Citi Premier 60K offer returns


The Citi ThankYou Premier card is once again awarding 60,000 ThankYou points after spending $4,000 in the first three months. That’s an excellent offer on this card, though keep in mind it is not available to you if you have received a new cardmember bonus, or closed a Citi Rewards+, ThankYou Preferred, ThankYou Premier / Citi Premier, or Citi Prestige card within the past 24 months.


The Offer

Card Offer

Key Card Details

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
Citi Premier Card

FM Mini Review: Very strong earnings for spend. Excellent bonus categories. Points transferable to select airlines. Recommend pairing this card with Citi Double Cash and Citi Rewards+. Sadly, this travel card doesn't provide any travel protections.

Annual Fee: $95

Card Type: Mastercard World Elite


Earning rate: 3X grocery ⚬ 3X dining ⚬ 3X gas stations ⚬ 3X flights, hotels, travel agencies

Noteworthy perks: Transfer points to airline partners ⚬ $100 Annual Hotel Savings Benefit

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Quick Thoughts

This is an excellent offer as the points are worth at least $750 when used towards travel, but they can be significantly more valuable when transferred to partners. Citi transfer partners don’t get as much attention as Chase transfer partners or Amex transfer partners, but they can certainly be quite valuable (See: Citi ThankYou points sweet spots for some examples). There are a number of common partners (like Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, and Air France / KLM) where you could combine forces between your transferable currencies for a valuable award. Citi also has some unique partners like Avianca LifeMiles that have some excellent sweet spots (See: Avianca LifeMiles’ awesome mixed-cabin award pricing. First Class for less.).

Unfortunately, those who have opened or closed some of the other popular ThankYou points cards (ThankYou Preferred, Citi Prestige, or this Premier / ThankYou Premier card) within the past 24 months are not eligible to receive the welcome offer on this card. However, if you have had one of those cards for more than 24 months and you are considering closing that account, it may make sense to apply for this card first. Once this new opening resets your 24-month clock, go ahead and close the card you no longer need (or perhaps better yet downgrade it to a no-fee card).

If you have recently applied for this card under a different offer, be sure to send a secure message to Citi asking them to match — they are usually good about that if you have opened the card within the past 90 days (though of course YMMV).

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[…] Citi Premier 60K offer returns […]

[…] Citi Premier 60K offer returns […]

[…] Citi Premier 60K offer returns […]


Does the 24-month period start the day the card was opened/approved or the day the bonus was earned/paid?


Can I have two of those cards (Citi Premier) at the same time. In other words, if I’ve had the Premier for more than 24 months and apply for it again, will I get the bonus again?


Any idea how long this last? Or at least how long Citi usually gives these promos?


Does Costco gas code as gas with this card?


Costco won’t accept mastercard so its a moot point question, better question is if Sams gas would code as gas

Earl Lee

So just to be clear if you already have a Prestige card opened in the last 24 months you aren’t eligible to receive this? Or vice versa, if you already have a Premier card you can’t get a sign up bonus for the Prestige (since they are in the same family) if you’ve signed up in the last 24 months?

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s sort of correct. It’s actually tied to the signup bonus. If you’ve received a signup bonus on any of those products (or closed any of them) in the past 24 months, then you can’t get the signup bonus for this one


So if I haven’t had the Premier or Prestige, could I sign up for both and be eligible for the sign up bonus on both (as long as I don’t hit the minimum spend on the Premier before signing up for the Prestige)?


Signing up is not the issue in your scenario, but you may not get the sign up bonus for prestige once you get the the sign up bonus from premier. If you are thinking hitting the minimum spend at the same time, it is very risky because one of the sign up bonus may be denied.