5-10% back at Southwest Airlines w/ new targeted Chase Offers


There are new targeted Chase Offers out this week on some Chase cards that are good for 5-10% back on a single Southwest Airlines purchase of $50 or more through 2/29/24. We’ve seen these offers come around several times before, but it’s great to see the offer get renewed for another use for those who are targeted and can take advantage.

The Deal

  • There are new targeted Chase Offers out to save at Southwest. Offers we found on our cards:
    • 5% back on a purchase of $50 or more up to $20 back
    • 10% back on a purchase of $50 or more up to $40 back

Key Terms

  • Offer valid one time only
  • Excludes Southwest vacations, purchases of Southwest points, or inflight purchases

Quick Thoughts

My wife had two different versions of these offers. On her Southwest Priority (consumer) card, she had an offer for 5% back up to $20 back. On her Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business card, she had an offer for 10% back up to $40 back.

These offers can be useful for Southwest regulars in a couple of ways. First, if you have a normal booking to make, you can obviously save a few bucks with these offers. On the other hand, if you don’t have imminent travel, you could book a flight now and then after more than 24 hours has passed since booking, you could cancel your reservation and receive Southwest credit that doesn’t expire (while keeping your savings from this offer). If you book a Wanna Get Away Plus fare or higher, that flight credit would be transferable to someone else. Those features make it easy to lock in long-term savings with one of these offers.

Keep in mind that the offer can only be used one time on each card to which it is synced. You’ll want to make sure that your first qualifying purchase takes maximum advantage of the offer.

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