[Targeted] 10K Membership Rewards Points for Enrolling in Amex Extended Pay Option


Amex Pay Over Time

American Express is sending out a targeted offer to holders of their charge cards offering 10K Membership Rewards points for opting in to their Extended Payment Option.

The Offer

You are invited to enroll in the Extended Payment Option, which gives you the flexibility to carry a balance or pay in full each month. If you are approved, you could get 10,000 Membership Rewards® points.

Key Terms

  • Offer expires August 15, 2016.
  • The Extended Payment Option is one of the Pay Over Time features we may offer.
  • Not all Card Members are eligible to use Pay Over Time features. Requests to pay over time are approved based on several factors including account history, current account status and credit record at time of request.
  • Upon enrollment in Extended Payment Option, we will assess your current Pay Over Time Limit, which may be set starting at $10,000.
  • There is no fee to enroll and you will continue to enjoy all of the benefits of your Card.

Need to Know

  • If you were targeted, you should have received an email from American Express. You may also see the offer under “Amex Offers & Benefits” when logged into your account.
  • You do need to be approved by Amex for this option, however no hard inquiry is performed.
  • When I took advantage of a similar deal earlier this year, it took less than a week for the bonus points to post.

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I just received the email to enroll my Gold card, but there is no mention of the 10k points in the email. And when I do follow the email link I get an error that one of my cards are eligible for the extended payment plan. Email states offer expiration of Sept 30th. Ideas?

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Jayesh Patel

Got the offer. Called on the number mentioned and enrollment is done.

Tiki Nelson

link doesn’t work


I was targeted. I’ve had the card for about 8 months. My wife just got her Plat a couple months ago during this most recent 100K offer and didn’t get the email.