(EXPIRED) 5% off Virtual Visa cards at GiftCards.com (3x AA miles possible)

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Update 6/3/22: Giftcards.com has added three additional codes to the plethora of Memorial Day codes that they had already released: 5OFFVISA, MMDVISA and DONUTDAY. There is also a 1.5% Citi offer that’s on some cards that stacks with the DONUTDAY code (in case fighting with the AA portal isn’t your thing). You can see the full list of cashback options here. Remember that, even if you did this deal in May, you can use a different code and get another $2000 in AA portal earnings again in June. (h/t GC Galore)

Update 5/29/22: This Giftcards.com eVisa gift card promotion is much better. It’s been extended through June 6 and the limits have been increased to $1,500 of purchases compared to the original limit of only $200 (so, the maximum discount is now $75, instead of $10). The extended expiration date is extremely because most shopping portals limit earnings from Giftcards.com to $2,000 per month. Now you can earn cashback/points/miles on up to $2,000 of purchases in May and then another $2,000 of purchases once it’s June. (h/t GC Galore)

GiftCards.com sent out an email advertising an early Memorial Day promotion for 5% off on Virtual Visa Gift Cards with promo codes MEMORIALDAYVISA, MEMORIALDAY, 5OFFVISA, MMDVISA, DONUTDAY & MMDVISA5. Unfortunately, unlike past sales, this time around the maximum discount is $75 $10. That means you’ll only be able to get a single $250 Virtual Visa Gift Card at a profit, though for those chasing American Airlines elite status, the chance to pick up ~738 miles / Loyalty Points and a ~$4 profit might be worth a few clicks if this tracks. I put that last sentence in bold because the MEMORIALDAY promo is not yet listed on the American Airlines portal. It might make sense to hold off on this promo.

The Deal

  • GiftCards.com is offering 5% off on Virtual Visa Gift Cards (up to a $10 discount) from 5/21/22 to 5/30/22 6/6/22 with promo codes MEMORIALDAYVISA, 5OFFVISA, MEMORIALDAY, MMDVISA, DONUTDAY & MMDVISA5. Maximum discount is $75
  • Direct link to virtual Visa Gift Cards

Key Terms

  • Promo code MEMORIALDAYVISA, MEMORIALDAY, 5OFFVISA, MMDVISA, DONUTDAY & MMDVISA5 valid 05/21/2022 – 05/30/2022 6/6/22 for 5% off the purchase of Visa Virtual Gift Accounts from Giftcards.com while supplies last.
  • Excludes Giftcards.com for Business orders.
  • Promo code MEMORIALDAYVISA, MEMORIALDAY, 5OFFVISA, MMDVISA, DONUTDAY & MMDVISA5 is a one-time use code and can not be combined with other offers.
  • Reward percentages are subject to change at any time and are not offered on all products.
  • This optional offer is not a product or service of MetaBank® or Visa, nor is this offer endorsed by MetaBank or Visa.

Quick Thoughts

GiftCards.com periodically runs these virtual Visa Gift Card promos, but in the past we’ve seen larger discounts with higher maximums. I often use these virtual visas to prepay insurance bills and lock in a small savings.

However, this time around, I’m going to hold off. First of all, I’m not terribly enticed by the $4 profit.

That said, I’d ordinarily take 738 negative-cost Loyalty Points (times two since I’d have my wife do the deal also). Unfortunately though, the promo code is not listed on the AA shopping portal, so there is a decent chance that it won’t track. The email from GiftCards.com indicates that this deal is being sent to email subscribers for early access, so I’m thinking there is a chance that this deal will hit the shopping portals later in the week. Sometimes there is an alternate code that shows up on the portals with the same discount. Since this one is scheduled to last until May 30th June 6th and the $4 profit isn’t so hot as to draw people out of the woodwork, I’m going to wait and see if it shows up.

Given the low profit margin, I think most would pass on this one.

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Looks like they pulled the codes a few hours early – as of 9pm CST it’s showing “We’re sorry. This code has been used too many times.”


Their site is so hit or miss. Sometimes it works just fine. Then other times, it errors out saying “the credit card information is incorrect”. then you have those episodes where it seems like it is going to finalize the purchase but never does (endless swirling). And lastly, the cancelled orders as other experience. It is still worth the attempts though given the $ profit and the miles (esp when AA is 3x).


Would I still be able to get the AA loyalty points in my account if I buy the giftcards via P2’s credit card? In other words, would does the names of the shopping portal account (mine) and the credit card used to purchase the giftcards (p2) have to match?


Promo code SUMMERFUN valid 06/05/2022 – 06/06/2022 for 10% off the purchase of Visa Virtual Gift Accounts from Giftcards.com while supplies last fo a maximum discount $10. Excludes Giftcards.com for Business orders. Promo code SUMMERFUN is a one-time use code and can not be combined with other offers.Reward percentages are subject to change at any time and are not offered on all products. This optional offer is not a product or service of MetaBank® or Visa, nor is this offer endorsed by MetaBank or Visa.


