(EXPIRED) 30K BA Avios for hosting your first airbnb stay

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The British Airways shopping portal is offering 30,000 Avios for hosting your first stay with airbnb.  The first stay must total $100 or more in order to qualify for the full 30,000 points.

The portal lists the following purchase conditions:

Stated rewards is for when you have welcomed your first guest to stay and the stay is completed. If the order total is less than $100 you will receive a lower reward. No rewards are given on Miami Hosting, The Big Island Hosting, referrals and/or active and booked listings.

Quick Analysis

This is a great deal.  I’m considering signing up as an Airbnb host just to do one stay for 30K points.

What if you get an error message?

When trying to follow the link above to the BA shopping portal, I kept getting an error when logging in and then was redirected back to the regular BA site, but under the UK flag (rather than US).  This deal is only for the US site.  Here’s a work-around:

  1. Click here to go directly to the US version of the BA shopping portal
  2. Log in with your BA Executive Club credentials
  3. Search for “airbnb”
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Dr. J

So following my ealier post about filing a compliant, the complaint through BBB works and I was just honored 30K points as promised. It doesn’t harm to file a complaint if you think you’re eligible for getting the points.


So I have some good news to report back with. I FINALLY received the 30k Avios points after countless emails to the Avios estore, two emails to alex.cruz@ba.com, and filing a complaint with the BBB. What an ordeal! NEVER again will I shop through the Avios estore. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and recommendations.


Hello all. I have some positive news. I’ve been e-mailing British Airways and the eStore back and forth for over 4 months. Finally, I took @Brant Stookey’s advice (from these comments) and e-mailed Alex Cruz, the CEO of British Airways. It was a short, direct and nice e-mail, to which I attached all of the e-mails I’ve received saying that my query is “being investigated” along with all the documentation I provided. I got an e-mail response that same evening promising someone would be in touch with me. The next morning I received a call from a really nice rep (with a charming accent) apologizing profusely. I thought she was going to say “we’ll look into it right away”–but instead she told me she’d already reviewed and credited the points to my account! She was actually upset with the eStore for taking so long and said she was going to pass on feedback to management. So there you have it. My advice is be nice, and have your documentation that you met all the terms and conditions. Oh–and be very wary of the next big BA promotion . . . .


Thanks for sharing your experience. I just emailed Alex Cruz to request help in resolving this issue. I also attached the relevant documentation proving I met the offer terms. Fingers crossed that I will get a similar outcome. Will report back with any updates.


Good luck!


do you have a copy of the full terms and conditions? the Avios CSR’s are saying because my “payout” was less than $100 they will not give me the points. Though the terms above say the “order total” must be greater than $100. I take “order total” to mean what the guest paid


I’ve sent DOZENS of emails since june. Copies of receipts, screen shots of profiles, you name it. A few months back I finally got them to go pending. Now roughly 90 days from that date when I was to expect them to finally post, I see they are cancelled. No reason as to why. Emailed them to ask why and its been weeks, no meaningful response. I legitimately set up a new airbnb and had a new stay. This is complete trash. How many others have been screwed by this as well?


Hi @Tugboat. Same situation. I got an email six weeks ago that the matter was being investigated and I’d hear back in 35 days. Just e-mailed and got a canned response. They are trying to run out the clock.


Same thing happened to me. I am very upset with the Avios estore.

Brant Stookey


CEO of British Airways. It was only when I copied and redirected my concerns to this email address that I finally got a more positive response. Still waiting, but more hopeful. Give it a try.

Gladys Russell

Anyone have any luck on this yet?


Unfortunately, no. The BA Avios estore is a scam as far as I’m concerned. I’ve sent more than 10 emails over the last 3 months requesting for the points to be credited to my account and every time I get a generic reply as shown below. I will NEVER shop through the Avios estore again.
“We are sorry that your purchase on have not yet become approved. We kindly ask for your understanding that most transactions will be approved within 35 days from purchase date but it’s subject to the Retailer’s Terms and Conditions. We have checked that in this case Airbnb Hosting has not verified this transaction and therefore remains pending. We are following up with Airbnb Hosting to validate this as soon as possible.”


