(Update) American Airlines AAdvantage Dining offering 150 bonus miles & Loyalty Points on Open Table reservations


Update 4/12/24: Rewards Network – the company behind the dining programs for most airlines and hotel loyalty programs – has advised that in addition to American Airlines AAdvantage Dining, the following other dining programs all have an Open Table integration and offer bonus points/miles when booking using the feature:

  • Southwest
  • United
  • Marriott
  • Hilton


The American Airlines AAdvantage Dining program has added a new feature to help you rack up miles and Loyalty Points a little more quickly. They’ve partnered with Open Table to offer 150 bonus miles and Loyalty Points each time you make and complete a reservation at participating restaurants.

American Airlines AAdvantage Dining Open Table 150 Bonus Miles

The Deal

  • Earn 150 bonus miles & Loyalty Points when making & completing a reservation using Open Table via the AAdvantage Dining program.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • This bonus offer is open to all members of AAdvantage Dining who: login to their AAdvantage Dining account, book a reservation on the AAdvantage Dining website via the reservations widget, and check-in for their reservation directly at the participating location at the day and time of the reservation as confirmed by the third-party reservation provider (a “complete reservation” or “completed reservation”).
  • Members must remain opted-into emails from AAdvantage Dining with a valid, deliverable email address.
  • Members will receive 150 AAdvantage bonus miles for each completed reservation, no qualifying purchase required.
  • This bonus is limited to 1 completed reservation per day and may be earned a maximum of 8 times per calendar month for completed reservations made within the same calendar month.
  • This bonus offer is combinable with other AAdvantage Dining bonuses.
  • Please allow up to eight weeks from the date of a completed reservation for any bonus to post to your AAdvantage Dining account.
  • Please note that some participating locations offer rewards only on certain days of the week, and you may not earn your standard AAdvantage miles on the day and time of your completed reservation.

Quick Thoughts

150 miles and Loyalty Points in isolation isn’t a huge reward, but it is on top of the miles and Loyalty Points you earn through the AAdvantage Dining program as standard. If you eat out a lot and so would max this out with eight visits each month, you’d be looking at 1,200 miles and Loyalty Points per month by booking with Open Table alone. That’s 14,400 miles and Loyalty Points per year – more than a third of the way to Gold status.

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Did you do any research before publishing this article? This is 150 bonus miles only, not loyalty points, per the AA Dining website and T&C’s.


@Stephen Do we still earn the usual Open Table points on the airline dining reservation, or are the airline points in lieu of the OT points?


I think any bonuses don’t earn loyalty points.

[…] American Airlines AAdvantage Dining offering 150 bonus miles & Loyalty Points on Open Table res… […]

Sea Pea

I haven’t seen one good review on this. Sounds like the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Jim F.

Also, not all restaurants for which one CAN make reservations on OpenTable are participating in the reservation bonus with AA. I have eight (8) upcoming OpenTable reservations and they ALL disappear when I click through the link AA provided in their announcement. I was going to cancel my existing reservations and rebook, but no dice. Maybe this will change with time; this is very much a “watch this space” sort of opportunity right now.


Only those that are participating in AA Dining are bookable through the AA/Dining/OT program. Which is probably a tiny, tiny subset of all OT restaurants.


Yeah this really limits the value here. There are very few restaurants I have seen in the AA dining program that will also be on Open Table – most in my area are fast food, fast casual, or a bar.


At first I thought this would be similar to IHG’s OpenTable integration where you get 150 IHG points for every OpenTable reservation. But here it only applies to restaurants that are both bookable via OpenTable *and* part of the AA Dining program. The Venn diagram shows for my area exactly zero restaurants in the intersection.


I live in a major metropolitan area. It’s shocking how few restaurants there are on the platform. The majority that are on it are either chains or seem objectively bad and/or overpriced.


Regarding any of the airline dining programs, none have restaurants that I would ever visit. Resy is useless. Chase Dining is useless. Bilt Dining (at least in NYC) is the only program that has a decent selection.


Just be aware that if you sign up for these programs and also participate in the Bilt Dining Program, there may be an instance in which the same restaurant is in all the programs; therefore, it will trigger any of them randomly. I have the experience of eating at a restaurant and was expecting to earn 5x from Bilt Dining + the usual 3x; however, I never received the 5x because the Marriot Dining Program sent me 268 points. I immediately canceled the Marriot Dining.


I got an emailed offer yesterday from Eat Around Town by Marriott for 250 bonus bonvoy points, similar terms.