Amex to provide earning details and points tracking for Hilton, Marriott, Delta cards


Last week, American Express announced a significant improvement to the way that it displays points and miles details on it’s co-branded credit cards (ie, Delta, Marriott, Hilton). Those cardholders who have one a personal or business co-brand will can now get earning accounts and earning details on the card pages of the American Express website

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What’s Changed

Throughout November and December, cardholders will begin to see improved options to  track earnings as well as more information about card benefits usage.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Upgraded Rewards Summary: In a new “Rewards & Benefits” tab within their American Express online account, Cobrand Card Members will now have a dedicated summary showing a transaction-by-transaction view of the points or miles they earn with each purchase, as they post to their account. They will no longer need to wait until they get their statement at the end of each month to see how many points or miles they earned (this is the way that Membership Rewards-earning cards already function).
  • New Rewards Insights: Cobrand Card Members will also be able to see which transactions earned bonus points or miles as part of their bonus categories and how they are tracking towards their annual or monthly statement credits, giving them insight into how they are using their Card benefits and where they can earn more all in one place.

These new features will roll out across all Hilton, Delta and Marriott cards over the next few weeks.

Quick Thoughts

While this is a fairly minor change, it’s kind of bizarre that these features have previously been absent from Amex’s co-branded cards. It’s not rocket science, as these features already exist for both Membership Rewards and cash back cards, but evidently integrating Amex’s platform with external rewards programs created difficulties that, until now, hadn’t been solved. Credit to Amex for finally making it happen.

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Glad for the change, its very difficult to figure out the hilton points lately


Big deal. They need to be better at how they display MR points awarded on each statement.