points per order ($29.99 & up): RR22 (Companion Pass eligible)
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($34.99 & up): SW45, SW46, SW48, or SW49 (not companion pass eligible). Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards account. Valid through 2/15/18.
  • United: Currently there is an issue where these codes cannot be applied online, but you should be able to get a 1800Flowers sales person to apply the code for you:
    • United 30 miles per dollar: MP63
    • United 20 miles per dollar: MP66
    • United 15 miles per dollar: MP56

Expired codes:

  • American Airlines 20 miles per dollar: A49
  • American Airlines 30 points per dollar: A54
  • jetBlue 1750 points per order ($29.99 & up). TB1750TB33 Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • jetBlue 20 points per dollar: TB20
  • Southwest 1750 points per order. SW27, SW31, SW35, SW36, RR82, RRMD24 (NOT Companion Pass eligible). Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • United 30 miles per dollar: MP55, MP69.

Best portal options

Shop through any related brand. A number of brands let you buy from other brands & still earn portal rewards (click links to see best current portal offers): 1800Flowers, 1800Baskets, Fruit Bouquets, Cheryl’s, Fannie May, Popcorn Factory.

Note: If stacking with a credit card offer, make sure to start your shopping on one of the site’s that the credit card offer supports.

Best credit card options

  • Amex: Look for Amex Sync offers (usually Spend $50, get $15).  Note that if you start browsing at 1800flowers and click a tab to another brand to shop (Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.), the payment will be processed by 1800flowers and will be eligible for the Amex Offer.  Also note that Amex Offers usually in practice work with any brand in the portfolio regardless of the details of the offer.
  • Citi AT&T: 3X points for online orders.

Best options for buying gift cards

Keep in mind that discounted gift cards do not work with promo codes that offer miles and points.  That is, it will appear that the promo code has been accepted, but you are unlikely to earn those points on the portion of the order paid for with a gift card.  Best bet is to use discounted gift cards with great portal offers rather than promo code offers.

  • Discover Cash Back: Redeem $20 Discover cash back for a $30 1800Flowers gift card.
  • Sale: Online gift card merchants (including eBay & Staples) sometimes offer 1800Flowers gift cards at a discount.
  • Groupon / Living Social Deals: Deal sites sometimes offer coupon codes that work similar to gift cards
  • Gift card resellers: It is sometimes possible to buy gift cards at a huge discount through resellers.

See also: Merchant gift cards, best options for stacking deals.

Important: As of May 2017 (possibly earlier),  1800 Flowers stopped awarding promo points/miles when gift cards are used.

Note: You can apply up to 2 gift cards per order online, or up to 5 per order over the phone (unconfirmed).

To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.

Store rewards

Make sure to enroll in 1800Flowers’ Celebration Rewards program before making any purchases. Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards or merchandise, but not when using gift cards (this is new as of a year or two ago).

Free Shipping

Free shipping is key to making 1800Flowers’ purchases worthwhile.  There are two options:

  • Celebrations Passport: Buy a free shipping plan from 1800Flowers for $29.99 per year.  Discounts and trial memberships are often available here: www.1800flowers.com/promo-codes.
  • ShopRunner. There are multiple ways to get ShopRunner for free:
    • Enroll in ShopRunner for free with any Amex card (found here).
    • Enroll in ShopRunner for free with any World Mastercard or World Elite Mastercard (found here).
    • Enroll for 2 years free via PayPal (found here).

Unfortunately, free shipping options dos not stack with 1800Flowers promo codes.  It is best to stack free shipping with the best available portal deals.

Tax Deductions

According to my accountant, donations to charitable organizations are tax deductible at the price paid.  The fact that the donor will receive miles for the purchase, in his opinion, is not relevant.  Critically, the points would come from 1-800-Flowers, not from the charity.  That is, charity would be able to honestly report that they did not give the donor anything of value in exchange for the gift. Of course, you should check with your own tax advisor for your situation.  Keep in mind that tax deductions are different from tax credits.  Unlike a tax credit, if you spend $30 on an order it will not reduce your tax burden by $30.  The exact amount that it helps reduce your tax burden depends upon many factors that are unique to your tax situation.

Another option for tax deductions is to place orders as a business expense (if you have a business).  Send gifts to customers, employees, etc.

If you would like to contribute healthy food to people in need, I’ve setup a process with a Michigan based food bank named Food Gatherers.  How to donate to Food Gatherers:

  1. Shop 1-800-Flowers (or an associated brand) and find healthy food items (fruit, nuts, meat, fish, etc.)
  2. Ship items to:
    Katie Bye
    Food Gatherers
    1 Carrot Way
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    Phone: 734-761-2796
  3. Location type: Business
  4. Enter your name in the Card Message box.  For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you could enter: “Donation to Food Gatherers from Jane Doe”.
  5. To request a gift receipt (for taxes), email info@foodgatherers.org after items have been delivered.  Example: “Please accept my donation of 10 boxes of fruit sent separately via 1-800-Flowers, and delivered on February 16th 2016. Sincerely Jane Doe, 123 Cashew Way, Somewhere City, CA 12345.

Increase the chance of getting good stuff

You can increase the odds of getting nice flowers by selecting items that are marked for local florist delivery.  Or, buy from one of their other brands such as Wolferman’s or Harry & David (but not all items qualify for promo codes so consider double-dipping with the portal instead).

1-800-Flowers Extreme Stacking

Miscellaneous Info

  • 2 gift cards can be applied per order online. Up to 5 gift cards can be used over the phone (unconfirmed).  To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.
  • I no longer recommend using gift cards with promo codes.  One exception: I’ve found that if part of the order is paid with a credit card then the “per order” codes still work and offer good value.  For example, spend $35 with $30 from gift card and $5 from credit card and apply RR22 to get 1,000 Southwest points per order.
  • After clicking through a portal to 1800Flowers.com, you can select another brand from the tabs (e.g. Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.).  Just make sure that the URL domain stays 1800Flowers.  For example, if you select Wolferman’s, the URL should look something like: http://www.1800flowers.com/wolfermans-home.
  • Miles earned from promo codes are not credited until after delivery of your order.  So, if you are chasing a Southwest Companion Pass and using a code that is compatible with the Companion Pass (e.g. RR22), then make sure to schedule delivery for the calendar year in which you are trying to earn 110,000 points.
  • Find more tips here.
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