Citi Shop Your Way Mastercard

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Citi Shop Your Way Mastercard

FM Mini Review: Shop Your Way points are worth .85 cents each and can only be used towards specific gift cards and merchandise. But where this card shines is with its regular offers that start to appear after putting spend on the card, often giving 10-15x cash back or Thank You Points on various categories of purchases. It's a keeper because of it.

Card Type: Mastercard `


Earning rate: 5X gas ⚬ 3X grocery and dining ⚬ 2X Sears and KMart

Noteworthy perks: Known for extremely generous targeted spending offers for statement credits and Thank You Points

Application Tips

Citi Application Tips

  • 24 Month Rule (ThankYou Cards): To get bonus on any ThankYou card, you must wait 24 months after receiving a new cardmember bonus or closing any ThankYou card account. Applies to Preferred, Premier, Prestige, and Rewards+.
  • 24 Month Rule (Expedia Cards): To get bonus on any Expedia card, you must wait 24 months after opening or closing any Expedia card account.
  • 48 Month Rule (AA Cards): With Citi AA cards, you have to wait 48 months after receiving a bonus for the same exact card.
  • Velocity Rules: Max 1 personal card per 8 days. Max 2 personal cards per 65 days. Max 1 business card per 95 days.
  • Get Same Card Again: Citi allows getting same card again (even if card is still open) as long as you follow the 24 or 48 month rules and velocity rules (above).
  • Hard inquiries DO NOT combine into 1 when approved same day

Check application status here.
If denied, call reconsideration here:800-695-5171 (personal); 800-763-9795 (business)
If reconsideration # doesn’t work, try the Citi Credit Card Executive Office: 423-477-6858

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