Thanks for posting.

I maxed the promo with 6- 250 cards.


To those complaining about orders getting cancelled – that may be good! Last time my first order was cancelled but the AA miles still posted (+ loyalty points too). Haven’t been clawed back, and even if they are, the loyalty points may stick.

Anyway – any other ideas about how to liquidate these? Reloading my Amazon gift card balance is my only idea, and this month I’d rather get the 5X UR with Chase Freedom.


Apologize if I am telling you stuff you already know but some of the easier ideas that usually work are payments for certain insurance; utilities; medical bills; tuition (very school dependent on how they look at debit payments). Taxes work but the return is not as good as with a Simon $1K card.


Does buying these Visa gift cards cause a problem when using either a Chase, Am Ex, or Citi credit card as payment? I’ve heard Am Ex can be a problem. Never heard anything about the other two.


I think most would agree you are OK w Chase and Citi, and should avoid AMEX and Cap One. The FM team can confirm.


Tried three different times, all cancelled immediately. Used same card as I’ve used before, all information the same. They just don’t wanna.


Would these cards work for paying federal income taxes?


Yes. I usually use them to pay by federal income taxes through the few online payment processors. Only 2 payments per processor per quarter for estimated taxes.

Randy B

Orders kept getting canceled. Oh well

Last edited 1 month ago by Randy B

I had that problem as well when I first started. In my case the name on the purchasing card, your address on your credit card (as registered with your bank), your shipping address… all must match.

If not, it gets cancelled.


Be careful with the AA Shopping portal:

1) you need to download the button.
2) The 3x deal says purchases of up to $2000 max / month.
3) fees and charges are counted. Don’t go over $2000
Finally — eShopping is slow as molasses in posting giftcards miles.

But considering you get around 8000 miles per month (3x for purchase, 1x on AA affiliated card), it is worth the hassle if you are looking to get EP status.

I’ve only got 40K more to go. 🙂


So if we bought before using the code and got $10 off, can we use it again to get $65 off (for the full $75)?


MMDVISA5 is on AA Shopping Portal. Valid today only.


Lmao I just checked out for $200


Got the virtual Visa but where can I spend it? Slide won’t go through and it wasn’t accepted for a loan payment that always works with debit cards. Also won’t work at Walmart. Hate to load it to Amazon or use it someplace where a CC is better.

Randy B

Slide won’t go through? It has worked for me in the past. Recent change?


It tracked successfully from my order Sunday night


Looks like it has posted to the AA shopping portal: “Memorial Day Sale – 5% off VISA Virtual Gift Cards. Valid through May 29, 2022″


Yes it did and it doesn’t matter much anyway, it would track regardless, it always did for me before with code posted on AA or not. The $10 limit however is a concern going forward. This was/is the best way to earn AA miles effortlessly while getting a discount on everyday spending. with a 2% cashback CC one can easily get 7% on utility bills, insurance payments … or almost anything else. Is there anything better? (besides the occasional 10% discount from giftcards.com 🙂


Got an email from BeFrugal. They have code MMDVISA5 for 5% off and 1% cash back.

James Wagner

Found the same code on Rakuten App (who also has 1% CB). Tried to apply the code and still maxes out at $10 off for the virtual card(s).


Why would you care for 1% befrugal or rakuten if you can get 3 miles on AA?


Don’t forget to stack with the citi merchant offer (2% or 3%, can’t remember which)


Does it actually stack? I do not mind to try, but do not want to NOT earn the 3 miles on AA.


Ah crap


can you use this code for multiple separate orders?


Will this work to pay taxes?


There’s also a Citi merchant offer for 1.5% back on Giftcards.com that should stack with this.


That one never worked for me. I tried twice.


That didn’t work for me. It also has the insane T&C that it doesn’t work on gift cards.


Saw that a couple of weeks ago on the T&C. Me & P2 had a laugh.


FWIW, the 10% off at giftcards.com from Mar 25 tracked for me thru AA even though the coupon code did not show on the portal. It took a while and no intervention from me, but it finally showed up on Apr 22. (And as a bonus it worked to trigger a spend-$XX/1000-mile-bonus at AA.)

I also got miles from AA for the 5% discount earlier in March, but that one showed on the AA portal so it was less surprising. And it likewise took several weeks to finally be credited.


Didn’t track for me and I had to follow up and I’m STILL waiting.


it took an age to deposit for me but I got a nice bundle of loyalty points on that one


it always tracked for me including those AA bonuses, it takes sometimes over a month to post and sometimes it posts in a week, go figure. and sometimes one has to intervene and contact catera, but then it always posts.


Pass unless it helps meet a minimum spend. Also, giftcards.com gets 1% on Rakuten.


Agreed, free loyalty points!


exactly, no brainer, but i guess we all are in different situation, i know a guy who has literally too many AA miles 🙂 just from organic spending, yeap, believe or not there are people like that, well he has like 4 incomes so…