Save on Amex Gift Cards by Stacking Numerous Offers (Free Shipping, $0 Purchase Fee, Amex Offer & More)


amex gift cards offers

American Express has a number of deals available currently for the purchase of their gift cards. Some offers can be stacked while others cannot.

Among the current offers are:

  • Amex Offer giving a $10 credit with a cumulative $200+ Amex gift card purchase. (Details here)
  • Free shipping with the code RUSH16 (personal cards) or FSHIPW16 (business cards). HT: DoC
  • No purchase fee with the code AXPHOLGC2.
  • Up to 1.5% cashback through a portal on gift cards of $200 or less.

Need to Know

  • You can only use one discount code per transaction so you need to choose either free shipping or no purchase fees. In most cases saving on shipping will be better, so make sure to compare.
  • There is a chance when using these codes that shopping portals will not payout since the codes are not listed on their site. It is probably still worth a try.
  • American Express gift cards are NOT pin-enabled.


For more info on Amex gift cards, see: Complete guide to Amex gift cards

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Promo codes are working again.


Anybody else have trouble adding the promo codes for Amex gift cards? Hitting apply for RUSH16 or the other code does nothing, but if I enter an obviously invalid code it gives me an error like you would expect.




TCB is offering 1.5% AND also has a targeted offer out for $5 back TODAY on orders over $50. Again, no guarantee it will track, but a reason to use TCB at least in case it works.