50k Merrill+ Visa Signature available via phone & maybe online


Users on reddit are reporting that the 50k point sign up bonus for the Merrill+ Visa Signature card is still available via phone application. A reddit user has also uncovered an application link here. Zero of the people reporting on reddit have received instant online approval as of the time of this writing, but some are reporting application status showing approved about an hour after application. Danny at Miles to Memories reported receiving an error with the online application. YMMV.  As a reminder, this card has no annual fee and points are worth 1 cent each for a statement credit or up to 2 cents each towards airfare, meaning that you can get $500-$1,000 in value out of the signup bonus after spending $3,000 in 90 days.

Merrill+ Visa Signature 50k

The Deal

  • Phone application available Merrill+ Visa Signature
  • Sign up bonus is 50,000 points after spending $3,000 in 90 days
  • Disclosure agreement for this offer (which includes signup bonus info) can be found here.

How to get it

  • Call 866-751-1257 to apply by phone
  • Use application code: BAABZX
  • An online application may be available here. We have not yet seen reports of instant approval, but some are reporting approval within hours of application. Others have reported approval by calling reconsideration.

Bottom line

This was a popular offer that recently disappeared online. At this point, we do not know whether this is a long-term return of the card or a last chance to apply before it disappears again. As the online application link has not yet been widely tested, applying via phone may be the way to go on this one. We have also updated our Best Offers Page where you can see all of the best offers.

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Applied for this card on 3/29, got the wait message, call recon immediately and was approved for an 18k credit line. Received the “Congratulations on your approval letter” by USPS and next day saw the card showing up in my BoA login. Received an email with card sent to your address with the last 4 digits and am waiting for the Card.

All of a sudden, I received a call today from BoA back end team and told they have approved the card in error and will close it. They also told that they will remove all the entries from my Credit Report regarding this card except the Hard Inquiry. They apologized and asked me to destroy the card once I receive it.

I asked them why. So they told that they have already extended enough credit to me and this approval was made by mistake. I applied for 4 BoA cards (2 Alaska, 1 Cash Rewards and 1 Travel Rewards) in 2015. I have closed the two Alaska card and the other two cards are still open.

[…] reappearance of the 50K point Merrill+ Visa Signature offer has been met with excitement by credit card enthusiasts for its generous sign up bonus. It […]

[…] we reported that the Merrill+ Visa Signature Card 50K offer had resurfaced.  I don’t know how long it will be available, but my guess is not very long at all.  Should you […]


Would you get to pick which bureau they pull from if you apply on the phone? I know with the online application it’s going default to Experian for me.


Soooo Nick, do you actually scour through reddit yourself to find these? Or do you wait till DoC posts about them, points you to reddit, and then post like you found it yourself on reddit? Hmm…


Good answer. Thank you.


A better answer than you deserved, frankly.


This has been huge in helping me see the latest and greatest from both Reddit and the top blogs, including this one. https://milesfeed.com/


Just applied via the web. I got the same no instant preferred message so we’ll see. I am not real confident as bank of america doesn’t like me real well due to lack of credit history (I’m a younger guy and have only been signing up for credit cards for 5-6 years).


I am soooooooooo thinking of giving up on Chase….

Matt B

@Gene, I tried opening a second one about 3-4 months after approval for first one and was rejected (first card still open). Not sure if closing the account would help. I also do not have a Merrill relationship.


hi, could you share how’s the reward system? it’s everything purchase for 1 point? or something different? Thanks


My SO and I both obtained this card about 6 months ago. Can you open a second one or close and churn immediately and earn the bonus again (like Alaska cards)?