Curious if this posted for anyone. A few of us did this where we work and quickly had folks stay in our extra bedrooms. None of us have gotten the 30k bonus, and we filed claims. Just got an update today that they are “still investigating.”


How did you file a claim? Every time I click on the link for filing a Shopping claim, I get a “Page Not Found” error on their website. I clicked through from the portal, established a new hosting account, and my first guest’s stay was completed 40 days ago.


I filed a claim on June 30 and received a “still investigating” update two weeks ago. I just requested an update. I hope the Avios store honors this offer. I’ll post back here if I successfully receive the 30k Avios. Please keep us updated on your situation and if the points post for you.


My inquiry was 6 days ago; no reply yet. I’ll also post here.


Just received another “still investigating” email from the Avios store which states that it can take another 35 days (or more) to complete the investigation. On a positive note, I can now see the transaction as pending in my Transaction History. I’m still hopeful the Avios store will honor the offer but I really question why this has to take so much time and effort to resolve.


3 months later and still no Avios points. Sent another update request. I’m almost at the point of concluding that the BA Avios store is a scam.

Dr. J

It took me 4 months to get my points lol Try customer relation email or even BBB if they don’t respond (this is usually the case).


I just filed a BBB complaint. Regardless of the outcome, I will never do business again with the Avios estore. For those of you that were successful, I still think its absolutely unacceptable that customers need to persist for months on end for this company to honour their promotions.

Dr. J

I totally feel you. They tried their best not to honor the points. Although I finally got the points, I will never do business again with Avios estore.

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Airbnb does not appear on the USA website . Did they take it down ? I did register and had someone staying over . Will I get the points ?


is it dead?

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Man, do I love conga lines…..

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Ariel Prates

Hello from Brazil!

Would you like to know how BA will recognize that I did the hosting? Is there any kind of linking? Why airbnb does not ask for the passport number … how will BA recognize my account for miles credit?


Ariel Prates

I hosted a friend here in Brazil on Monday and I still have not received any updates on the avios. Is it normal? Thanks!

Nick Reyes

Hopefully someone who did this deal will chime in with their experience thus far, but in terms of the BA shopping portal in general, I usually find them quite slow in posting points for purchases through the portal (typically 30-45 days for most of my shopping purchases to post), so I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes that long to receive your 30K Avios. But assuming you clicked through BA’s link to set up your AirBnB listing, you should be good to go.


i did all of the above and completed the first host but they never credited me the avious points . who should i contact and how ? thanks

Ariel Prates

Me too!

Xiwei Zhang

same here

Dr. J

I hosted in June and met the requirements. No points received. Contacted customer relation. No respinse. I then filed BBB complaint. They said even tho the total rent is $100 (tax excluded), Airbnb charged me $3 for service fee so this made it disqualify. I was very shocked at how they try very best not to honor the points. Right now BBB is negotiating for me. I suggest you file a compliment with them too! The more people complian the more likely they care. BA’s handling is very disappointing.


Any idea on if this works only if you’ve never hosted before? For someone who’s already hosted previously, do you think a new property listing might qualify?


Got it, thanks Greg!

cayo bezerra

Is the host location only in American cities?

cayo bezerra

Thank you, Greg!


Any idea on Airbnb’s cut of that $100 a.k.a. Service Fee?

Nick Reyes

I’m not sure, but even if it were 100% this would have been a pretty slammin’ deal. I think from what I read here it looks like 14-20% though.


Hans Mast

Does this work if you already have an Airbnb account that you’ve used for staying?


Do you have to sign up to be a host through BA or can you do it first outside of BA portal?

Edward Baker

I think its gone. I used a UK VPN and still couldn’t find it.


There are ways to game this by having family and friends book your listed home whether or not they actually stay.


Unethical (and deal-killing) comment. Recommend removal.


Unethical? Maybe, or maybe not. Deal-killing? Perhaps, but deals tend to have a finite lifespan. Still the fact remains that some would have thought of this possibility and others may do it.


And the link doesn’t work. That was fast. 😉